What is Service? A Spiritual Quality


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A brief presentation that attempts to address the following questions: What is Service? What is the Purpose of our Lives?
What is the Purpose of Education?
What is the Arena of Service?

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What is Service? A Spiritual Quality

  1. 1. Nation CityWorld District 服务 服务 Service Service 20011 05 10 20011 05 12
  2. 2. What is Service?什么是服务 ?What is the Purpose ofour Lives?我们生活的目的是什么?What is the Purpose ofEducation?教育的目的是什么 ?What is the Arena ofService?
  3. 3. What is Service?服务是什么 ?What is the Purpose ofour Lives?我们生活的目的是什么?What is the Purpose ofEducation?教育的目的是什么 ?What is the Arena ofService?
  4. 4. Virtue: an admirable quality or attributeService is a virtue
  5. 5. The virtue of service is a quality or attribute of an individual, butthe action of service is directed toward others.In fact, all of the virtues are expressed in the context of the peoplearound us. I love others, I am compassionate with others, I am patientwith others, I am united with others, etc.I can not develop my virtues unless I live with and interact withmy family and community.I can not grow in isolation.If each virtue is different, what is special about service?With service I am the protagonist;I initiate activities that are of benefit to others;I respond with helpful, useful actionto the needs of the family and community around me.
  6. 6. Social Order 社会秩序 Mutual Helpfulness Cooperation 相互帮助 合作The Foundation of Social Order is Mutual Helpfulness (Acts of Service) and Cooperation 社会秩序
  7. 7. Animals can exist alone; people can not
  8. 8. Even the “social” animals do not help each other when one of them is attacked
  9. 9. The Human Body: A Unified System 人体 : 统一的体系 A Mutual Helpfulness System 相互帮助的体系 The individual cell in the body is strongest and healthiest when the body is strong and healthy. The individual person in the family or community is strongest and healthiest when the family or community system is strong and healthy.In order to be strong and healthy the body, or society relies on Mutual Helpfulness and Cooperation. We express mutual helpfulness and cooperation through the attitude and the actions of SERVICE.
  10. 10. Mutual Helpfulnessand Cooperationexpressed throughthe attitude andthe actions of SERVICEhave helped us grow fromfamilies, to tribes,to cities, to nationsand now,an emergingWorld Community. 人类成熟地图 文明像河流一样,最终汇入世界新秩序之海洋 The civilizations are like rivers, leading to the ocean of the New World Order.
  11. 11. What is Service?服务是什么 ?What is the Purpose ofour Lives?我们生活的目的是什么?What is the Purpose ofEducation?教育的目的是什么 ?What is the Arena ofService?
  12. 12. 个人的新定义(负责任的主人翁) A New Definition of the INDIVIDUAL (The Responsible Protagonist) 婴儿 / 儿童 / 青年 / 成年 / 长者 Infant / Child / Youth / Adult / SeniorServed by Others Serving Others 接受他人服务 服务他人 幼小的和衰老的依靠他人的服务 The very young and the very old rely on the service of others. 成熟的标 志是有能力为他人服务。 A sign of maturity is the capacity to be of service to others. 服务 SERVICE
  13. 13. What is Service?服务是什么 ?What is the Purpose ofour Lives?我们生活的目的是什么?What is the Purpose ofEducation?教育的目的是什么 ?What is the Arena ofService?
  14. 14. The accomplishment of the peacefuldevelopment of the nation and thewell-being of society begins with thespiritual health of the individual.一国之和平发展和,社会之福祉,从个人的心灵健康开始(修身、齐家、治国、平天下)。 Confucius 551- 459 BC
  15. 15. “… 除非一个民族的道德品格,还有其头脑和天资都得到教育,否则文明便无牢靠根基。”阿博都 · 巴哈 , 《巴黎谈话》 , 巴哈伊出版集团 , 伦敦 , 1979, p. 31."…unless the moral character of a nation is educated, as well as its brain and its talents,civilization has no sure basis."Abdu’l-Baha, Paris Talks, Baha’i Publishing Trust, London, 1979, p. 31.Purpose of Education
  16. 16. The goal of balanced “inner” and “outer” development is very old in China.The Confucian definition of the goal of development is for the individual to acquire virtues.
