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Orientation and cons

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  1. 1. October 17, 2012‘] Report Orientation and consultative workshop with Stakeholders for the Ratification and Implementation of UNCRPD in AJK Venue: Conference Room Legislative Assembly AJK Muzaffarabad. Organized by: OUR VOICE (Society for the special Persons) Supported By: FACES Pakistan, FORD
  2. 2. Introduction:Orientation and consultative workshop with stakeholders for the Ratification andImplementation of UNCRPD in AJK was conducted on October 17, 2012 at LegislativeAssembly Conference room Muzaffarabad. Govt. Line departments, NGOs, and DPOsparticipated in this workshop.Objectives of the workshop Awareness raising amongst the Stakeholders regarding UNCRPD Consultation with stake holders regarding ratification of UNCRPD in state of Azad Jammu and Kashmir Planning and consensus for the ratification of UNCRPD in state of Azad Jammu and Kashmir Dissemination of message of UNCRPD among the stakeholders Resource mobilization and sharing for Sustainable development towards inclusive societyExpected results of the workshopAll stakeholders have good understanding on UNCRPD and its implementation processParticipating Organizations: Handicap international Faces Pakistan OUR VOICE FORD NRSP SPO Social Welfare and women development department AJK Kardala Development society AJK CBID Network Pakistan Sehar Foundation Milestone Human welfare society Hydro electric board Muzaffarabad Sehar Foundation Chirag-e-manzil Bagh Saaya LCDDP AAS National Special education complex Aman welfare society
  3. 3. G.N welfare trust SEECO Area Development Organization AFB Muzaffarabad CDG Muzaffarabad poverty alleviation program.No. of Participants attended the Workshop:33 members from above mentioned organizations participated in this workshop.MethodologyA participatory approach was used for the workshop, to share experiences and ideastogether to develop our skillsMethod used in workshop�Brain Storming�Group discussion�Power point presentationsAgenda of the Workshop:S# Content Facilitation notes Facilitator Time1 Registration of Participants Registration and 11:00to 11:15 dissemination of IEC material2 Talawat Participant 11:15 to 11:203 Introduction participants Participant 11:20 to 11:304 Introduction of FACES Pak Introduction Fiaz Mir 11;30 to 11:455 Presentation on UNCRPD Background Qazi Zahid /Fiaz 11:45 to 12:10 Meer Articles Importance6 Current situation in AJK Disability Ratio Representative 12:10 to 12:30 AJK legislative Legislation Background Assembly7 Proposed UNCRPD PP Presentation on Qazi Zahid 12:30 to 1:00 Ratification and Proposal Hameed implementation strategy8 Introduction and PP Presentation Representative of 1:00 to 1:20 Background of CBID CBID
  4. 4. 9 Stake Holders census and Open Discussion Aqeel Haider 01:20 to 1:40 consultation Conclusion Census development10 Launching ceremony of Representative of 1:40 to 2:00 CBID Kashmir chapter CBIDTraining Proceedings1st Session (Opening)Mr. Qazi Zahid Hameed welcomed all the participants and Workshop was formally startedby Recitation of Holy Quran. A round of introduction was done. He shared theBroad objective of this workshop, in his address he shared the importance of UNCRPD (UN-convention on the rights of Persons with disabilities)Session-2 (Introduction of FACES Pakistan)Muhammad Fiaz Mir introduced FACES PK .He told that FACES Pakistan is a nonprofit organization that works to organize and empower communities to foster the well-being of all human beings. We promote sustainable development and inter-cultural dialogue by providing economic opportunities and building capacity - especially among mixed religious communities. We work particularly with under- represented societies to address concerns such as inter- religious harmony, cultural diversity, human rights, social justice, gender equality and sustainable development. He presented FACES, s work in Pakistan and its interest in AJK. Session-3 (Presentation n UNCRPD):Mr. Qazi Zahid Hameed gave an overview of disability in state of AJK. He explained thewide gap in school enrollment of children in general and that of children with disabilities.He mentioned that after earth quake Govt and NGOs made new accessible school but unfortunately still no one can take step for promotion of inclusive education. He added that, while there are many Disability legislations like 5% Quota in Govt Jobs, building codes etc, the problem lies with their implementation. Pakistan already signed the UNCRPD and OURVOICE along with FACES, struggling for the ratification of UNCRPD in state of AJK. He also told that a convention is an agreement between countries to obey the same law about specific issue. When a country signs and ratifies (approves) a convention, it
