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Be the Interesting News

  1. 1.
  2. 2. IntroductionMedia Outreach is the premier global provider of multimediaplatforms that enable marketers, corporate communicators,sustainability officers, public affairs and investor relations officersto leverage content to engage with all their key audiences. Havingpioneered the commercial news distribution industry 10 years ago,Media Outreach today provides end-to-end solutions to produce,optimize and target content - from rich media to online video tomultimedia - and then distribute content and measure resultsacross traditional, digital, mobile and social channels. Combiningthe Indias largest multi-channel, multi-cultural content distributionand optimization network with comprehensive workflow tools andplatforms, Media Outreach enables the Indias enterprises toengage opportunity everywhere it exists. Media Outreach serveshundredds of clients from offices in India, and the Asia-Pacificregion, and is a United Business Media company.Meanwhile, for companies already listed or planning to list onAmerican or other overseas stock exchanges, using MediaOutreach can help you attract international investors and complywith mandatory disclosure requirements. To ensure the broadestpossible distribution, we simultaneously deliver every story to the"disclosure" media designated by NSE, BSE, NASDAQ and LSE,including Dow Jones, Associated Press, Reuters, Bloomberg, TheNew York Times, The Wall Street Journal, USA Today, InvestorsBusiness Daily and others.Network & Exclusive DatabaseFounded in 2001, Media Outreach is the Indias largest mediainformation distribution service. Media Outreach has a client baseof 500 companies, organizations and government agencies,including over 20 personal portfolios.In India, we have a network of 15,000+ journalists representing500+ media agencies, which include 800 general media, 3,700trade publications, 2,700+ website and 50 foreign news media.
  3. 3. How we work1. Target the right media by using lists No more long hours hunting through outdated media lists. No more losing contacts or scrambling to develop rapport with the journalists you need in your corner. Targeting your audiences and developing those important journalist relationships just got faster, easier and more accurate than ever, so you can spend time on your message not on the busy work.2. Distribute news over the largest media network Through an industry-leading, credible news and content delivery service that spans the globe, youll receive unrivaled visibility for your message, both in traditional and social channels. Plus, our delivery platform ensures that your content is fully optimized for search and can be delivered in multiple formats, thereby putting you in a better position to not only reach, but also engage with your target audiences. And with variety and depth in our distribution options, which include the ability to meet disclosure requirements, all communications professionals needs are met.3. Monitor your media coverage Monitoring your media coverage, the coverage of your competitors and the industry as a whole is about being able to see a real opportunity and seize it. You can better capitalize on these pivotal, industry-changing moments when your media monitoring is automated, intelligent and customizable. Your ability to respond quickly gives you the competitive advantage you desire.4. Engage with your audiences Communications professionals are no longer simply sending out a message; they are actively seeking to engage their audiences. Whether its IR professionals speaking to investors, marketers promoting a new campaign or PR professionals telling a story, audience engagement plays a critical role in ones communications strategy. Because these audiences are so diverse, different strategies and tactics are necessary to achieve true engagement.5. Report & analyze your results Numbers and data speak volumes, and its important to listen closely to what theyre saying. By carefully tracking and analyzing your performance, youll be able to clearly see whats working - and what isnt - so that you can make informed decisions.
  4. 4. Our Services For PR, IR, Marketing and communications professionals, the business of distributing news and content is constantly evolving. And as this industry grows and changes, so do your communications needs and goals. Building on more than 10 years experience, Media Outreachs comprehensive suite of solutions empowers you to engage opportunity everywhere it exists. We offer solutions for businesses, budgets, personal profile and projects of all sizes. Our services allow you to target and engage your audiences, deliver your message quickly and accurately, and measure, monitor and analyze it without ever breaking stride. These activities allow you to achieve your desired goal - success. For Members Media Outreach handles your news releases, bulletins, images, symbols, videos and audios to a global audience in all possible ways with the fastest speed. It will make your information distribution most efficient. ! Media Engagement ! Media Monitoring ! Media Coverage ! Personal Profile Management ! Media Advisory ! Corporate Profile ! Press Conference ! Marketing and Communication ! Press Release Distribution ! IR and Compliance For Media - Free Media professionals will be able to browse through all the releases, images, video and audio profiles distributed by Media Outreach, consult experts in every industry when they have a question and selectively receive news releases of all kinds. ! Experts & Panelists ! Official Text & back grounder, ! Related Audience ! Fact Sheet, ! Corporate Profile ! Multimedia: ! Press Kits Audio, Video & Photos etc. outre IndiasMembership Fee lar gest media netwo rk a Newtech Group of company venture Media Outreachs annual 58-A/1, Near Lions Hospitals New Friends Colony, New Delhi-110025 membership fee is Rs. 9,999/- Ph: 011-26320145/46 Fax: 011-26843920 additional distribution costs apply. Website: