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QASA Strategic Consulting - Company Profile


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QASA Strategic Consulting - Company Profile

  1. 1. 1 Company Profile Winning Competition With US
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  3. 3. 3 Contents: 4 Qasa Strategic Consulting 5 About Qasa Strategic Consulting 6 Our Consulting Approach 6 Consultant 7 History 7 Client 8 Services
  4. 4. QASA Strategic Consulting Qasa Consulting is a consulting firm with international standards offering three unique distinctive services: Research, Strategic Consulting, and also Business and Marketing Support Services. We establish a partnership with clients in order to identify market improvement opportunities through our state of the art research approach, thus pinpointing their most critical challenges through benchmarking, and transform the findings into market enhancement programs thus gain a competitive edge in market competition.
  5. 5. 5 5 ABOUT QASA STRATEGIC CONSULTING WINNING COMPETITION WITH US Qasa Strategic Consulting consists of a group of market research and marketing consulting professionals striving to be the added value provider of strategic market-based consulting services, facilitating our clients’ goals for success in today’s fierce market competition. Our clients have benefited from our customized client oriented services: State of the art research approach with proven accurate and diverse data collection supported by quality assurance systems. Working in partnership with clients to gain an understanding of dynamics and uniqueness of the company. Strategic analysis from the eyes of our client with a concise overview. Actionable recommendations to address the heart of the problems. Facilitate clients with skilled and experienced field support teams for strategic implementation programs. OUR MISSION Qasa Strategic Consulting partners with clients in various industries to identify market opportunities, address their most critical challenges, helping transform opportunities into business development actions. Our appoach is customized, combining an in depth insight of the companies and markets dynamics. This ensures that our clients achieve sustainable competitive advantages that secure continuous results. We aim to be a partner for our clients to win the market competition; for this reason, we are committed to: Creating competitive advantage through unique solutions Building capabilities and mobilizing organizational strengths and opportunities Driving a sustainable impact QASA VALUE All projects are treated with adherent confidentiality of client information (Non Disclosure Agreement). Our purposes are not misrepresented in obtaining intelligence and information. We convey promises we can deliver. We invest meticulous reviews in considering our actions and ask whether we can defend them openly throughout time. We provide deliverables to clients that are of the highest quality by our standards as well as those of our clients, striving to exceed them. We do not compromise our intellectual integrity for special interests.
  6. 6. OUR CONSULTING APPROACH INDUSTRY/MARKET EXPERTISE COMBINED WITH CLIENT PARTNERSHIPS Qasa embraces solid market and functional expertise to the challenges our clients face, we have developed unique, practical, and proven approaches to help simplify complecity of our clients market issues. This applies in research, consulting as well as in our business and marketing support recommendations. In research, we have established a world-class standard system of data collection and prompt field networks throughout the country to ensure high quality outputs and cover nation-wide markets. Through experience, Qasa has also developed analytical tools and modelings to simplify relationships amongst variables in order to get a clear insight of market dynamics. In all of our services, we work in depth with our clients offerring tailor made solutions yielding the greatest competitive advantage and value for our clients, and recommend the organization to act and to drive tangible bottom-line results. CONSULTANT EXPERIENCED TALENTS WITH DIVERSE BACKGROUNDS Qasa consists of multi industry talents with diverse education backgrounds from basic sciences such as statistics, mathematics up to economics, geography, demography, business, IT, and Marketing. Prior to Qasa, most of our team worked with renowned multinational corporations, predominantly in sales, marketing, supply chain, production, and customers care areas. also In addition, many have also spent years of working experience with world-class business consulting and research agencies. Our teams at Qasa have worked for various Fast Moving Consumer Goods companies such as Coca-Cola, British American Tobacco, LG and Indosat. Equipped with solid background in prominent firms such as Coopers & Lybrand, enhanced by experience in the Australian Trade Commission as well. Qasa brought these diverse talents into projects using what we call the Qasa approach and methodology, which continously evolves, based on in depth and sound market/industry knowledge and experience.
  7. 7. 7 HISTORY Qasa Consulting was formally established in 2002 after being a division for one of the largest marketing research companies in Indonesia, Deka Marketing Research, for many years. We initiated the firm with 2 consultants in a humble twelve square meters room at Deka’s office in 2002; currently we employ 12 full time qualified consultants from various industries and educational backgrounds. If required, we also have strategic alliances with reliable freelance consultants of ad hoc speciality for specific project requirements. Between 2002-2007 we focussed our services within the retail and business to business research, today whilst still maintaining the research division; we have developed two new divisions which are Marketing Consulting and Business Marketing Support For research and marketing support, currently, Qasa possesses an established field operations infrastructure in 6 cities and active networks in 120 cities within Indonesia. This makes Qasa, if not the first, probably the second largest field networks operation in Indonesia. CLIENT FIRMS THAT WANT TO PENETRATE AND EXPAND THE INDONESIAN MARKET Our clients are multinational corporations, large local businesses, nonprofit organizations, and government agencies. We strive to develop long-term partnerships with all of our clients. They are expanding their businesses and seeking market advice in order to: Understand the market for qualified investment plan Strategically penetrate new market opportunities Assess feasibility of products/services in new markets Select qualified best locations for their retail presence Monitor competitors movement and expansions AMBITIOUS FIRMS WISH TO CONQUER TODAY’S FIERCE MARKET COMPETITION As our main projects predominantly are geared towards market issues, we strive to drive competitive advantage and performance. We provide the how to win market competition by understanding the market and its structure. Monitor market movement, acceptance of newly launched products, new packaging, and new price utilizing our Store Audits Reveal factors hindering low sales and distribution performance of specific products Evaluate the effectiveness of retail and market activation programs executed Evaluate the effectiveness of POP Materials at store level Retail segmentation Understand shopper/consumer behaviour, preference and perception
  8. 8. 8 SERVICES Qasa’s abundant and diverse wealth of knowledge covers major industries and their most crucial business issues. Our broad range of expertise and clean-slate approach to finding solutions has led us to develop new ideas that quickly become a standard and benchmark of success. Our objective is not simply to apply best practices, but to invent it. We think creatively and partner with our clients to solve their toughest or simplest challenges. Quality Research Result Quality Data Collection and Processing Analysis & Analitical Framworks Understanding the Requirements Channel Segmentation Study Winning Channel/ Retail Strategy Favorable Business Result Channel Power Dynamics Study Shopper Behavior Study I. RESEARCH SERVICES Our research capabilities include applications for consumer marketing, retail, B2B, competitor intelligence, and social issues. Regardless which research application we’re commissioned, we commit to deliver high quality work that goes beyond data collection and tabulation -- from end to end research process. Retail Research The Retail Research has been Qasa’s signature of services. We provide a holistic view on retail world, coupled with unparalleled service levels, and tools that help our clients to use information correctly to address specific business issues and make qualified decisions.
  9. 9. 9 Channel Power Dynamic STORES/ OUTLETS Sales & Distribution Strategy Trade Marketing Strategy Marketing Strategy CONSUMERSPRODUCERS In QASA, we believe that winning retail/channel strategy are results of ‘prerequisite’ understanding. As highlighted in the above model, we initiate the process by Channel Segmentation Study – to properly segment the channels based on solid underlying factors. The result of this study will then feed into Channel Power Dynamics Study. In this study, we will identify factors con- tributing (and to what degree it’s effect) to the sales per- formance of your product in specific type of channels. Ideally, the result of this study should then be combined with the result of Shopper Behavior Study – which will portray consumer purchase behavior within a given channel. With these understandings, our clients are equipped to make better marketing/sales resource allocations according to each channel’s characteristic and dynamics to generate favorable and sustainable business results. A. Retail Research Product To make sound marketing decisions, it is essential our clients have accurate and timely information pertaining to factors influencing their sales/marketing initiatives. In this light, we have developed a series of products that assist and provide various key information/insights to suffice our client’s needs: 1.Qasa Store Audit solution provides sales related information, based on information obtained and solicitation at retail point-of-sale. 2.Qasa Retail/Channel Segmentation Mapping the channel/retail landscape. 3.Qasa Channel Power Dynamics, information on key performance indicators and the degree of influence in sales output in each specific channel type. 4.Qasa Shopper Behavior, consumer purchase behavior at the retail point-of-sale. A.1. QASA Store Audit This tool is used to acquire information on product movement, market share, distribution, promotional effectiveness, pricing and other market-sensitive intelligence. Through QASA e-data collection system, our e-based data collection tools, we are able to gather instant key sales performance indicators. Serving as a highly accurate solution in obtaining quick performance reviews and developed a processing software customised for periodical store audit, capable of processing large size series of data and user friendly clients own analysis.
