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Lesson plan in TLE I (Grade 7)


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Lesson plan in TLE I (Grade 7)

  1. 1. Lesson Plan in TLE I February 6, 2014 Objectives: At the end of the lesson the students will be able to: a. understand what is proper nutrition; b. identify different foods need for proper health; and c. appreciate the importance of good nutrition. Subject Matter: Topic: Importance of Proper Nutrition Reference: Technology and Livelihood Education I (pp 66-69) Materials: Text book, Visual aids, chalkboard Procedures: Teacher’s Activity Student’s Activity a) Preliminary Activities Good morning class! Let us pray first… Good morning ma’am! (one student will lead the prayer) Okay, now please pick up the mess under your chair. (students will pick up the mess/ pieces of paper under the chair) Now be ready for the checking of attendance. Who’s the absent from the first group? How about from the second group? (students will answer) None ma’am. Let us review our previous discussion. Again, class what are the three basic food groups? Who can give me one example of go food? How about the example of grow food? And the last is the example of glow food? (students answer all the questions) Very good. <Motivation> Now class, get your partner then go at the front and describe if he/she is healthy. Then say all the things that you think the reason why he/she is a healthy person. Okay thank you class, you may seat down. Now what your classmate have done a while ago is related to our lesson. (students will go to the front and describe their partner)
  2. 2. b) Lesson Proper <Presentation of lesson> Class our lesson for today is all about the importance of proper nutrition. There are three important elements of good nutrition. The first one is Nutrition. Class. Who have any idea what nutrition is? (student raise his/her hand and give an idea) Very good. In addition to that nutrition is eating the right kind and amount of food at the right time. Another element is Food. Of course, it is the substance that sustains life. And the last is Health. Class, health is not only a means freedom from disease or physical pain but it is also the complete fitness of the body. Again class what are the three important elements of good nutrition? (read the “nutrition, food, and health”) Mind you class, nutrition, health, and food are closely related to each other. To have optimum health, one must observe good nutrition which can be attained by eating nutritious food. Do you understand class? Yes ma’am. Now let proceed to the qualities of food that we need to eat. First, the food must be nutritious. Why do you think it is important that is nutritious? Exactly, nutritious food contains essential needed by our body. The second is the food must have satiety value. What do we mean by satiety? Okay, satiety means of having too much. This means that food must satisfy our appetite and give feeling of fullness. Let us go to the next quality which is the food must be palatable. The flavor, aroma, color, and texture of food satisfy your taste. Class in choosing your food what are the things you considered before getting it? Ma’am because it is needed by the body.
  3. 3. (call two students) (students were going to answer) Okay very well said. Thank you. Let us move on to the forth quality which is it should prepared with utmost care considering sanitary conditions and aesthetical value. Meaning class, it should be clean, presentable and it satisfies the taste of the eater. Another is it should free from toxic agents. The food must not contain substances harmful to health. And last, it must be offer variety and planned with the budget of the family. It means it should enough to the budget of the family, because if it’s not, they can’t afford nutritious foods. Example is the “malunggay pandesal” it is affordable yet nutritious. Do you have any question before we move on? None ma’am. Now we will go on to the characteristics of a healthy individual. The activity that was done a while ago that you describe your classmate is healthy that was under in this topic. Now let us enumerate the twelve characteristics of a healthy individual. 1. Has a bright eyes and clear vision. Class what if the person has poor eye sight what do you think is the problem? (student will answer) Sign of aging. Another, Lack of vitamins which is needed by the body. Good. 2. Has soft and unblemished complexion. Meaning the color of the skin is not pale. It should not rough. That person who is working under the sun is prone to skin cancer. Because of too much exposing in sunlight, the natural nutrients of the skin are slowly faded away. Next is, 3. Has a shiny hair. Remember this class, not all shiny hair was considered as healthy; some other is
  4. 4. produce by a chemical that can damage the natural beauty of hair. Understand class? Okay, next characteristic please read. Yes ma’am. 4. Has pinkish gums, moist lips and lesion-free tongue. Yes, individual is healthy when her lips is glossy not dried and the gums is pinkish not pale. Understand? Let us go to the next, will you please read. 5. Has good posture and graceful movements. Thank you. Class if the person is clumsy do you think they are healthy? No, ma’am. Very good class. Graceful person is an example of healthy person. Because their senses are active, they can response to things around them. Next, 6. has the right height and weight appropriate to age and sex. Next, Who wants to read number seven? (student will raise his/her hand and read) 7. Eliminates waste regularly. Means, an individual should release waste in the body. Next please read. 8. Active and alert. Means an individual can response immediately. Another. 9. Free from sickness, physical and mental abnormality. Simply saying a person has a strong immune system. Next please read. 10. Is not under undue fatigue and emotional stress. It says that an individual is not depressed because of problems. Remember this class okay? Second to the last, 11. Is attractive in appearance. Means good posture and good looking. And the last, Will you please read? Meaning an individual has a healthy mind Yes ma’am. 12. Has a positive outlook in life.
  5. 5. and never looks beyond imperfection. <Generalization> Class what have you learned from our previous lesson? (student will share their ideas on they have learned in the lesson) <Application> Now class I will group you into two groups. I will show you an image then you to identify when I start to ask if that image shows healthy or unhealthy. (show example to make students understand) (when they get it, students will participate) Evaluation: A. Identify if it is about Nutrition, Health, and Food. Write N for nutrition, F for food and H for health. Answer on the blank before the number. ___ 1. Freedom from disease or physical pain. ___ 2. Eating the right kind of food at the right time. ___ 3. Complete fitness of the body. ___ 4. Any substance that sustain life. ___ 5. It nourishes the body when it ingested. B. True or False. Write T if true and F if false. ___ 1. Chemical substances can make our hair shiny. ___ 2. Unhealthy person eliminates waste regularly. ___ 3. Healthy person has pinkish gums not pale. ___ 4. Positive outlook in life is one of the examples of healthy person. ___ 5. Healthy person has bright eyes. <answers> H N H F F F F T T T Assignment: <Motivation> Prepare role play that can show the important reason why our body needs essential nutrients. 1. Make a list of ways on how you can promote proper nutrition in your own family; and 2. write what kind of food (name of specific food) you are going to eat with them. Prepared by: Ms. Queen Almira C. Ilagan