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Step Up and Take Flight By Louise Elliott


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Louise Elliott, Founder of CareerPowerShift, LLC, is a leadership coach who works with successful leaders to discover their uniqueness, tribe, and cause so that they can impact their families, workplace, communities, and beyond.

Louise’s technology centered career spans twenty-seven years. It included significant projects in technology acquisition, solution design, full system transformation and integration, project planning and management, marketing, application development, testing, Q/A, digital analytics and launching initiatives that had significant bottom line impact. She’s held many leadership positions in management, led governance, implemented change, empowered others, and fought for her team while jumping on grenades when necessary. Louise has seen 100s of scenarios and led teams through the gnarliest of challenges.

Louise is hugely committed to the success and growth of others with strong compassion. Her innovative and honest style brings energizing perspective for professional career growth through workshops, keynote speaking, and individual/team coaching. Louise was on track to be a technology executive of a Fortune 100 financial institution, when her passion for accelerating the success of her colleagues led her to leave her position and dedicate her life to the success and growth of others.

Louise’s vocational shift has enabled her to lead and coach 100s through career upgrades and shifts. Louise now pursues energizing and motivating people to discover the joy within and to realize true success. It is Louise’s dedication to embrace the fuel inside you that is greater than any obstacle. She is passionate about empowering individuals to overcome their self-limiting obstacles through self-investment strategies to achieve career success. Whether you are an individual, a manager, or an executive, Louise can help you to overcome struggles and gain clarity in your career path.

At Career Power Shift, Louise offers leadership and career development programs, which help to enhance an individual’s value. Workshops and coaching services build on communication, leadership, and personal growth. Louise has a BS in Management Information Systems and currently pursuing an MA in Industrial Organizational Psychology. She is a Certified Coach, Trainer, & Speaker, a Member of The John Maxwell Team, Founding Partner on The Deeper Path Team, & a certified Dream Job Coach.

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Step Up and Take Flight By Louise Elliott

  2. 2. Do you know the ultimate question?
  3. 3. Are you a LEADER or a FOLLOWER?
  4. 4. EVERY SUCCESSFUL ORGANIZATION NEEDS: • great products, But, the most important ingredient is GREAT LEADERS. • great customers • great employees
  6. 6. EFFECTIVE LEADERS ASK QUESTIONS: QUESTION  What are the organization’s mission and goals?  What constitutes performance and results in this organization?
  7. 7. GREAT LEADERS HAVE GREAT TEAMS: UNITE  RALLY people to reinforce the vision and goals.  LEADERS team up for success.
  8. 8. GREAT LEADERS HAVE GREAT ATTITUDES: ATTITUDE  Your ATTITUDE will determine if something is a burden or a blessing. "People can alter their lives by altering their attitudes.“ ~William James
  9. 9. GREAT LEADERS ARE LIFETIME LEARNERS: LEARN “There is only one corner of the universe where you can be certain of improving, and that's your own self.” ~Aldous Huxley “I have no special talents, I am only passionately curious” ~ Albert Eistein
  10. 10. GREAT LEADERS INFLUENCE OTHERS TO: INFLUENCE  Dream more  Learn more  Become more  Do more “A man leaves all kinds of footprints when he walks through life” ~ Margaret Lee Runbeck
  11. 11. GREAT LEADERS ARE TRUSTWORTHY TRUSTWORTHY  You do what you say you’re going to do  You have grace under fire  You set realistic targets and offer assistance  Let go of control when warranted
  12. 12. GREAT LEADERS STRONGLY DESIRE TO: YEARN  Continue thinking, learning, growing, developing, expanding  Keep challenging themselves “I have no special talents, I am only passionately curious” ~ Albert Eistein
  14. 14. THE JOURNEY “3 things are extremely hard: Steel, Diamonds, & knowing one’s self.” ~Benjamin Franklin
  15. 15. OPUS V I C T I M O A R B E D Ownership Accountability Responsibility Blame Excuses Denial V I C T O R
  16. 16. THE POWER OF P.I.E: • PERFORMANCE • IMAGE • EXPOSURE IMAGE (How Others See You) EXPOSURE (Who Knows You) PERFORMANCE (The Foundation for Success)
  17. 17. PERFORMANCE  Do you have consistent performance in any role that you play/played?  Do you always give it your all?  Do you handle constructive feedback and act upon it?  Are you a team player?  Can you influence others?  Are you results driven?
  18. 18. THE POWER OF P.I.E: Performance  Performance is a direct reflection of you.  Bragging and complaining are not the marks of winners.  Take compliments and praise with grace.  Seek to improve the performance of others and the organization. Their success will wear on you.  Performance of task and people interaction affect your performance.  How you deliver is as important as what you deliver.  Welcome performance reviews as a chance to improve.  Share information and help others. They will not forget.  If you are not thorough and detailed, get someone to help. Pay attention to the details.
  19. 19. IMAGE  What would others say about you?  Do others know your role and what you have to offer  Are you a role model
  20. 20. THE POWER OF P.I.E: Image  Dress for the position you want, not the position you have.  Model yourself after someone that is successful and you admire/respect.  Act as if you belong, even if you feel you don’t.  Attitude is important. Have an outreach attitude to make others feel comfortable. Maintain a calm, can-do attitude.
  21. 21. EXPOSURE  Do you have a mentor?  Who do you know? Who knows you?  Do others respect you; do you respect others?
  22. 22. THE POWER OF P.I.E: Exposure  Think long-term relationships.  Treat everyone well because everyone deserves respect.  Keep confidentiality. You will become a trusted advisor.  Volunteer to present team results. Public speaking is an excellent opportunity for exposure.  Volunteer to become more involved, especially cross-organizational projects.  Bring learning back to the organization.  Show up at organizational events, even if they cost money. It’s an investment in your career.  Just because someone doesn’t have a position of power, don’t assume exposure is not critical. That individual may have the ear of a person in power.
  23. 23. THE POWER OF P.I.E: CareerProgression Time P I E
  24. 24. THE POWER OF P.I.E: Potential ActionResults Believe
  25. 25. WITH Q.U.A.L.I.T.Y. & P.I.E… you will FLY.
  26. 26. Twitter: @CareerPowerShft Email: