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FF style guide

  1. 1. Families Forward Study Guide 1Style Guide
  2. 2. Families Forward Study Guide 2ContentsLogo & Tagline 3Typography 7Using brand colors 8Containing Shapes 10Using Patterns 10Use of Imagery 11Applications 12Families Forward is a nonprofit organization that providesupported housing programs for families in crisis. Thesebranding guidelines are designed to ensure a consistentlook and a consistent tone in all its communications.
  3. 3. 01 Families Forward LogoThe new Families Forward logo was issued in April, 2013.It is made up of the heart and human body shape, as wellas the full name and tagline under the logo. It should bereproduced according to the guideline explained in thisdocument.There are another two approved versions of the logo:The logo should be used depend on marketing materials. The alternate logo withoutname and tagline is acceptable for audiences that are already familiar with the brand.Families Forward Study Guide 3
  4. 4. 01.02 Black & White versions of the logo01.01 TaglineFamilies Forward Study Guide 4
  5. 5. 02.03 Sizing and clear spaceMin. 1.2in / 30mmMin.1.2in/30mmMin. 3in / 76.2mmMin. 0.66in / 16.8mmNever go smaller than this minimum size. The logo does not have a maximumreproduction size.The clear space should be 0.5in more added upon the width and the height.Families Forward Study Guide 5
  6. 6. The logo should always be situated in a clear, readable location. The logo mustalways have good contrast with the background to ensure maximum impactand accessibility. The logo should never be altered in any way. Though not anehaustive list, here are some things NOT to do:02.04 Examples of what not to do• redesign, redraw, animate, modify, distortsor alter the proportions of the logo.• surround the logo with a pattern or design.• add words, images or any other new elements.• replace the approved type face with anyother typeface.• enclose the logo in a shape or combine it withother design elements or effects.• modify the size or position relationship of anyany element within the logo.Families Forward Study Guide 6
  7. 7. 02 TypographyThy typeface of the logo is Candara and the tagline use the typeface Helvetica,chosen for its combination of elegance and contemporary feel. And This twotypefaces should be used in all printed correspondence. Aral should be used onthe web and in all email correspondence.AralabcdefghijklmnopqABCDEFGHIJKLM123456789?&%$!*abcdefghijklmnopqABCDEFGHIJKLM123456789?&%$!*CandaraabcdefghijklmnopqABCDEFGHIJKLM123456789?&%$!*abcdefghijklmnopqABCDEFGHIJKLM123456789?&%$!*HelveticaabcdefghijklmnopqABCDEFGHIJKLM123456789?&%$!*abcdefghijklmnopqABCDEFGHIJKLM123456789?&%$!*Families Forward Study Guide 7
  8. 8. 03 Using brand colorsThe logo uses three spot colors : Pantone 1788c Pantone 801c and PantoneBlack 6c. When necessary these may be converted to their CMYK equivalents forprocess color printing.The color palette allow the brand to be communicated clearly and appropriately.These colors are meant to evoke excellence and stability. The secondary colorsuse for different applications.These clolors are listed in the following color models:• Pantone (for 2-color printing)• CMYK (for 4-color/full color process printing)• RGB for web and screen.Please choose the appropriate values for the medium in which you are working.Families Forward Study Guide 8
  9. 9. Secondary palettePantone 435cCMYKC 21M 29Y 25K 01Pantone 297cCMYKC 46M 0Y 0K 0Pantone 345cCMYKC 47M 2Y 43K 0Primary palettePantone 1788cCMYKC 0M 90Y 85K 0Pantone 801c CMYK C 100 M 0 Y 0 K 0Pantone Black 6CCMYKC 0M 0Y 0K 100When printing in CMYK, black should be built as Rich Black (C60 M40 Y40 K100)When applied to solid fields. (Note Rich Black should never be applied to text.)Families Forward Study Guide 9
  10. 10. Families Forward Study Guide 1004 Containing Shapes05 Using PatternsThere are two patterns can be used on different application. Both patternscreated by using part of the logo shapes.
