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Pearl Continental Hotel, Lahore


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One of the best hotel chain in Pakistan. It is the part of Hashoo group which also operates Marriott hotel and Hotel One in Pakistan. Hashoo group also works in many other industries in Pakistan including health, education, finance, gas and manufacturing sectors.

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Pearl Continental Hotel, Lahore

  2. 2. BACKGROUND • Everybody is familiar with the name of Pearl Continental • It has a well-known and established position in the hotel industry • Run by PSL (Pakistan Services Limited) owned by the Hashwani/Hashoo Group • Pearl Continental Hotel, Lahore is one of the seven hotels being run by the Hashoo Group after Rawalpindi, Bhurban, Gawadar, Karachi, Peshawar and Muzafarabad • PCHL provides an exemplary environment for business and leisure
  3. 3. BACKGROUND • Owned by Mr. Sadruddin Hashwani, well known as “Cotton King” in Pakistan industrial sector • In 1972, Mr. Hashwani diverted his attention to other business ventures such as hotels • Earned the reputation of a highly successful hotelier • The Pearl Continental Hotel, Lahore was acquired by the group in early 70’s from Intercontinental International • At this time the name of the hotel was changed from Hotel Intercontinental to Pearl Continental
  4. 4. LOCATION • Pearl Continental Hotel Lahore attracts national and international guests due to its ideal location • It is ideally situated in the five star areas of Lahore; surrounded by high security areas • 20 minute drive from International Airport • Main attraction for guests to Lahore are Lahore Fort, Mughlai Badshahi Mosque, Polo Club, Alhamra Arts Council, Lahore Museum, Quaid-e-Azam Library and Race Course Park which are within 10 km radius of the HOTEL
  5. 5. VISION • Pearl Continental Hotel, Lahore is committed to dynamic growth • Service excellence built upon the heritage of traditional hospitality • It strive to consistently meet and surpass guests, employees and others stakeholders expectations • It feels pride in making efforts to position Pakistan in the forefront of the international arena
  6. 6. CORE VALUES G : Growth & Development for All R : Recognition & Reward I : Innovation T : Trust • Performance based evaluation • Incentives • Participation and encouragement • Cooperation, Team work and Respect
  7. 7. MISSION • The mission statement of the Pearl Continental almost covers all aspects of an effective mission statement • “Our mission is to be the hotel recognized as the leader in the industry in any aspect. We are committed to train and develop all our staff members allowing them to grow in their careers and provide services and standards which exceed guest expectations”.
  8. 8. THE MOTTO OF EACH MISSION STATEMENT IS… • Customer Satisfaction • To Achieve Maximum Business out of the Existing Market • To attain maximum business out of the hotel industry • To maintain and add to its identity • To create variation in services • The quality of the services must meet the expectation of the guests • The standard of services meets the expectations at the international levels • Meeting all the needs of the guests
  9. 9. CORPORATE GOVERNANCE CHAIRMAN Mr. Sadruddin Hashwani • Entered cotton business in 1960 • Known as “Cotton King” within a decade • Diverted attention to hotel business • Owner of Pearl Continental Hotels, Hotel One chain • Owner of 1st “Hotel Marriot” franchise
  10. 10. CORPORATE GOVERNANCE CHIEF EXECUTIVE Mr. Murtaza Hashwani • Bachelor in business management from the USA • Oversees group’s hotel division • Looks after investment activities in Pakistan • Responsible for guiding business strategy and vision
  11. 11. CORPORATE GOVERNANCE CHAIRPERSON HASHOO FOUNDATION Ms. Sarah Hashwani • Provide strategic guidelines for foundation activities • Executive director to chairman’s office • Effective communication channel between chairman office and the management
  12. 12. PRODUCTS AND SERVICES • Dining Facilities • Accommodation • Business Centre • Recreational Facilities • Shopping Arcade • Parking • Currency Exchange • Doctor • Courier Service • Photographer • Hospitality Desk • Conference & Banquet Facilities • Safes
  13. 13. ORGANIZATIONAL CHART PC Lahore has a hierarchal organizational chart
  14. 14. SWOT ANAYLYSIS Strength Weakness Opportunities Threats
  15. 15. STRENGHTS • PC is in the hotel market for the past 4 decades • PC is located on the Mall road which is one of the most secure areas of Lahore • PC having 600+ luxuries rooms • PC bares the great advantages on the performances and maintains good health clubs and swimming pool • Excellence in good quality food and variety of restaurants • After every 6month, PC launches new offering which is very stylish and eye catching • PC aims at providing excellent services to all type of customers • The well-known saying "OLD IS GOLD" turns out to be the strength of this hotel as it diverts the attention of its customers back to the luxuries provided as some people are used to the atmosphere
  16. 16. WEAKNESS • PC has a long lobby, which helps it not to look crowded • Old customers do not prefer to visit the same hotel over and over. They prefer to experience something new • The other weakness of PC lies in its telephone system, which is again an old system • PC charges very high prices for all of its services especially room facility and restaurants which most of the people in Pakistan can’t afford • PC offers low incentives to its guests, so fails to attract the middle class
  17. 17. OPPORTUNITIES • Seminars are again a great opportunity for PC as worldwide seminars are being held in the city or in PC Banquet halls • Weddings and other extra circular activities are opportunity to help PC recognize its name • PC looks up to these opportunities whole-heartedly • PC can attract a large number of tourists by advertising in international magazines and journals • PC can enter the new market by opening its branches in other industrial areas like Multan, Sialkot etc.
  18. 18. THREATS • A threat of new entrants like Hayat Regency is a threat for PC as it will be very close to airport and an easy access for foreign guests • One of the biggest threats PC has to face is Avari being its next door neighbor • Law and order situation can also be a threat such as strikes • Present economic conditions are not favorable for the growth and bloom of hotel industry • Increase in overall prices has decreased the guest’s purchasing power for all the products
  19. 19. BCG MATRIX
  20. 20. BCG MATRIX Business growth • PC has a good growth ratio Profit Increment Room Revenue 113 million F&B 223 million 11% growth Others 12 million 6% growth Total Revenue 348 million
  21. 21. BCG MATRIX • All departments of PC Lahore are growing. They have high business growth rate and high market share as well. If we see all departments of the hotel then it can calculated that the PC Lahore is going through the stage of STARS. PC Lahore has a high market share in a fast-growing industry. • ***All financial figures are taken from “PSL Condensed Interim Financial Information (Unaudited) for the nine months ended March 31, 2012”.
  22. 22. LEADERSHIP STYLE PC management observes the Transactional leadership style in the organization. • Management works equally with the other employees. They keep in touch every employee, understand their problems and solve them • PC leadership implements new ideas to change the organization culture. Though some set rules and regulations are implemented however new ideas from every level are always welcomed • Management follow the best of the principles which motivates other employees to perform even better and together it shows a great enthusiasm towards guest satisfaction. • Management works with employees to find out the root causes and solve the problem in case of any crisis
  23. 23. ORGANIZATION STRUCTURE • PC Lahore has a very beautiful mixture of mechanistic and organic organizational structure. Its organizational culture includes the best valued of both types • PC hires people specialized in their fields to maintain its high quality and standards • PC has a clear chain of command where every employee knows to whom he is answerable • PC observes narrow span of control. Supervisors work under a manager and every supervisor has a team which reports to supervisor and he further reports to the manger • Employees are involved in decision making process • PC has a clear job specification which helps them to do their work effectively and efficiently
  24. 24. MARKETING STRATEGIES • Continuous advertising is being done on different venues through print media; electronic media • Mass markets are touched for the marketing purpose i.e. wedding function, buffet, and Sunday brunch packages • Everyone can market • Customized packages are made for guests • Special packages are offered to groups • Outdoor catering is offered
  25. 25. BUSINESS ENVIRONMENT • PCHL use its own research and development department for marketing • PCHL has its own security system • All Government rules and regulations are followed • Law and order situation impacts on the business of the hotel • PCHL always try to introduce new products • Guest satisfaction is the first priority • Both national and internal guests are approached whole heartedly to gain maximum business
  26. 26. ETHICAL CONSIDERATION • As a reputable and well known hotel, PC always adheres to the highest level of ethical behavior. It firmly believes in the business obligations while seeking to protect, secure and enhance the human and natural resources that will be needed in future. As an international entity, the hotel fulfils its responsibility towards its workforce which includes fair compensation, recognition for good performances, healthy work environment, safety and security, equal employment opportunities and absence of discrimination.