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A snapshot of animation and graphic services provided to clients by QBurst.

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QBurst Expertise in Animation and Graphics

  1. 1. QBurst Expertise in Animation and Graphics USA | UK | Poland | UAE | India | Singapore | Australia
  2. 2. HTML5 (A Cross-Platform Solution) ❏ Allows for innovative, interactive and scalable web and mobile applications ❏ Easy-to-integrate multimedia and graphical content without using third-party plugins ❏ Improved functionality and user experience QBurst Expertise in HTML5: ❏ Web Design & Development ❏ Video & Animation Capabilities ❏ Flash Website Enhancement ❏ Mobile Design & Development ❏ Game Development
  3. 3. Flash and Flex Expertise Flash and Flex technologies help simplify complex processes like online shopping, registrations and data analysis. QBurst Expertise in Developing RIAs: ❏ Product Development ❏ Enterprise Applications ❏ Mobile Applications ❏ Product Development ❏ Enterprise Applications ❏ Mobile Applications
  4. 4. Featured Projects
  5. 5. E-Learning Application Project Snapshot The client’s e-Learning Flash application generates awareness about the pros and cons of using the internet and the possible threats that technology & internet pose. The client wanted to extend their app usage to Android tablets. With Adobe ceasing support for Flash in Android devices, an alternative was required to achieve the goal. The client decided to convert their existing Flash application to HTML5. Total Effort (man days) : 120 Project delivery period: 3 Months Key Features ❏ HTML5-supported web application ❏ Works in all web browsers ❏ Does not require Flash software support or plugins Technologies used ❏ HTML5, JavaScript, CSS3, JQuery and SVG CLIENT PROFILE The client is a leading education technology company providing online services on teaching, assessing, badging, and certifying students in critical skills.
  6. 6. Pirate Game in Unity 3 Project Snapshot This is a “swipe and throw” game that involves throwing objects from the launch position at the target. Objects are flung by swiping the screen. The game mimics features of Paper Toss in a pirate theme setting. We built special algorithms to manipulate the path of the object traversal in order to achieve the desired wind effect. The player can throw treasure, hit targets, and get coins amidst treasure caves and deserted islands. The game is built on iOS and Android platforms. Total Effort (man days) : 600 Project delivery period: 5 Months Key Features ❏ Includes sounds that mimic pirates ❏ Integrates with Game Center Achievements and Leaderboards ❏ In-App purchase to add coins quickly Technologies used ❏ Unity 3D, iOS, Android CLIENT PROFILE Based in the US, the client is an independent mobile game development company and also offers computer programming services.
  7. 7. NationWide Children’s Hospital Project Snapshot The project is a kiosk game for children that relays children’s safety messages. QBurst built the program that enabled users to create a customized avatar using Flash. Total Effort (man days) : 30 Project delivery period: 1 Month Key Features ❏ Custom avatar creation ❏ Carrying over of the customized avatar to next subsequent levels ❏ Tracking the number of visits by a user ❏ Voice over text Technical Highlights ❏ Flash, AS2, HTML, PHP CLIENT PROFILE Medical Animatics, USA, is a world class visual media and interactive learning production company.
  8. 8. Web Meeting Project Snapshot The Web Meeting project involves creation of web-based meetings that are conducted by Bramson Productions. It comprises the Launchpad and Meeting Application. Launchpad is a web-based interface where meetings can be created and managed. The Meeting Application has a lobby and main meeting page along with features such as Chat, Help files, Presentations, Video Conference, and Meeting Animations. Total Effort (man days) : 360 Project delivery period: 3 Months Key Features ❏ The Launchpad website is built using Django framework and Dojo Toolkit ❏ The Meeting Application is developed using Java, Red5 Server and Flash/Flex for avatar animations ❏ Desktop sharing is developed using Java Robot and Red5 SVC codecs are turned into video files ❏ Flex client Lightstreamer ❏ Video conferencing and chats are also developed using Red5 Server and Flex clients CLIENT PROFILE Bramson Productions, USA is a global leader in event management and business meeting production.
  9. 9. Puzzle Game Project Snapshot The Puzzle game developed by QBurst features cute graphics and an attractive gameplay for rearranging images blocks in order to create specific full size images. Key Features ❏ Slices of a picture are thrown randomly in a box ❏ An Image preview section displays the full image to be created ❏ Various difficulty levels—Beginner, Intermediate, and Expert ❏ Easy-to-use gameplay option by clicking on an image to move it to the nearby empty cell ❏ Works in all browsers such as IE9+, Safari 4+, Chrome, Firefox 3.6+, and Opera 10+ Technologies used ❏ HTML5 game engine and JavaScript CLIENT PROFILE The client specializes in developing web and mobile applications across platforms to meet specific business requirements.
  10. 10. My Music Juke (MMJ) Project Snapshot My Music Juke (MMJ) is a desktop-based rich music Jukebox application developed to search, download and play music albums/tracks. MMJ has the ability to connect with online music providers such as Rhapsody. MMJ is better used with a touchscreen monitor to navigate and scroll through. Total Effort (man days) : 480 Project delivery period: 12 Months Key Features ❏ Allows the users to search for music and selectively download it ❏ Allows storing downloaded music locally, and organizing it into playlists and categories ❏ Music can be searched and played offline Technical Highlights ❏ An Adobe AIR application that uses Python to connect to Web/SOAP services provided by online music providers ❏ SQLite database to store music metadata ❏ Python, Flex, Flash CLIENT PROFILE Practical Industries, USA, is a leading services and solution provider for design, integration, manufacturing and turnkey production.
  11. 11. Video and Image Slideshow Project Snapshot The application is an interactive image and video presentation platform capable of handling millions of presentations at a time. It functions seamlessly across all operating systems. Additionally, the application consolidates and delivers statistics and reports about viewed presentations directly to the server. Key Features ❏ Compatible on PC, Mac, iOS, and Android ❏ Highly interactive presentations: Users can pause, resume, zoom in/out, and drag ❏ Editing tool allows users to tag images and videos ❏ Advanced Data Management System to handle millions of presentations with ease ❏ Dynamically created opening and closing credits for each presentation with texts and images Technologies used ❏ HTML5, JavaScript CLIENT PROFILE A Leading Advertising Agency
  12. 12. Factsheet ● More than 60 active clients across the globe ● Over 650 successful projects delivering affordable quality ● 700 dedicated engineers working towards client delight ● Offices in 7 countries spanning 4 continents ● 6 technology partners among the world’s best technology companies
  13. 13. USA | UK | Poland | UAE | India | Singapore | Australia Thank you. www.qburst.com