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prep quiz - 4


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QUizmaster - Abhinav MIshra (3rd CS)

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prep quiz - 4

  1. 1. Answers {
  2. 2. 1.On a hunting trip in the Alps in 1941, Georgede Mestral was intrigued by burdock burrs(seeds) that kept sticking to his clothes and hisdogs fur. After subsequent observations andtrials, what did he invent?
  3. 3. velcro
  4. 4. 3.Named for a Greek muse and currently given by theNielsen Company, what are the awards given to rewardcreative excellence in advertising and design?
  5. 5. Clio awards
  6. 6.  4.The name of which company was initially proposed asPequod but the idea was retracted when someone said "Noones going to drink a cup of Pee-quod!"?
  7. 7. starbucks
  8. 8.  7.In 2006 USA Today magazine listed which advertising icon as No.1 on their list of Imaginary Luminaries: the 100 most influential people who never lived ?
  9. 9. The marlboro man
  10. 10.  Originally a dictionary of the arts and sciences edited by William Smellie, it added history and biography to its second edition, and many more editions followed under several publishers. However, since 1929, a system of continuous revision has replaced the issuance of new editions. Name this reference work first published in 1768 by a "Society of gentlemen in Scotland".
  11. 11. Britannica Encyclopaedia
  12. 12. 7. Which international organization got itsname because, when it was first started, itsmembers would meet in turn in each othershomes?
  13. 13. Rotary club
  14. 14.  9.What is the title of the study conducted by Ernst and Young on the rise of small town india including key urban towns?
  15. 15. The Dhoni effect
  16. 16.  Which sports man will endorse the fly brand of phones from meridian mobiles?
  17. 17. Ishant Sharma
  18. 18. Name theonly femaleceo of aformula 1team?
  19. 19. Team Sauber
  20. 20.  11.This was founded in 1958 by brothers Daniel and the Frank Carney in their hometown in Kansas. The name that they chose was because the sign that they had purchased had space for only 9 characters along with spaces. Later this was sold to a leading beverage company for $ 300 million.identify this famous chain of restaurants?
  21. 21. 13.X is a monthly magazine for the African-American market was founded by John H. Johnsonand has been publishing since the autumn of 1945X’s cover photography since its inception hasfocused on African American celebrities andpoliticians from Dorothy Dandridge to WhitneyHouston to Michael Jackson and Barack ObamaAdvertisers have for decades created ads specificallyfor the pages of X that showed African Americansusing their productsId X
  22. 22. Ebony
  23. 23.  In 1890 Johnson & Johnson was randomly into manufacturing antiseptic calls and medical plasters It once received a letter from a physician regarding complaints of skin irritation in patients from certain medicated plasters The product research team that included one more product in its kit/standard package However, there was more demand for the product singularly Thus Johnson and Johnson started selling the product singularly Tell me the name of the product
  24. 24.  X is a confection which was first created by Rowntree’s of York ,England It is now produced worldwide by Y which was chased Rowntree in 1988 except in the United States where it is made under licence by Z Launched in 1935 was originally known as “Chocolate Crisp”
  25. 25.  X was born in 1837, a descendant of Welsh ancestors who had come to the Massachusetts Bay Colony in 1636 X was a banker and was also known as a corporate arbitrator ironed out corporate disagreements aboard his 165 foot yacht Corsair On October 24 1907,X was asked for help by NYSE president Ransom H. Thomas as there were insufficient funds for NYSE to remain open until regular closing time 3 PM. A sum little under 25 million was raised by X On October 29 1907th the mayor of New York asked X to come up with $ 30 million else the city would have defaulted. Identify X
  26. 26. J.P. Morgan
  27. 27.  Its first product was a simple rice cooker which failed miserably. In the early stages the company kept itself alive by selling heating pad. These pads were made by stretching wires onto cloth. It derived its name from a railway company. The company had a name which was changed so that its American customers could pronounce it easily.identify this hugely successful enterprise from its humble beginnings
  28. 28. Android versions
  29. 29.  This is an American multinational conglomerate corporation,headquartered in Fairfield, Connecticut, United was founded by a group of people most notable among them was Thomas Edison. In 2011 Fortune named this company as the sixth largest firms in the United States as well as the 14th most profitable. Off late this company has been surrounded by many controversies such as it was found that six of the nuclear reactors in the Fukushima nuclear power plant tragedy (2001)were made by this company and their designs had been criticised as far back as 1972. In March 2011 the New York Times reported that despite earning $ 14.2 billion in worldwide earnings this company did not owe taxes in 2010 Identify this much maligned company nowadays
  30. 30. The bakery produced marie biscuits forthe first time for the marriage of MariaAlexandrovna grand duchess of russia
  31. 31. In the evening of 29 September 1913………….Boarded the post-office steamer Dresden inAntwerp, on his way to a meeting of the {consolidated diesel manufacturing company inLondon. He took dinner on board the cabin and thenretired to his room for the night at about 10 PM,leaving words for him to be called the next morningat 6:15 AM He was never seen alive again. 10 days later thecrew of a Dutch boat the “Coertsen”came upon thecorpse of a man floating in the sea the body was insuch an advanced state of decomposition that theydid not bring it on board. Instead the crew retrievedpersonal items from the clothing of the dead manand returned the body to the sea these items wereidentified by his son as belonging to his father.Identify this man on the left
  32. 32. Rudolf Diesel
  33. 33. Associate with tata group?
  34. 34. Headquarters of TATAgroup
  35. 35.  What is the name of TATA group’s retail chain for books and music?
  36. 36. Thanks for attending