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Take your pick


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Quiz ppt from Qryptonite Business Quiz by QBIT at BIT Mesra on 19th part of Bitotsav.

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Take your pick

  1. 1. Round 5 – Take Your Pick• 6 Questions, One question to each team• +20 for a correct answer• No Negatives• If unanswered, next pass will be determined by pressing of buzzers after the first team fails to answer
  2. 2. TAKE YOUR PICK Currency BIT CEOsTATA Logos Awards
  3. 3. Awards Who is the only businessman to win the Padma Vibhushan awards this year?Back
  4. 4. LogosBack
  5. 5. BITBIT founded Small Industries Research andDevelopment organization (SIRDO) in 1970 forthe purpose of motivating and helping technicalgraduates to start their own firms, based on BIT’stechnological developments. In same vein STEPwas further added in 1985, being the first STEP inIndia. During 1985-86, IDBI committed assistanceof Rs. 1.43 crore to BIT-STEP.Expand STEP.Back
  6. 6. TATAsX was started in 2004 as a key initiative tocommemorate the death centenary of J.R.D Tataand Naval H. Tata.It received huge response in the first year itself.Identify the initiative.Back
  7. 7. Currency Coins of which denomination will be taken out of circulation after June, 2011 by RBI?Back
  8. 8. CEOs Name the CEO of Sony’s Columbia Records in India who is also the music director of films like Mast, Dum, Pyaar Tune Kya Kiya, Company, Road, etc.Back