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Cloud standardization roadmap


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Cloud Computing Standardization Road-Map - Develeoped in Taxonomy & Standardization Work-Group of

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Cloud standardization roadmap

  1. 1. Cloud Computing Standardization A Road-Ivlap for Taxonomy & Standardization WorI<—Group 55V Investigations & Categorization Road-Map Drawing a big picture of the work Introducing Introducing these Standards & their applications to Market Regulations Bringing the Standards in related Regulation Laws OCCC - Taxonomy Group http: //1ink. occc. ir/ taxonomy Research Gathering Information about Related Standards Doing a Taxonomy and Classifying about Gathered Standards Definitions Add Descriptions and explanations! Applications in Cloud Finding the Right Places in Cloud for using each standard éic’ 9 Using the Standards Standardizing the Cloud Cloud Standardization Computing and applying them in the Industry system Quality Improvements & Standardization Work- Achieving the Goals Enhancing the Cloud Eco- Establishing frameworks