Cloud Nine Land (Qi Yun Xian Jing)


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Cloud Nine Land, QiYunXianJing, located at the peak of WuYi Mountain, Fujian Provine, China. A Fairyland for traval, spiritual, meditation, life study.

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Cloud Nine Land (Qi Yun Xian Jing)

  1. 1. WuYi Mountain - Cloud Nine Land<br />Enter the sacred land of Cloud Nine…<br />It’s a journey to your heart…<br />Resonate with the nature’s breath…<br />The joy and love rising start …<br />You find the Cloud Nine Land within…<br />Within your divine path…<br />
  2. 2. Life is a river, <br />a constant flux…<br />Stop struggling,<br />go with the flow…<br />Enjoy the sight,<br />let the mind go…<br />Live by the moment,<br />no need to expect..<br />Joy will arise,<br />peace will arrive…<br />Be still in the midst,<br />see the beauty of life…<br />
  3. 3. The light showers on you, <br />with the morning dew…<br />Do you hear the voice, <br />the voice from the truth... <br />Discard mind, discard knowledge, <br />discard words from the Saints…<br />To the truth, to the divinity,<br />let the heart guides you…<br />The truth is already there, <br />living in your heart…<br />The divinity is re-membered,<br />Without any rules…<br />
  4. 4. Being a Buddha is not being a Buddhist. <br />A Buddhist is a follower, a Buddha is a master. <br />The moment you discover your own Buddha nature, <br />you have come to know all the Buddhas, <br />you have come to know you are the Buddha yourself… <br />
  5. 5. Enter the temple of your being,<br />be true and be sincere…<br />Pray to your heart,<br />it will guide you to who you are…<br />Paying respect to your highest self,<br />it will respond you with joy and love…<br />You are the Buddha standing still,<br />creating the world with love to instruct…<br />
  6. 6. Contemplate over the Buddha statue, <br />try to reflect and experience… <br />Quite the mind, feel with the heart, <br />experiment what the statue presents…<br />Reflect, restore, remember, and return,<br />you are reborn with divine love…<br />Freedom, truth, wisdom, and bliss, <br />thousand of flowers start to bloom… <br />You are reuniting,<br />with the Buddha with-in…<br />
  7. 7. Be a prayer, <br />drop everything…<br />Pray with no-thought,<br />pray with no-mind…<br />Only the heart exists,<br />with sincerity…<br />Be total in it,<br />be complete in it…<br />Now you’re transforming,<br />from the core of your being…<br />
  8. 8. The beauty of life is right at this moment,<br />Feel the existence, it is transforming now…<br />Feel the energy, it is vibrating now…<br />Feel the heart, it is singing now…<br />Feel the love, it is celebrating now…<br />You only have one moment in hand, either you live it or you leave it unlived…<br />
  9. 9. Open the door, welcome all…<br />When we close the doors at negative,<br />we also close the doors at positive…<br />When we stop the fear to enter,<br />love is also rejected…<br />Openness is accepting,<br />it allows energy to flow in…<br />When we welcome everyone,<br />we also welcome divinity…<br />
  10. 10. Be silent and listen, can you hear the existence speaks? Do you hear the messages? <br />The birds are sending the message by singing…<br />The trees are showing the message by waving…<br />The wind is delivering the message by blowing…<br />Every moment there is a message, be still and listen…<br />
  11. 11. The journey to home is very short – only a single step away…<br />Take one step inward, you will arrive at the center of your being…<br />Deeper and deeper, you find yourself at home. <br />You are never apart from home,<br />it only awaits you to remember…<br />
  12. 12. Be like a mountain, <br />still and silent…<br />It sits firmly, <br />in deep centering…<br />There is no desire, <br />but emptiness…<br />The mind has disappear, <br />only the being exists…<br />Be still in the inner mountain, <br />remain in center and peace …<br />
  13. 13. Observe the thoughts…<br />Observe the actions…<br />Be an observer to see what’s happening…<br />Observe from high above,<br />be unattached and be still…<br />All happenings are beautiful,<br />all experiences are true…<br />
  14. 14. Each individual is born with total freedom,<br />freedom to experience, freedom to explore…<br />freedom to break the rules, freedom to its own life adventure… <br />Only when we take fully advantage of this freedom, <br />we are truly alive...<br />
  15. 15. Thoughts are like the clouds, they come and go…<br />Being is like the sky, it exists with or without clouds…<br />Watching the thoughts flow, appear and disappear…<br />Observing the passengers travel through, the inner sky is always clear…<br />
  16. 16. Wu Yi Mountain – Cloud Nine Land (QiYunXianJing)<br />Tao of Spontaneous – 4 days Beginner Course<br />Course Intro<br />Each one of us carried the unique characteristic and special ability when we were born; however, through the growing up process, we have been limited and re-programmed by the social standard and education. Most of us have lost the connection to our true nature. Re-connecting to our true nature will help us to receive the energy from life source once again, and to return to the central of our being. This course is a reborn for your body, mind and soul. It will bring each individual a surprising experience and transformation. You can reach and retain in love, joy and health; only if you allow it to happen – Spontaneously!<br />Course Highlights<br /><ul><li> Re-connect to “Life Source”, experience “Oneness”.
  17. 17. Restore the balance in our body, mind and soul; activate the “self-healing” system.
  18. 18. Discover wisdom, joy and peace with-in.</li></ul>Location: China, Fu Jian Province, Wu Yi Mountain, Cloud Nine Land (QiYunXianJing)<br />For course detail, please visit<br />Contact Person<br />Beijing: Shang Cai<br /> Jing Tong Li<br />Xiamen: Linda Lin<br />Shenzhen: Alina Chen<br />Hong Kong: Louis Lau<br />
  19. 19. ABOUT THE INSTRUCTOR<br />Master Feng Guan Zheng is an expert in Chinese martial art, culture, painting and calligraphy. As a well known artist and martial art instructor; Master Feng’s artwork has been affirmed and recognized by many International Art awards, and he is also an authority in China Martial Art industry. Born in China, lived in Australia and Hong Kong, Master Feng also travels around the world to share his specialty globally. Being influences by the Chinese and western cultures; Master Feng has combined the essence of both, together with his unique life experience to attain a distinctive personal level. In the early 80s, Master Feng accidentally discovered and experienced the mysterious of life force while giving instruction in Tai Chi. Since then, he has been devoting himself in the subject of “LIFE”, and sharing what he has discovered with others. In the past 30 years, Master Feng has inspired countless students in “Tao of Spontaneous” and activate the “self-healing” system in his students. With Master Feng’s guidance, every student is able to experience the beauty of life force and build up the connection with the source life once again. As long as we are ready to receive, the energy of universe is always there to give; by being spontaneous and let go of ourselves, the life force is there to take care of us and offer us the best we need. Master Feng has committed himself to assist people to achieve a more healthy and joyful life. He wishes to extend and share his experience on life force with as many people as possible.<br />Please contact us for further course information.<br />
  20. 20. Let’s meet <br />in<br />Cloud Nine Land<br />(QiYunXianJing)<br />May your life filled with abundance and happiness…<br />May you be surrounded by joy and love…<br />May you find the peace and light within…<br />