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Oratc 03 05-2014


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ORATC is a subsidiary of Pansoft Data Solutions, started in May 2010, At ORATC we offer high end training services on different modules.

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Oratc 03 05-2014

  1. 1. Database Design
  2. 2. Database Design For all database designs, there are a set of standard rules and best practices to follow, all of which can help a database stay organized and help to team up with the respective site in a smart and efficient way.
  3. 3. Database Design
  4. 4. Database Design The first method for planning for a database is to simply brainstorm, on paper or otherwise, concerning what the database will need to store, and what the site will need out of it.
  5. 5. Database Design The goal of any database is to be efficient and scalable. Data is always being edited, added, and deleted, so it's important to keep a database organized in order to maintain this constant changing set of data.
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