6. carpe diem


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6. carpe diem

  1. 1. Microsoft Logos Mythology Supercars Oscars Video-Games Geography TV-Series
  2. 2. MICROSOFT - 1 A photograph of a hill was taken by the professional photographer Charles O'Rear using a hand-held view camera, approximately at 3050, Fremont Drive, Sonoma, California. What is its claim-to-fame?
  3. 3. MICROSOFT - 2 In Japan, they have replaced the impersonal and unhelpful Microsoft Error messages with X. ID X. Some examples of X messages are : Your file was big. It might be very useful. But now it is gone. Windows NT crashed. I am the Blue Screen of Death. No one hears your screams. BACK
  4. 4. GEOGRAPHY - 1 The X is the world's largest office building by floor area, with about 6,500,000 sq. ft , of which 3,700,000 sq. ft are used as offices. The outer ring of X had to be rebuilt about a decade ago. Includes a five-acre central plaza. Identify X.
  5. 5. GEOGRAPHY - 2 BACK Ahmedabad – Bhopal – Ranchi – Aizwal Which list are we referring to? [Not exhaustive]
  6. 6. SUPERCARS - 1
  7. 7. SUPERCARS - 1 This 5.0 litre twin-turbo V8 car is designed to be produced in 2011 to beat a record held by which production car, recently launched in India?
  8. 8. SUPERCARS - 2 BACK The McLaren SLR 300 was involved in the most catastrophic accident in the history of motorsports, with 84 people being killed and 120 injured. Pierre Levegh was behind this car, being lapped by the famous Juan Fangio, when the accident happened. In which race [OR] At which track did all this happen?
  9. 9. LOGOS - 1
  10. 10. LOGOS - 2 X debuted a new logo in an attempt to create a more contemporary presence in the retail market. The new logo was made with Helvetica typeface and did away with the blue box that had become iconic with the brand. A public outcry against the new logo forced X to revert to the blue box logo, a week later. Identify X. BACK
  11. 11. VIDEO GAMES - 1 Blizzard Entertainment, Inc is in a tussle over trademark issues with Valve Corporation. over which free famous computer game, whose latest version is 6.69b?
  12. 12. VIDEO GAMES - 2 • Spouse of a Microsoft employee who found a bug • Microsoft employee who resigned in 1995 • Employee's child that frequented the Microsoft work site If the last one is Ben, who are we talking about? BACK
  13. 13. TV SERIES - 1 Initially ignored, this show's popularity reached a point where the entire nation came to a virtual stop. Religious services and important ceremonies were rescheduled to accommodate the show's broadcast; trains, buses, and inner- city trucks stopped running when the show was on; and, in villages, hundreds of people would gather around a single television set to watch the show. It features in Limca book of records for the most watched serial in its genre. Which show are we talking about?
  14. 14. TV SERIES - 2
  15. 15. TV SERIES - 2 BACK Name the host of the discontinued-Indian version of this show, aired on Star Plus.
  16. 16. MYTHOLOGY - 1 ID the religious monument
  17. 17. MYTHOLOGY - 2 BACK One of the high peaks of the Garhwal Himalayas at 7066 meters above sea level, in Uttarakhand state in North India, this mountain was made famous by Hanuman in Ramayana. Name the mountain.
  18. 18. OSCARS - 1 “He uses the 707 as the family van, the Gulfstream is his sports car.“ A private certified pilot, his home in Ocala, Florida has a runway and taxiway on his front door. Which famous Hollywood actor of recent times, who has been nominated twice but never won an Oscar for Best Actor, are we talking about?
  19. 19. OSCARS – 2 BACK For what distinction is Greer Garson, the Academy Award Winner for Best Actress in 1942 for her role in Mrs. Miniver, a Guiness World Record holder?