  11. 11. Families Forward Study Guide 11Photography is a powerful and dynamic tool. Our image should communicateour values which are dignity, empowerment, accountability, community spirit,hope. They should convey emotions and atmosphere make people warm andpositive. The images can show families together or community service in real-life situations. Only use images that are relevant and add values that can reallyengage the audience.Images that are for use in printed materials should of sufficiently high resolution- 300 pixels per inch.Examples :06 Use of Imagery
  12. 12. Families Forward Study Guide 1207 ApplicationsBusiness CardEnvelopeLetterhead
  13. 13. Families Forward Study Guide 13Dedicated to What Counts:Families in OurCommunityFriends of familiesforward help familie infinancial crisis achieveand maintain self-sufficency.With the support of our Friends,each year we are able to:* Provide housing for over 225families with children.* Keep over 1,500 families fromgoing hungry a result of our careercoaching program.* Prevent over 5,000 families frombecoming homeless.* Friends of Families Forward helpmake a difference by giving a handup not a hand out.OUR VALUES:DIGNITYHonor each individual throughan atomosphere of respect, trustand confidentiality.EmpowermentInspire self-sufficiency throughthe development of courage,confidence and pride.AccountabilityAccept responsibility forcommitments and accomolishingour goals.Community SpiritRealize our vision through teamwoark,cooperation and collaboration.HopeShare a belief in new beginings andallowing dreams of the future to emerge.Phone: (949) 552-2727Fax: (949) 552-2731Email: info@families-forward.orgAddress: 9221 Irvine Blvd. Irvine, CA92618Federal Tax ID #: 33-0086043Hours of Operation:Monday-Thursday 9AM-5PMFridays 9AM-1PMFriends ofFamilies Forward BenefitsAs a Friend, you will enjoy the followingbenefits and privileges at each level of giving:Wouldyou like tobe a Friend?You can donate in the folowing 3 ways:* Mail a check to our office addresslisted on the back of this brochure.* Go to our websiteand donate 24/7.* Call us at949-716-5870Friendssupport FamiliesForward programs thathelp families reach self-sufficiency.HOUSING FIRSTHOMELESS PREVENTION“Familes Forward provided me a life preserverwhen I was sinking. They helped cover all thebasics; food, shelter, help me with the holidaysmuch, much more. What changed me the mostwas... that I learned to see that what need tobe fixed so that I wouldn’t sink again. Theprogram literally changed my life.”- Karen, program graduate andsingle mother of 2 boys“We learned that we were broke, not broken,and just needed some new tools to toreplace the worn out ones. We’d liketo thank all of you for your supportof Families Forward; you are the“silent partners”and without you,we would hate to think whereour family would be today”- lenny and Liz,program graduatesand parents of4 boys“We Thank Youfor suppprtingfamilies inCrisis”.Rapid Re-Housing provides families with a chance to regain self-sufficiencywhen they have lost their home due to an eviction or a change in income.Through partnerships with local apartment communities, familiesare placed in apartments where the rent is paid in graduallyincreasing increments, allowing them time to slowlyreturn to market rate rent. Other supportive servicesavailable to families in this program includecounseling, food, and career coaching.Families Forward offers a comprehensivearray of services targeting families who areat-risk of becoming homeless. Supportiveservices include:Job Launch WorkshopsFamilies Forward offers free "Job Launch"workshops to help you develop the latest jobsearch skills and strategies for thisever-changing market. The workshops arefree and open to job seekers of any age.Food PantryAt Families Forward, we provide familieswith food and basic toiletries, helping themto cover other monthly costs, getting themthrough a short period of time to bridge thegap between dependence and self-sufficiency.Benefits and PrivilegesInvitaions to events througout the yearRecongnition on WebsiteRecongnition on NewsletterReceive Families Forward’s Kids Note CardsRecongition in the Annual ReportRecongnition on Donor Annual Giving WallRecognition at Annual MeetingReceive Quarterly e-Newsletters & Annual ReportContributor$100Supporter$500Adovocate$1,000Partner$2,500Angel$5,000Brochure InteriorBrochure Exterior