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Happy QA


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QA Club Kiev meeting #5: Test Management

Published in: Technology, Education
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Happy QA

  1. 1. Relations in QA team Eugene Skachkov QA Manager, Crytek
  2. 2. Introduction importance of good relationships and trustable atmosphere in QA team Better team = better performanceGood working atmosphere = less stress Good mood = better dedication
  3. 3. Stress Performance vs Stress Performance
  4. 4. How to build trust in team Know your team Understand your team Protect your team Trust your team
  5. 5. Teambuilding Dedicated teambuilding Day to day teambuilding activitiesAdditional little bits of teambuilding
  6. 6. Concentration Check
  7. 7. Troublesolving• Rage buffer. How to deal with unhappy PM, developers?• Mistakes resolution – positive thinking way• We! Not You! Collective responsibility vs. individual fault
  8. 8. Questions?;)