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Automation Open Source tools


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Automation Open Source tools

  1. 1. Automation Open Source Tools QA Talks #3
  2. 2. Selenium- is a suit of tools for web browser automation and it is composed of:- Selenium IDE- Selenium 1.0(RC)- Selenium 2.0(Webdriver)- Selenium Grid
  3. 3. Supported by Selenium
  4. 4. Selenium IDE Example
  5. 5. Selenium IDE Limitation- for Firefox only- do not support: - loops, exception handling - conditional statement - re-execution of failed test - video recording - reporting functionality - flash
  6. 6. Watir- is a Ruby libraries for automating web browsers. It allowsyou to write easy to read and maintain tests.
  7. 7. Ruby script example
  8. 8. Watir Example
  9. 9. Pros&Cons Pros ConsSelenium: Selenium:- cross browser, OS - doesnt work directly with Flash- programming languages - IDE for Firfox only- native IDE - updates- record and play functionality- webdriver Watir: - doesnt work directly with FlashWatir: - IE only by default (but there is- easy to understand watir-webdriver)- rich API - ruby (if you dont learn before)- Watir(Ruby), Watij(Java),WatiN(.NET)- cross browser, OS- webdriver
  10. 10. FlexMonkey- is a free tool for used fortesting Flex and Air basedapplications - Record and Playback - Verifying that ER match AR - Generating ready-to-run FlexUnit scripts
  11. 11. Meet the Monkeys! FoneMonkey for FlexMonkey for testing AndroidFlex and AIR applications Selenium IDE FoneMonkey for Plugin iOS
  12. 12. FlexMonkey Example
  13. 13. Turnkeylinux 45+ ready-to-use free open source solutions● Specials (LAMP, SVN, Torrent, Domain Controller, Jabber)● Content management (Joomla, Drupal, WordPress)● Web development (Ruby, Symphony)● Issue tracking (Redmine,Bugzilla)● Messaging (Jabber, Mail)● Database (MySQL, PostgreSQL)
  14. 14. Save your time!and much more...
  15. 15. TestLink- is open source web-based test management tool
  16. 16. Redmine- is a project management & issue tracking tool
  17. 17. Summary- easy to setup and understand- easily integrates with other tools (e.g. Teslink+RedmineTestLink+Bugzilla)- containes almost all required features- crossplatform- plugins- compare all available tools
  18. 18. Useful links W3C validator tools Bug-tracking system Selenium web automation Tellurium test management tool Watir web automation watir-webdriver WebMonkey Flex Automation test tool Web automation test tool linux based ready-to-use solutions linux based ready-to-use solutions project&issue management tool Open Source Tools Selenium training
  19. 19. Automation Open Source Tools for Windows OS
  20. 20. How to choose the best software test automation tool?- What are you trying to accomplish with the automation tool?- Define goals of automation- Is there repeated work in the project?- Time taken for My current Manual project testing- Error rate by Manual testing- Return on Investment
  21. 21. Main characteristics- OS compatibility- Scripting languages- Documentation- Capture driven- Keyword driven- Code driven- Object tree- Control Finder tool
  22. 22. Main characteristics- Record and Playback- Video recording- Test suites- Portability- Run from Console- Continuous Integration systems- Performance monitoring- Reporting/Logging
  23. 23. Check-list- Define the main goals for automation- Define the main features which you need- Define the required teams skills- Choose several suitable tools- Create prototype using each tool- Create comparison chart with characterictics- Choose more suitable tool for your project
  24. 24. QAliber Test Builder- Framework for creating tests with no coding skills- Simply drag and drop Test Cases from repository- Use loops, conditions and parameters to createrobust scenarios.- Run automated tasks such as handling windowsand dialogs, I/O, registry, devices and more.- Log with screenshots, movies, performancegraphs.- Supported by an open source community
  25. 25. Qaliber plug-in for Visual StudioQAliber Test Developer is Visual Studio plug-in:- Write C#/.net code, use the .NET framework capabilities.- Create test cases as an integral part of your development solution.- Create GUI / API level test quick!- Record / Play GUI automation.- Support .NET forms / WPF / WEB GUI testing.- Run on all windows platforms with .NET framework 3.0- An ever growing Open source Common tools repository.
  26. 26. AutoItAutoIt v3 is a freeware BASIC-like scripting language designed for automating the Windows GUI and general scripting.- Easy to learn BASIC-like syntax- Manipulate windows and processes, interact with all standard windows controls- Scripts can be compiled into standalone executables- COM support, regular expressions, directly call external DLL and Windows API functions- Scriptable RunAs functions- Detailed helpfile and large community-based support forums
  27. 27. WhiteFramework for automating rich client applications based on Win32, WinForms, WPF, Silverlight and SWT (Java) platforms:- It is .NET based- Provides a consistent object-oriented API- Hiding the complexity of Microsofts UIAutomation library
  28. 28. SikuliVisual technology to automate and test graphical user interfaces (GUI) using images (screenshots).- Includes Sikuli Script, a visual scripting API for Jython- Includes Sikuli IDE, an integrated development environment for writing visual scripts with screenshots easily.- Automates anything you see on the screen without internal APIs support.- You can programmatically control a web page, a Windows/Linux/Mac OS X desktop application,- Support iphone or android application running in a simulator or via VNC.
  29. 29. Comparison chart AutoIT QAliber White SikuliOS compatibility Windows 2000/ HTML (IE), Win32, WinForms, Windows XP/ 2003/ Vista / WinForms, WPF, WPF, Silverlight Linux 2008/ Windows 7/ Silverlight, Java, and SWT (Java) MacOS 2008 R2 MFC platforms.Scripting languages Basic-like scripting .NET Jyton/Python languageDocumentation Help, Manuals, Help, Manuals, Community on Help, Video Video examples Video Tutorials examplesCapture driven Code-driven Keyword-driven Code-driven Capture-drivenKeyword driven Code-drivenCode drivenObject tree No Yes Yes NoControl Finder tool Yes Yes Yes (UIspy) No
  30. 30. Comparison chartRecord and Yes Yes Yes (record NoPlayback classes)Video recording No Yes No NoTest suites Yes Yes Yes NoPortability Yes Yes Yes NoRun from Console Yes No Yes NoContinuous Yes No Yes NoIntegrationsystemsPerformance No Yes No NomonitoringReporting/Logging Yes Yes Yes No
  31. 31. Useful Links Qaliber Test Builder, plug-in for MS VS AutoIt White Sikuli Open Source Tools Software-testing forum QA Magazines
  32. 32. Contacts:email: info@qaclubkiev.comOleksandr MaidaniukAndrii Matukhno alexander.maydanyuk andrej_2704 Kiev 2011
  33. 33. Обсуждение лучших инструментови практик, применимых в сферетестирования и обеспечениякачества.