  10. 10. 10 A.2. Qasa Retail/Channel Segmentation “Aim before you shoot” is the spirit behind this tool. We aim to provide our clients with qualitative and quantitative facts and knowledge surrounding the specified market place they are operating. Our retail/channel segmentation study uses sophisticated yet applicable statistical approaches, ensuring that it is scientifically robust yet highly relevant for day-to-day application in the real business world. A.3. Qasa Channel Power Dynamic Making the right investment decision in retail is one of the toughest jobs within Trade Marketing Strategy. Using various statistical methods that help our clients by identifying all possible factors impacting the sales result at channel level and determining how big each element contributes to the sales achievement. A.4. Qasa Shopper Behavior Shopper/Consumer is a study that reveals consumers’ purchasing behavior from all outlets they visit and provide valuable insights into who is buying, key influencers, the amount of shopping basket, priority shopping list, method of payment, etc. Using store intercept method, we can ensure ‘first hand’ information is gathered from the consumer, to analyze and best portray the targeted shopper behavior. A combination of research methods to gather data including: Video Recording, Observation, Customer Interviews, and Staff Interviews. B.Customized Retail Research We have done various tailor-made researches, just to name a few: Price survey, Pre & Post activation sales impact, Sales and Distribution Drivers, Retail census, etc. Our experienced team will start the process by discussing with clients on their specific business issues and their request for information/insights/ intelligence (3 i). Therefore, the research output will be very much aligned with our clients’ expectation. Channel Power Dynamic POP Product Visibility Promotion Endorsement Competitor Offering STORES/ OUTLETS ELEMENTS Sales & Distribution Strategy Trade Marketing Strategy Marketing Strategy CONSUMERSPRODUCERS SERVICES
  11. 11. 11 II. COMPETITOR ANALYSIS Competitive Analysis Services delivers strategic counsel, in-depth market knowledge; competitive analysis and a business-oriented focus to due diligence projects that quickly assist corporations, manufacturers, service providers as well as private equity clients evaluate new technologies, new market opportunities and new business plans. The analysis examines the effectiveness of business strategies and identifies and measures features that are critical to a firm’s success. Competitive Analyses combine Qasa’s proven methodology with a custom set of criteria specific to each client’s business requirements and objectives. This type of evaluation enables clients to objectively compare their product or offering with those of its competitors’ and identifies ways to better meet its business objectives. Qasa typically examines each competitor’s product or service offering, facing our client, across the following categories of evaluation: Competitive Positioning / Market Share Analysis Business and Pricing model Utilization Comparative Technology Evaluation Products features Comparison Business Relationships, Partnerships, Joint Ventures, etc… Distribution Sales Channel Analysis Market Segmentation Marketing Strategy Evaluation Strength and Weaknesses Analysis B2B Research Qasa’s B2B Research specializes in obtaining market information direct from the people who matter (key opinion formers/key influencers) – businesspeople, industry experts and customers – in order to answer the most difficult questions facing your business. Be it the size and key segments of a target market, evaluate the competition, or understand how to tailor or better convey the advantages of your offerings. Qasa’s proven B2B Research Methodology provides a bespoke service with no ‘off the shelf’ packages to sell, and utilize both qualitative and quantitative techniques. Qasa works with businesses in a variety of ways to find answers to marketing problems. Defining the problem – What are you trying to achieve, who are you trying to influence?  How does the product work in terms of its technical attributes?  Who are your key competitors?  In the absence of a brief, we can take on this role for you, and ensure that the research has clear objectives and provides you with key answers to your key questions. Action Oriented Results – We don’t leave you with a presentation filled with data you have to digest and interpret yourself, we will ensure that you are clear about what you have to do moving forward.  Should it be required, we are capable to conduct ‘Back end workshops’ to help disseminate findings, or to discuss taking the results into further motion.
