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Qlinkbox: the technology at the service of the company

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Qlinkbox: the technology at the service of the company

  1. 1. Work and grow with social technology The social tool any company shouldn’t miss
  2. 2. What is QlinkBox? Three functionalities in a single screen
  3. 3. Enterprise social network Collaborative Work ➢  Personal profile ➢  Cross projects ➢  Communication between groups and/or departments ➢  Managing and job scheduling ➢  Public and private messages ➢  Organization and resource sharing ➢  Intranet for your company Extranet for outside partners ➢  Posts, chats, videoconferences Internal & external communication ➢  Online reputation management ➢  Brand monitoring and media impact control ➢  Keyword searching ➢  Social analytics
  4. 4. QlinkBox means facility From an intuitive and friendly user screen Qlinkbox shows a main wall surrounded by a rich set of related functionalities
  5. 5. Create as many groups as you want. Then add whoever you require. Monitorize and see together information of your interest. Communicate with your groups using chat or by videoConference. Control all your networks at once from this intuitive panel with 4 options (wall, members, files and reports). Plan group tasks and your own ones. The links of the group are always accessible. Schedule your activities in a calendar.
  6. 6. Room booking Reporting Modules are additional features that complement the extensive Qlinkbox toolkit.
  7. 7. ROOM BOOKING The administration of this module is thought to manage the rental of rooms and polyvalent spaces. Both QlinkBox user and external ones can have an access to this module.
  8. 8. REPORTING With this module you can follow other media impact of communicative actions launched through various social networks from QlinkBox. Then you can also schedule sending the resulting reports.
  9. 9. QlinkBox advantages 1 Prepare and schedule your messages for different social networks and, step by step, follow their impact in the media. Organise all your information and data to save time and grow in terms of efficiency.
  10. 10. QlinkBox advantages 2 Use this social network to share information, not only among all members of the company, also with external ones (partners, clients,...) Remove the limits that prevent the optimal flow of inner and outer communication.
  11. 11. QlinkBox advantages 3 There is no need to move from your office. Qlinkbox allows to work connected to the entire world, breaking communicative limits. Optimise your tasks and work groups to make easier collaborating dynamics.
  12. 12. QlinkBox advantages 4 Total adjustment to all types of users: Three versions of QlinkBox for 3 budgets with services adapted
  13. 13. QlinkBox proved reliability Information security, one of our priorities Namastech guarantees the accuracy of QlinkBox's work in order to protect all customer information with high security measures based on firewalls and daily backups.
  14. 14. Will you miss ? Take profit from such an opportunity to use this tool and find out how your company benefits from all the advantages of QlinkBox.