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Psychedelics and the intellectuals

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Psychedelics and the intellectuals

  1. 1. Psychedelic Drugs and the Intellectuals Introduction
  2. 2. The Futurist and Host of National Geographic Channel’s “Brain Games”, Jason Silva on the Importance of Psychedelic drugs in the creation of World Wide Web, Internet and the upcoming Technological Singularity
  3. 3. Lysergic Acid or LSD LSD throughout history has been one of the most popular psychedelic drug and has been the choice of many Intellectuals that includes a long list from Artists, Poets, Writers, Novelists, Psychologists, Inventors, Entrepreneurs, Political Activists, Neuroscientists to New Age Leaders and Theologians.
  4. 4. The Great Philosopher and Mystic Alan Watts on the Importance of LSD and Zen Meditation
  5. 5. The Mystic and Intellectual Aldous Huxley on the Effects of Psychedelics and Spiritual Enlightenment and Appearances of Gods and Deities such as the Destroyer God “Shiva” in East Asian religions such as Hinduism and Buddhism
  6. 6. In this Video, Aldous Huxley describes his adventures of Ecstasy and Death Trips with LSD
  7. 7. Dimethyltryptamine or DMT Now, DMT is another one of the most popular psychedelics used in ecstasy, spiritual enlightenment to induce Trance into Spiritual practices. Unlike, LSD it is a compound or a Molecule that is found within different plants and animals that generate Neurotoxins and Neurotransmitters. It is also found in the Human brain, the part of the Human Brain that generates DMT is known as The Pineal Gland, which is also known the Third Eye or the Seat of the Soul. French Philosopher and Psychologist Rene Descartes who was famous for his duality, described it as the Seat of Soul in his book “Meditations of First Philosophy”. It is generated Automatically in Human Brain during Hallucinations and Sleep due to which we experience different phenomenas such as Lucid Dreaming, Astral Projection, Out of Body Experiences, Human Auras, Third Eye Chakras and Versions of Reality, Mindfulness Meditation, Travelling in Space and Hyper Reality Dimensions of Holographic Universes and Near Death Experiences.
  8. 8. The Mystic, Philosopher , Social Critic and Shaman “Terence McKenna on DMT Experiences
  9. 9. Joe Rogan Breaking the set on DMT, Transhumanism, Future Trends, God & The upcoming Singularity