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How to hack on wikipedia


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How to make technical contributions to Wikipedia, sister projects and the MediaWiki community at large. Source: . Video of this presentation at FOSDEM:

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How to hack on wikipedia

  1. 1. How to hack on Wikipedia
  2. 2. Wiki Media Wiki + 1000s
  3. 3. API Wikipedia in your app! Reuse, remix & contribute data 18M articles 15M media files 1.3T free & alive
  4. 4. Test Hard but hearty New features i.e. VisualEditor Browser test automation Bug Squad 4k open bugs
  5. 5. Translate The wiki way 347 languages! Scripts, input, RTL, grammar...
  6. 6. Design Start small UX - not just art MediaWiki first Wikipedia last Work with devs
  7. 7. Sysadmin World class infra 866 wikis & more Puppetize!
  8. 8. Gadgets Start coding here JavaScript Local user scripts Share Get promoted as supported gadget
  9. 9. Mobile Just anywhere Web & native Help us with Android & iOS Commons! Bring the rest
  10. 10. Bots Restless editors Importing, typos vandalism, ©... 1.657 around Python and more
  11. 11. Extensions Feature creation PHP, also JS... 2.118 around 83 used by
  12. 12. Core The wiki software PHP 932.270 LOC 155 active contributors Wikipedia first
  13. 13. Join the backstage
  14. 14. Thank you! Special Guest MediaWiki logo .tournesols et lavande Nature morte reworked 2 Barbara Piancastelli aux tournesols DieBuche Vincent Van Gogh The Noun ProjectCrane Hook Hammer Translation Network Swiss Army Knife Paper Plane Robot Lego Death StarDmitriy John Geremy Jerry Jeff Gerlach James Fenton Mike Jon AndrewLagunov Caserta Good Wang Hince Trillana Forrester /wiki/File:How_to_hack_on_Wikipedia.pdf