  12. 12. 12 Consumer Research Highly effective marketing requires a thorough appreciation of the market. Qasa believes that as market competition accelerates, research solutions must be delivered faster and more cost-effectively than ever before. Through strong collaboration between our marketers and researchers, we work to understand our clients’ business environment and marketing requirement, then seeking solutions to meet the respective business challenges. Success in marketing comes from market understanding and consumer behavior towards your brand and your competitor brands. Perception and prejudice. Clients obtain qualitative and quantitative measures of consumers’ attitudes and purchasing behavior, customer satisfaction, brand awareness and equity, advertising effectiveness and other marketing issues. Shariah Research Shariah research is new to us, as to any agency in Indonesia. However, we have developed internal capabilities in handling shariah related marketing issues by adding more resources and trained available resources with in depth shariah knowledge. We believe that Shariah marketing is not only a marketing complimented with Shariah, but Shariah has a significant role in marketing, it is an understanding of the importance of ethical values and morality upheld in marketing. With the significant growth of Shariah-based institutions in recent years (i.e. Islamic Banking, Islamic Capital Market, Takaful, and other institutions), Qasa embarked in providing assistance mainly in segmenting, targeting and positioning shariah products and services in Indonesia. Qasa also aims at providing consumer insight in shariah product development process; it is because we believe that at the very end, consumers aspects should be taken into account in developing the product. SERVICES
  13. 13. Social Research Qasa has expanded capabilities in conducting research in socio-economic and public health issues by developing networks with experts from highly reputable universities across the countries. Research projects are undertaken from start to finish – inception, design, administration, fieldwork, analysis and reporting. Research is tailored to the client’s requirements and the study objectives. Research techniques available include: Qualitative research – focus groups; in-depth interviews; Quantitative research – survey design, survey management, statistical analysis (including face-to-face, telephone and internet surveys) Desk research and literature review Project reporting to the highest standard.  A critical skill offered at not merely presenting research findings, but drawing meaningful conclusions and, where appropriate making actionable recommendations. 13
  14. 14. III. CONSULTING SERVICES A. Marketing Consulting Services Fully equipped with extensive market, industries, retail, and consumer knowledge, QASA Marketing Consulting Services are producing ‘business sound’ marketing recommendation for our clients. With extensive cross industrial experiences, our consultants have comfortably positioned themselves as ‘partner’ to optimally works alongside our clients in addressing their marketing challenges. B. Strategic Business Services Qasa’s Strategic Business Services (SBS) provides inevitably a more complicated than the conventional market research which includes the normal consumer research. Opposed to the conventional market research, marketing information by observing the environment of their location and that of the competitions location are a low cost alternative to garner information from potential and existing customers. Qasa’s SBS can help your company make smarter business decisions by identifying key data based on your specific needs. By gaining greater insight into the needs, wants aspirations and composition of your target audience and your competition and implement more successful marketing solutions. Qasa’s SBS can give you a multi-dimensional view of vital factors that can affect your company’s position in the marketplace. B.1. Entry Strategy Entering a new market with an existing product or service is hard enough - but introducing a new innovation into a new market is an even greater strategic challenge. Whatever the requirement, success depends on understanding the specific opportunities that lie at the intersection of consumer/customer needs, industry trends, future aspirations and your ability to deliver. What can Qasa’s Entry Strategy Services offers? Past, present and future facts-based consulting to guide market entry strategy and decision-making Provide domestic market entry strategy options Thorough and Complete competitive analysis The Challenges Deciding whether to enter markets Establishing the opportunity and right fit Determining how to go to the market Evaluating the offerings, partners, channels, customer targets Creating a roadmap for effectively acting on the dynamics and complexity of emerging markets Dealing with emerging competitive and partner scenarios SERVICES