  17. 17. 儒家 (Da Xue)下文摘自广为人知的儒家四书中的《大学》,它是孔子教义的“概要”。千百年来,学童都会背诵它,其主旨已深深地根植于中国的文化中。简言之,它主张发展的目标应当是昭明美德;其方法包括规范,培养,纠正和调查;此过程将国家内政生活与实现和平发展,将社会福祉与个人精神健康联系了起来。“ 自天子以至于庶人,壹是皆以修身为本。其本乱而末治者否矣,其所厚者薄,而其所薄者厚,未之有也!”(《大学》)个人对真理实情的调查(格物)乃是内在与外在的平衡所依靠的支点。Briefly, it states that the goal of development is: to illustrate virtue: to renovate the people; and to rest in the highest excellence.The methods include: self-regulation, cultivation, rectification, and investigationThe process relates the accomplishment of peaceful development with the internal life of thenation; the well-being of society to the spiritual health of the individual.
  18. 18. 在中国,人们很久以为就认为个人的内在修养与社会的福祉有着密切的关系。 例如在中国的儒家孔子著《大学》中,我们就理解到了这一点。This understanding ofthe intimaterelationship between "From the son ofthe inner life of the Heaven down to theindividual and the mass of the people,welfare of society has all must considerlong been understood the cultivation ofin China. We see this, their person as thefor example, in the root of everythingConfucian “Great besides."Learning” ( 大学 ). ( missing ) “ 自天子以至于庶人,壹是皆以修身为本。其本乱而末治者否矣, 其所厚者薄,而其所薄者厚,未之有也!”(《大学》)
  19. 19. 古之欲明明德于天下者,先治其国;“The ancients who wished to illustrate illustrious virtue throughout the empire, first ordered well their own States.
  20. 20. 欲治其国者,Wishing to order well their own States, 先齐其家 they first regulated their families.
  21. 21. 欲齐其家者Wishing to order well their families, 先修其身they first cultivated their persons
  22. 22. 欲修其身者 ; Wishing to cultivate their persons, 先正其心they first rectified their hearts (honest with themselves)
  23. 23. 欲正其心者Wishing to rectify their hearts, (wishing to be honest with themselves ) 先诚其意 they first sought to be sincere in their thoughts.
  24. 24. 欲诚其意者,先致其知,Wishing to be sincere in their thoughts, they first extended to the utmost their knowledge. 先致其知,致知在格物。物格而后知至 Such extension of knowledge lay in the investigation of things. Things being investigated, knowledge became complete.
  25. 25. 知至而后意诚Their knowledge being complete, their thoughts were sincere.
  26. 26. 意诚而后心正Their thoughts being sincere, their hearts (minds) were then rectified (honest)
  27. 27. 心正而后身修Their hearts (minds) being rectified (honest) their persons were cultivated.
  28. 28. 身修而后家齐Their persons being cultivated, their families were regulated.
  29. 29. 家齐而后国治,国治而后天下平 Their families being regulated, their States were rightly governed.Their States being rightly governed, the whole empire was made tranquil and happy.
  30. 30. The virtue of service also appears in Daoism"The sage does not hoard,The more he does for others,The more he has himself.The more he gives,The more he gets.聖人不積,既以為人己愈有,既以與人己愈多 ;( 圣人不为自己积攒什么:既然一切都是为了世人,自己就愈发拥有了;既然一切都已给了世人,自己就愈发丰富了 .)Lao Zi, Dao De Jing, ch. 81老子《道德经》 节 81 Spiritual Heritages
  31. 31. The purpose of education, then, isto develop capacity in the individualto pursue, independently, the twin goals ofdevelopment of self anddevelopment of the community and society around them.Acquiring the attitude and virtue of service makes these twin goals,not contradictory, butcomplementary and mutually reinforcing.Both material and spiritual education are essential for development.
