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Development communcation final 2013


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Course Outline

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Development communcation final 2013

  1. 1.  Muhammad Qasim Nizamani Department of Mass Communication University of Sindh, Jamshoro Pakistan Course Title: Development Communication Year: 1st Semester 2013
  2. 2.  1. Development and its concept. Social development Economic development Political development Cultural development Development Communication Planning Development Communication Campaign Mass Media and National Development Media Advocacy
  3. 3.  Public Communication Policymakers and policy processes Selecting media Developing your communication strategy Lobbying Agriculture Extension MDGs I.E.C
  4. 4.  Theories of Development Communication. a) Dominant theory b) Self reliance theory . c) Diffusion theory d) Dependent and inter-dependence theory
  5. 5.  Ingredients of development a) Education b) Health c) Population Planning d) Agriculture E) Good Governance
  6. 6.  Q1. Discuss the importance of people’s participation in the process of Development, and subsequent role of mass media.   Q2. “The Governments in Third world remain largely unaware of the role mass media for the field of development. Therefore, they knew little of the role mass communication graduates/experts can play in supporting governments’ economic and social development plans”. – Comments.   Q3. Write a detail on development communication.
  7. 7.  Q4. “Nations a cross the world agreed that world need environment friendly development. But India and other developing countries see this as another step to stop them to get developed. ”- Comments   Q5. Write shorts on the any two of the following: a) I.E.C b) MDGs c) Psychological concepts of Development
  8. 8.  Every student has to submit 4 articles/ features on the following area of development. 1) Agriculture 2) Education 3) Health 4) Environment Note: Plagiarism will not be tolerate No lame excuses will be accepted Topic area should differ from each other