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Orange x o jex manual citrus juicer orangex


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Orange x o jex manual citrus juicer orangex

  1. 1. OrangeX OJex Manual Citrus Juicer OrangeX OJex Manual Citrus Juicer 1
  2. 2. OrangeX OJex Manual Citrus Juicer Anthony Di Bitonto If you were a product ,What would you be and why . “I would be a camera the sense of sight . Not only would I be able to see ,I could also capture a moment in time so anyone could view it in the future " OrangeX OJex Manual Citrus Juicer Orangex, the leading supplier of juicers to the commercial food-service industry in South America, successfully introduced their juicers to the American restaurant and food-service industries in 1998. Recognizing an opportunity to move into the home market as well, they approached Smart Design with an idea: "Make a juicer that works just as well, but for the house." Orangex,商業食品服務產業在南美洲的榨汁器主供應商,在1998年順利地把他們 的榨汁器引進了美國餐館和食品服務產業。意識到有機會進軍家庭市場的同時,他們 找來了SMART設計,帶著理念:做出一台跟別人一樣好的榨汁機,但是是為了家。 recognize 意識 approach 找…商量 2
  3. 3. OrangeX OJex Manual Citrus Juicer The project team at Smart recognized the importance of understanding the client's process in making juicers as well as its goals for this product. "We wanted to integrate the client into the design process as much as possible," explains Anthony Di Bitonto, the team leader for the project. Just a few weeks into the design process, part of Smart's product- development team an engineer and an industrial designer- visited OrangeX's foundry in Venezuela, where the juicer would be assembled. SMART企劃團隊認為了解客戶的榨汁過程跟團隊的設計指標是同樣重要的。“我們 想儘可能的多讓使用者整合到我們的設計過程,”團隊的領導 Anthony Di Bitonto 解釋。就在設計流程內的幾週,一部分的SMART產品研發團隊,工程師和工業設計 師參觀了OrangeX在委內瑞拉的鑄造廠,組合榨汁器的地方。 integrate 成為一體 foundry 鑄造廠 OrangeX OJex Manual Citrus Juicer The design team learned about the high-volume iron casting process so as to maximize its possibilities. This set important criteria for the final design. The sand casting process doesn't allow for small details or sharp edges; they get lost with the coarseness of the sand mold. Because parts must withstand the tumbling process used to remove mold sand, large section parts are preferable. Corners have to be rounded so that paint adheres well. Iron is heavy, resulting in considerable shipping costs. Thus, another project goal was to reduce the weight of the product. 設計團隊了解了大量鑄鐵過程,把它的可能性發揮到極致。這為最終定案立下一套重 要的標準。砂鑄造工藝不會出現小細節或鋒利的邊緣,他們會因為粗糙的砂模而消 失。由於零件必須承受去除模具沙的翻滾過程,比較適合大斷面零件。角必須要圓 潤,使油漆附著的情形更好。沉重的鋼鐵,造成了相當大的航運成本。因此,另一個 計畫目標是減少產品的重量。 cast 鑄 criteria 標準 coarseness 粗糙 adheres 附著 3
  4. 4. OrangeX OJex Manual Citrus Juicer Another goal was to improve employee relations. To this end, the design team interviewed assembly-line workers to consider how the manufacturing process might help foster a sense of pride among foundry employees. The goal of the design team was to give each person in the foundry a series of interrelated tasks that would help them see how parts fit together and convey a sense of ownership of the final product. The product design team sought to design the product so it would fit into OrangeX's manufacturing process. 另一個目標是增進員工的關係。為了達到這個目的,設計團隊與生產線作業員面談以 考慮生產過程中能怎樣有助於培養鑄造員工之間的自豪感。設計團隊的目標是交給每 個在鑄造廠的人一系列相關的任務,這些將會幫助他們了解如何結合各個部份,並傳 達完成品的歸屬感。該設計團隊企圖設計此產品,所以將會適合帶入OrangeX製造 過程中。 assembly-line 配線 foster 培養 OrangeX OJex Manual Citrus Juicer The project team at Smart researched the household and professional juicers already on the market. After squeezing lots of oranges, the team determined that the best-performing juice-extraction mechanism was a rocker crank with a long lever, as found in professional juicers. However, professional juicers were too large for the home market. SMART企劃團隊研究已經在市場上有的家庭式和專業級的榨汁機。在經過壓榨大量 的橘子之後,該團隊在專業榨汁機裡發現,表現最好的榨汁機是一台有著長曲柄搖桿 和槓桿結構的榨汁機。然而,專業榨汁機的體積對於家庭來說過於龐大。 household 家庭式 squeeze 壓榨 perform 表現 mechanism 結構 rocker crank 曲柄搖桿 lever 槓桿結構 4
  5. 5. OrangeX OJex Manual Citrus Juicer Engineering and industrial design worked together to solve these problems. First, the team worked on the rocker crank. Two-dimensional card sketches were done to analyze movement. Next came a functional model, used to test the lever and footprint of the juicer. The team brought together people of all ages and hand sizes, asked them to try the model, then used what they learned to refine the rocker crank. 工程及工業設計的人員,共同來解決這些問題。首先,該團隊著眼於曲柄搖桿。用二 維的紙板草圖進行分析運動。接下來是一個功能模型,用來測試榨汁機的槓桿和路 徑。該團隊匯集了所有年齡和各種尺寸的手的人,要求他們試用模型,然後用他們的 體驗讓曲柄搖桿更完善。 dimensional 維;度 analyze 分析 refine 更完善 OrangeX OJex Manual Citrus Juicer The result was the development of an inverted rocker- crank mechanism that allowed a reduction in the size of the unit while without sacrificing mechanical advantage. The lever's pivot point was placed at the back of the product for maximum length; stability was maintained within a minimal footprint. This makes manual juice extraction substantially easier for people with limited arm strength, including children. 這個發展的結果是讓前後顛倒的搖桿曲柄機制在不犧牲機器性能下可以減少榨汁機的 體積。為了槓桿的最大長度將槓桿的支點放在產品的後面,保持在一個最小的路徑。 這對於臂力較小的人;包括孩子,手動榨汁容易多了。 invert 顛倒的 reduction 減少 sacrificing 犧牲 manual 手動 substantially 相當多地 5
  6. 6. OrangeX OJex Manual Citrus Juicer From the finalized mechanical breadboard, the team developed several three-dimensional foam designs, calculating the weight for each. The home juicers that performed well looked like drill presses in both size and shape. The challenge, says Di Bitonto, was, "How could we make a product with a complex mechanical function look friendly, nviting, and fun? We saw that there was an opportunity to make a sculptural object.“ 在完工階段的機械麵包板中,該團隊開發了幾個三維的泡沫塑料設計,計算著每種的 重量。操作方便的家庭榨汁機看起來像鑽子的大小及形狀。Di Bitonto認為這是種挑 戰“我們要怎麼做出一種看起來友善,誘人以及樂趣的複雜機械功能產品?我們看見 了做出傑作的機會 。” breadboard 麵包板 foam 泡沫塑料 calculate 計算 sculptural object 傑作 OrangeX OJex Manual Citrus Juicer The team wanted the juicer to look unified rather than like an assembly of parts. The chosen design depends on a predominant swoop or C shape as defined by the base and head to create a sculptural statement. The handle and other elements contribute to his unified statement; all parts are in harmony. The design team presented three design concepts to the client with its recommendation. The client agreed with Smart's recommendation, and the product team incorporated and refined the required functional features. 該團隊想要榨汁機看起來是一體成型而不是像零件裝配。由於優越的下壓操作模式和 從頭到尾創造出雕塑品般的“C”造形而中選。把柄和其他元素表達出他的一體性,所 有零件和諧的結合在一起。 設計團隊提出了三個設計概念給他推薦的客戶。客戶同 意Smart的推薦,產品團隊合併且提煉了必需的功能特點。 swoop 下壓 sculptural 雕塑般的 6
  7. 7. OrangeX OJex Manual Citrus Juicer The design was drawn up in CAD, where part and assembly engineering issues were resolved. OrangeX then used its foundry to cast four fully functioning cast-iron prototypes from CAD- generated stereolithograhies. OrangeX's foundry specialists and machinists found ways to make them more cost efficient. Smart's design team finalized drawings for production parts. 設計在CAD被草擬了,部分和彙編工程學問題被解決。然後OrangeX使用了它的鑄造 廠從CAD產生的stereolithograhies 鑄造四個充分功能性的鑄鐵原型。OrangeX‘ s 鑄造廠專家和機械師發現了使他們提升更多高效率的辦法。 Smart' s設計小組完成了 生產零件的圖畫。 STL三角網格格式(Stereolithography) ,即以多個三角型來趨近模型曲面。 drawn up 草擬 specialist 專家 machinist 機械師 OrangeX OJex Manual Citrus Juicer For a product to work on many levels, the design process must be multifaceted. The success of the Ojex juicer resulted from interacting the client, assembly-line workers, a wide range of possible users, engineering, manufacturing, and industrial design in the product-development process. 製造一個多水平的產品,設計過程一定是多面的。 Ojex榨汁機的成功起因於產品發 展過程中與客戶,配線工作者,各種各樣可能的用戶,工程學,製造業以及工業設 計的互動。 multifaceted 多面 7
  8. 8. OrangeX OJex Manual Citrus Juicer Price 359.95 OrangeX OJex Manual Citrus Juicer Website 8
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