  32. 32. 物质 精神 发展的新定义 究其实质,发展过程最终关涉个人和由社会成员所创立的社 会结构的转型。 A New Definition of Development While pragmatic approaches to problem solving must obviously play a central role in development initiatives, 解决问题的实效途径应该明显地是一个发展创始中的中心角色 tapping the spiritual roots of human motivation 开导出人类促动的基本精神 provides the essential impulse that ensures genuine social advancement. 提供基本的推动以保证真实的社会进步Science, Religion and Development: Some Initial Considerations, Prepared by the Institute for Studies in Global Prosperity
  33. 33. What is Service?服务是什么 ?What is the Purpose ofour Lives?我们生活的目的是什么?What is the Purpose ofEducation?教育的目的是什么 ?What is the Arena ofService?
  34. 34. Nation CityWorld District Where can we practice virtues and offer service? Without people around us, we cannot develop virtues. The people around us are: our family, our community, our district, our country, our planet.
  35. 35. Add an institutional layer at the community level 国家 to channel safely, productively, andcreatively the increasing 社区 capacity of humanity. 家庭 在社区的层次 上增加机构的 一层, 以安全地、 有效地、创造 性地增加人类 的能力 A sign of a strong community is one where there is mutual helpfulness and cooperation; one in which there is institutional support for the offering and the receiving of service from individuals.
  36. 36. 社区的新定义一个成熟和谐的社区定义为:“ 文明的综合单位,由个人家庭和机构组成是对体制、部门和组织的发起者和激励者、机构和组织等为一个共同的目标、为内部和外部的福祉而协同运作的个人、家庭和机构组成;由多样化的、彼此互动的、在为灵性和社会进步而不懈追求中实现团结的参与者组成。 A New Definition of COMMUNITY We can define a mature harmonious community as…. “a comprehensive unit of civilization composed of individuals, families and institutions that are originators and encouragers of systems, agencies and organizations working together with a common purpose for the welfare of people both within and beyond its borders; it is a composition of diverse, interacting participants that are achieving unity in an unremitting quest for spiritual and social progress.”The Universal House of Justice, The Four Year Plan, pp.34-35 世界正义院《四年计划》 34-35
  37. 37. When she was in high school in Canada, Linda participated in community service at asenior citizens home for people with Alzheimer’s Disease. She wanted to help them so shedid some research about Alzhiemer’s and diet. Her work won first prize in a national student Science Fair. She decided to become a doctor so she could continue her work of service. Through community service she found strong motivation, a reason, for studying very hard.
  38. 38. Hillary Clinton wrote a book about theeducation of children. Her main ideawas this work cannot be done by the parents and schools alone; there should also be a vibrant communitylife as well to carry out this important task.
  39. 39. In this century, truemodernization is to developour intellectual and spiritualcapacities and virtue and to serve the cause of world peace. The virtue of service is essential.
  40. 40. Fear Hope Despair Cynicism ServiceSense of superiority PromptedIndifference with ideal motivesFanaticism TASK Simple-heartedDoubt Build together Truth-seeking the foundations ofRigidity Free from deceit global civilizationFlexibility (True Modernism) and hypocrisiesSuspicion Open-mindedness Chauvinism Magnanimity ModerationSense of Purpose Tolerance Examples of qualities and attitudes to the great task before us “In the world there are many different roads but the destination is the same. There are a hundred deliberations but the result is one. The Book of Changes, cited in Legge, The Four Books, pt. 2, ch. 5
  41. 41. TASK 希望 Build together 恐惧 the foundations of 绝望 global civilization (True Modernism) 优越感 Prompted with ideal motives 被理想所鼓动 (服务) 冷漠狂热 单纯 任务怀疑 探求真理 共同建设僵化 全球文明的基础灵活 ( 真正的现代化 ) 免于欺诈和伪善 猜忌 思想开放 意义感 心地高尚 沙文主义面对我们面前的伟大任务,一些态度举例 Examples of attitudes to the great task before us 天下同归而殊途,一致而百虑《周易 · 系辞》下
  42. 42. 谢谢! Thank you!