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Pd idea photo book

  1. 1. PD Idea: Photo Ebook
  2. 2. What is a Photo-ebook?• It is a new concept album.• A beautiful and high quality book with the photos in it.• Able to show the photos to a wider audience.
  3. 3. Why a Photo-ebook?• It presents the best photos in a neat and also pleasing in appearance format.• It kinds of forces one to pick the very best photos.• Being in a self-contained book format makes it easy for people to pass around to their family and friends.
  4. 4. Why electric format?• It is free and can be done with free tools.• It can be reproduced and distribute it to family and friends with just a little effort.• It is rather easy to make corrections or revisions even though the Photo Ebook has been published online for people to view.
  5. 5. Things to consider / add in aPhoto-book, in terms of the layout.
  6. 6. Consideration 1 : [Book cover]• The first thing that places target audience’s mind go is the book cover• A catchy yet decent book cover would be able to attract target audience’s attention.
  7. 7. Consideration 2: [Less is more]• Think about the end size of the photo-book.• Consider the number of photos to be put into a spread.
  8. 8. Consideration 3: [Establish a Focal Point.]• Having a beautiful photo that one is proud of, highlight it and put it into a spread.• Having more than one photo in the layout is to display one or two larger photos with smaller supporting photos.
  9. 9. Consideration 4: [Vary the spreads.]• Vary the spreads to prevent viewers getting bored,• Take the layout, reconfigure or make a slight change so that it does not look the same.• Key point is to not bore the viewers.
  10. 10. Consideration 5: [Tell a story.]• Photo-book is meant to tell a story.• If one is showing vacation photos, one is sharing experiences with family and friends.• Make friends and family feel like they were on the trip with you.
  11. 11. Pros and cons of Photo Ebook• Pros – Cost would be cheaper because high quality printed book can be expensive per copy. – Individuals are more likely to have a small collection of high quality images than having a big unfiltered gallery.• Cons – The format requirement.
  12. 12. Problems that I am going to tackle on.• Select the best photos of high quality.• A simple design layout• No cramping of images and using too much text to it.
  13. 13. Design Considerations
  14. 14. Photo Ebook• Requirements of the Photo • Research. Ebook. – Tutorials. – The alignment of the images – Viewing the good Photo that is going to show the viewers. Ebook online to gain some inspirations. – Background color used for the Photo Ebook. – Fonts used in the Photo Ebook.
  15. 15. Photo Ebook• Target Audience. • Photo Ebook Editing. – Teenagers; they usually will – Simple design and layout take more photos, be it they • Requirements for the users. are out with friends or at • Make the most of the home alone. space because small – Teenagers are more tech images are not going to savvy. ‘wow’ the viewers. • Have a variety of image layouts throughout the Photo Ebook because having images of the same layout on every page can be boring.
  16. 16. The design process…• Selecting of images. – Select images that are of the highest quality. – Group them up accordingly.• Design elements – Colors, lines, borders and text are things that needs to decide before laying the Photo Ebook out. – Balance it with simplicity. – Think about the mood that is set for the viewer.
  17. 17. The design process Cont’d…• Text – Small captions for images are nice and viewers often would like to know what does each photo is about.• Laying images out. – Size and orientation of the page will determine the number of images that will fit on the page itself. – Line up the edges of images so that it will give the viewers a clean and balanced look.
  18. 18. 1st tryoutTarget audience: Teenagers
  19. 19. 1 tryout st• Having a plain book cover.• Every page would have a big image and a short descriptive text below the image.
  20. 20. 2nd tryoutTarget audience: Teenagers
  21. 21. 2 tryout nd• A short introductory text provided at the book cover.• Followed by the images on every page.• No short descriptive text given.
  22. 22. 3rd tryoutTarget audience: Teenagers
  23. 23. 3 tryout rd• A book cover provided.• Followed by one big image at one of the pages, together with a short descriptive text.• Then followed by smaller images on the other page and also comes with a short descriptive text.• It will be categorized accordingly in this case
  24. 24. 4th tryoutTarget audience: Teenagers
  25. 25. 4 tryout th• A title given at the book cover• Followed by some images.• The title will tell the story as the viewer flips through the pages.
  26. 26. Final Photo EbookTarget audience: Teenagers
  27. 27. Page 1
  28. 28. Page 2 & 3
  29. 29. Page 4 & 5
  30. 30. Page 6 & 7
  31. 31. Page 8 & 9
  32. 32. Page 10 & 11
  33. 33. Page 12 & 13
  34. 34. Page 14 & 15
  35. 35. Page 16 & 17
  36. 36. Page 18 (Last page)
  37. 37. Purpose of using different colors.• Able to stimulate emotions and trigger memories.• It will somehow give a fun and fresh feel because of the bright colors used.
  38. 38. Images on each page…• Before laying out in the Photo Ebook, all of the images that are going to be included will be grouped (eg, grouped according to destination) accordingly.• After grouping the images up accordingly, it will somehow make the laying out a little simpler• It will not give a messy feel to the viewers.
  39. 39. • The main topic is ‘Adventure at Beaches’.• There are a few topics that are related to ‘Adventure at Beaches’ in one photo album.• It can act as a digital photo book online, and also can be viewed in PDF format.