  5. 5. becomes a legal promise and guides the actions of the government. It often leads thegovernment to adapt and change its own laws to support the goals of the convention.During Power point presentation he shared proposed activities for the implementation ofUNCRPD in AJK,Phase-I: 3 months for approval of this bill in AJK assembly.Phase-II: 12 months for the implementation of the activities at grassroots levelThe project will be completed in the defined period of 3 months and the plan of action isflexible in terms of dates of events and meetings i.e. meetings with MLAs, Goodwill GalaDinners and State Level Seminars though printing of IEC material, booklets, meeting withprimary actors and Disability Support Organizations will be completed.He said that our voice take this initiative for implementation and ratification of UNCRPDwith the support of FACES Pakistan and FORD Bagh. He said that in future FORD, OV andFACES will jointly take steps for the implementation of this project.In end remarks he said that I am thanks to full to FACES Pak for supporting us to organizingthis activity and he also thanks to all organization who came here and uniting for Personswith disabilities.Session-4 (Introduction of CBID Network)Mr.Ghulam Nabi Nizamani (Chairperson Asia Pacific CBR Network & International Coordinator) and Dr. Shahnawaz Munami (National Coordinator) facilitated the sessiion and the participants. The power point presentation by Dr. Shahnawaz Munami unfolded the aims and objectives of the CBID Network.Session-5 (Open discussion and Suggestions):Mr. Aqeel Haider bandy chaired this session; he said that it’s unique idea forimplementation of UNRCPD in state of AJK. He said unfortunately till date we are not in theposition to compile PWDs exact data.Nasreen Aziz (chairperson Chirage-emanzil DPO) added that we must compile all data ofPWDs after that we will try to mainstream them.Mr. Ch basher said, with the help of local organization we can try to compile the data and heappreciate the efforts of said organization regarding rights of PWDs.
  6. 6. Mr. Zaheer Ahmed (Social Welfare) added that we will support for implementation ofUNCRPD in AJK.Mr. Arslan Abbassi (Sehar Foundation) said its great effort of said organizations we willsupports at every stage for implementation of UNCRPD.Syed Sagheer Bukhari (ADO) said PWDs are marginalized group of society and today is 1ststep for their rights. He said after earthquake disability ratio increase and it’s time forlegislation.Ending remarks /lunchMr. Zahid Hameed in his concluding remarks that I hope that all participants/ stake holderwill support us for ratification and implementation United Nation Convention on the Rightsof Persons with disabilities (UNCRPDPicture of workshop
  7. 7. Attendance SheetSr# Name Organization Name Designation Contact Number Email address1 Fiaz Mir FACES Pakistan Coordinator AJK 0333-50637992 Aqeel Haider FORD President 0346-50566753 Qazi Zahid Hameed OUR VOICE G. seceretary 0346-3562887 ourvoice.ajk@gmail.com4 Nasreen Aziz Chirag-e-manzil chairperson 0300-51052055 Muhammad Ashrif National Special education Deputy Director 0314-50049426 Mansoor Ali NRSP CPO 0303-57211317 Muhammad iqbal Social Welfare Department Social welfare officer 0312-90446558 Zaheer raja Social Welfare Department Assistant Director 0333-58645429 M. Maroof Abbassi HEB. AJK Assistant Director 0301-521680110 Raja Matloob OUR VOICE Cabinent member 0346-505761811 Ashrif Abbassi Chirag-e-manzil Field officer 0300-557525412 Ch. Bashir Amman welfare society G. seceretary 0346-9667031 Gul Nasreen GN welfare trust President 0301-54-940514 Sajjida Abbasi Human welfare Society President 0344-595321815 Arslan Abbassi Sehar Foundation Vounteer 0346-937565116 Tabassam Shahzad SPO Program officer 0345-2603015 shahzadtabassam@yaho17 Mukhtar Mughal SEECO President 0345-437561818 Syed Saghir Bukhari Area Development org. President 0345-5305732 adoajk@yahoo.com19 Khalid Ismail AFB President 0345-557925520 Kh. Lashkar Hussain CDG President cdajk.org2010@gmail.co21 Raja Afaq MPAP President 034-5087411 afaq-r@yahoo.com22 Syeda Yasrab Bashir KDS President 0346-9648911 kdsmzd@gmail.com23 Raja Iftikhar ADO Program manager 0321-5883687 adoajk@yahoo.com24 Ghulam Nabi nizamani CBID Network / e-café International Reprenstative 0333-291628125 Shafiq-ul-rehaman Milestone President 0321-948066526 Hassan Ali khan SAAYA Exective member 0334-529967627 Farooq Masih Handicap international DRR Specialist 0333-5727927 drr.specialist@hi-pakista28 Imran Nazir LCDDP Country Director imran@lcddp.org29 Kamran Yoursaf Milestone Ex. Memebr kami832@hotmail.com30 Khurshid Abbasi AAS Exective Director 0346-588187531 Asim Zafar CBID Coordinator asim.zafar@chef.org32 Dr. Shahnwaz CBID National coordinator33 Ashir virk Milestone Project coordinator 0321-4030503