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Brand management practical application


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for those who want to know how brand mgt. apply in practical in ppt, srilankan insurance company is used...

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Brand management practical application

  2. 2. IS AAI going through Right Path?
  3. 3. Asian alliance Insurance PLC • Historical Remarks • 1999-launch of AAI plc with non Life insurance operations. • 2000-Commencement of life Operations. • 2002-AAI acquires 3% of the market share. • 2006-Company achieves Rs.1 Billion mark in Gross profit.
  4. 4. Historical Remarks Cot.d ...., • 2007-obtain a Rating for Its claim paying ability. • 2009-Life segment Gross profit crosses 1 Billion mark. • 2010-Oracle smart suite product was successfully implemented and integrated with the frontend product Isis. • 2011-Acquisition of the Company by Softlogic Group, A diversified Conglomerate in strategic growth sectors.
  5. 5. AAI Ownership Structure
  6. 6. segmentation of Srilankan Insurance Industry Insurance Companies Life Family and children Individual protection Retirement plans Loan protection Non life (General) Motor and Non motor
  7. 7. Target Areas of AAI • Life Insurance Segment generated 2.1 Billion Profits Out of 3.2 Billion Total Profits of AAI In 2012. • So life Insurance Segment accounts almost 70% of its Bottom line. • Only 30% Contribution From Non life Segment (18% from Motor Insurance).
  8. 8. How to improve Brand Equity
  9. 9. Brand Equity Brand Knowledge Brand Awareness Brand Image
  10. 10. Positioning Map NON LIFE LIFE
  11. 11. BCG Application
  12. 12. Recommendations to improve Positioning and brand equity •Focus to Non life segment
  13. 13. Recommendations to improve Positioning and brand equity •More attention towards Motor insurance
  14. 14. • Coming up with more intensive Advertising campaign Recommendations to improve Positioning and brand equity
  15. 15. Recommendations to improve Positioning and brand equity Advertising highlighting Financial strength of Softlogic group
  16. 16. • Develop life Insurance Development Team. Recommendations to improve Positioning and brand equity
  17. 17. Point of parity The product offering that are largely similar to the offerings of like competitors • Claim paying ability (Ratings) • Insurance policies • Tailor made life insurance policies • Electronic claim processing system
  18. 18. Point of differences product offering that are relatively distinct to the offerings of like competitors. Points which leads to long term competitive advantage
  19. 19. Point of differences
  20. 20. Point of differences • Alliance Pet Insurance  introduced the first time in insurance industry  pet is a member of the family  Rs. 20,000/- Medical and surgical cover for 21 specified illnesses
  21. 21. Point of differences
  22. 22. Point of differences • ‘Asiri Alliance Medical insurance Contract with Asiri and central hospitals plc. An easy payment scheme . Free access to the world’s 5,000 Best Doctors. Medical cover offered locally, that covers up to Rs 1 Mn.
  23. 23. Point of differences
  24. 24. Point of differences • Strategic CSR CSR activities which focus only areas under its business stream. To further enhance image that they truly care for people. To show that they are in business of Protection.
  25. 25. Brand Mantra • Current Brand Mantra- Rest Assured
  26. 26. Brand Mantra • Recommended Brand mantra For AAI Trust Assured
  27. 27. Presentation Summary Company profile STP strategy Brand Equity Recommendations to improve Positioning and Brand equity POP’s and POD’s New Brand Mantra
  28. 28. KINGS/PPT. GROUP NO :08/AAI. PLC