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Ari Jaaksi Handsets World 2008


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Slides of the presentation of Ari Jaaksi in Handsets World 2008.

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Ari Jaaksi Handsets World 2008

  1. 1. What consumers need from mobile devices …and how open innovation can help. Ari Jaaksi, Vice President, Software, Nokia
  2. 2. Our vision A world where everyone can be connected
  3. 3. Consumers drive our thinking Consumer & customer insights will allow us to… • Build a deep understanding what consumer value in our products • Improve and redefine the user experiences of our mobile devices • Develop the opportunity into a concrete offer and verify with consumers that it makes sense
  4. 4. Deep insight to consumer behavior helps Nokia to identify new trends – Internet is a key use case Others 6 % Data traffic per application (2007) Messaging 12 % Browsing 52 % Source: Nokia consumer studies on converged devices Multimedia with more than 10.000 30 % participants across the globe.
  5. 5. Nokia Nseries multimedia computers - Communicate Internet experience you are used to Nokia N810 Stay in touch Blog Chat Find new places Share Discover Navigate
  6. 6. Open source can meet the needs of mass-market. Firefox Web Browser – created by the open source community - free, powerful, secure and easy to use. Now in use by more than 170 million consumers.
  7. 7. Innovation for multimedia computers through maemo community Delivering Internet experiences to consumers in collaborative effort with open source projects.
  8. 8. Open source community and Nokia - We need to learn from each other. Image: Freedom fighters, by Children At Risk Foundation. CC Attribution-Non-Commercial-No-Derivative License