  15. 15. 15 Qasa Strategic Business Strategy draws on its Consultants, Analysts, and proven tools and methods to help you identify and execute on, new market opportunities. In a typical Market Entry Strategy consulting engagement it will cover: Market sizing, segmentation, and forecasting Emerging and established competition Channels, Key influencers Market roadmap development B.2 Market Assessment A good Market Assessment usually reveals local competitive landscapes where there could be services and products that are only offered in the local market, which might be your biggest competition eventually. It may also enlighten you on Indonesia’s government regulations that are unique to other countries as well as local specific “standards” that your services and products must comply with to even start the business. Qasa’s Market Assessment Service is designed to identify the broad potential market for new product areas, processes or services. The possibilities may relate to innovation, to new developments for an existing product, or to a new business stream for an existing business. The process is not designed to replace a full market study, but it is designed to enhance businesses closer to making good decisions.
  16. 16. 16 Quick Market Assessment. Come to Qasa and ask us what the market looks like for your service/product. We will come back in less than 1 week and give you a hands-on data which would probably be worth much more in both quantity and quality than what you may have obtained in the first 12 months of being here in Indonesia on your own. Get a head start with Qasa. Therefore, we offer our clients a fully fledged “Market Assessment Service”. However, there is one thing that makes Qasa services a bit different from that of other marketing research firms. It is the SPEED. Because Qasa deeply believes in “actions” and we believe sometimes “first to market” is more effective in business than “perfect plans”, we offer our clients a set of “Quick Market Assessment Service” which compile data within a very a short time span. B.3. Business Match Making The objective of the service is to establish sustainable and profitable business ventures between Foreign/Local investors and local companies. The most common form of partnerships involves: Joint Ventures Outsourcing License production Long term project co-operation Market collaboration / development Distribution Partnership This is achieved through the development of business partnerships which not only foster transfer of technology and the exchange of business skills but also to gain mutual sustainable profit. IV. QASA Headhunter Services Currently, one of the most difficult tasks in the organization is finding good qualified persons to fill strategic positions and how to retain them. As Marketing and Sales consult- ing provider, we recoqnize these issues and commit our- selves to help our clients find professional talents required for achieving the target in their organization. We assist our clients in the phase of recruitment. Therefore, our services are custom-built accordingly to meet the requirements. Our Headhunter Services only specialize in sales and mar- keting positions. We are highly focused in providing clients the suitable candidates with the best of the best available in the market. Our recruiting experts have spent a lot of time in the marketing and sales area. We are aware of the business and the specific qualities to look for in candidates and we have excelent networks with the industry to search from. V. BUSINESS SUPPORT SERVICES FIRMS SEEKING TEMPORARY SOLUTION FOR ITS STRATEGIC ACTIONS Therehasbeenincreasingdemandfromourclientsseeking assistance to implement business, trade, sales and market- ing strategic actions during transitional periods. Qasa has evolved not only in providing research and consulting, we also provides the following assistance to our clients: Business Support: Facilitating industry/Firm business mission exploring opportunities/ selecting potential partners Providing assistance in obtaining License and permits Trade promotion support Trade/Industry Representative support Sales and Marketing Support: New Strategic Account Development New channel sales and marketing support Market testing Product launch support Store tracking support
  17. 17. 17 Winning Competition With US
  18. 18. PT. QASA Strategic Consulting Jl. Prapanca Raya No.113, Kebayoran Baru, Jakarta Selatan 12160, Indonesia Ph : +62 21 721 0225 (Hunting), +62 21 725 0927 Fax: +62 21 721 0369