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  1. 1. COMPANY PROFILECompany:Vrajlal’s (Agencies) Limited is a Mwanza-based Transport Company providing Bulk liquid andGeneral Cargo Transport services to individuals and businesses in Tanzania, East and CentralAfrica. It also provides state of the Art Repairing Services for its own fleet and also for the MotorVehicles of private customers with its advanced State of the Art Workshop. Corporateheadquarters is located at 17, Kenyatta Road, Mwanza South Industrial Area - Mwanza –Tanzania and Branch Office at Office No. 01, 3rd Floor Wing A, Mwalimu House, P.o.Box 21537,Uhuru / Kawawa Road, Dar Es Salaam. Vrajlal’s (Agencies) Ltd. is a registered company withlimited liability with the Registrar of Companies and its registration no. is 4659. It holds all thenecessary business licenses necessary for the business.Vrajlal’s (Agencies) Limited started as a Transporter 3 decades ago with its focus on East andcentral African Transport business. Key staffs on board include Managing Director Mr. DivyeshKaria, Director In-Charge of Operations, Mr. Mitul Karia, Director In-Charge of Fleet, Mr. ShalinKaria, Director In-Charge of Technical and Engineering Mr. Hiten Karia, Director In-Charge ofInformation & Technology Mr. Shilen Karia and Financial Controller Mr. Sameer Shah. We have afleet of 15 Box Body Trucks & Trailers for General Cargo & 15 Tanker Trucks & Trailers forPetroleum Products. Recently we have also added one Low bed Trailer & One Crane to ourFleet.Company objectives:The mission of Vrajlal’s is to become the premiere provider of transport services as professionaloperators with the use of state-of-the-art technologies and updating them as and when there is abreakthrough. Vrajlal’s is dedicated to building long-term relationships with customers throughquality training and customer support, and wants to be recognized as the leading transportcompany in the Great Lake area. The goal is steady expansion & growth.Company values:Vrajlal’s is dedicated to building long-term relationships with customers through quality trainingand customer support and wants to be recognized as the leading Transport Company in theGreat Lake area.Business Structure:Vrajlal’s (Agencies) Limited is incorporated under the laws of the Tanzania. Four Million shares inthe company have been authorized: All of the five present directors have shares equally and thecompany for future distribution retains some shares.Reason for this structure:This structure will clearly make a significant impact on the state and affairs of company and makeit possible to attract the risk capital that will be required when the business starts to grow insuccession.
  2. 2. Management TeamManaging Director: Divyesh KariaSkills and experience: With over 20 years of consulting experience in the transport industryranging from small vehicles to Truck and trailers, Mr. Divyesh Karia’s knowledge and guidancewill be instrumental to the success of Vrajlal’s (Agencies) Limited.Director In-Charge of Operations: Mr. Mitul KariaSkills and experience: With over 10 years of experience in the transport industry ranging fromsmall vehicles to Truck and trailers, Mr. Mitul Karia’s knowledge is chiefly needed for the currentresponsibilities that include the company’s direct marketing campaign and all sales-related issuesand operations of the entire fleet.Director In-Charge of Fleet Coordination: Mr. Shalin KariaSkills and experience: With over 15 years of rich experience in the transport industry rangingfrom small vehicles to Truck and trailers, Mr. Shalin Karia’s expertise would prove helpful for thecurrent expansion and maintenance of the current fleet and logistics involved therein.Director In-Charge of Technical and Engineering: Mr. Hiten KariaSkills and experience: With over 12 years of rich experience in the transport industry and incharge of the technical unit ranging from engines to fuel pump etc for Truck and trailers, Mr. HitenKaria’s wide knowledge would enhance the basic business plan for the expansion andmaintenance of the current fleet and logistics involved therein.Director In-Charge of IT & Marketing: Mr. Shilen KariaSkills and experience: With over 5 years of experience in the same industry and in charge of theresearch and development of coordinating the fleet irrespective of the distance by implementingMobile Communication, Mr. Shilen Karia’s astute knowledge are giving position of the fleet andstaff on a moment to moment basis. After completion of graduation in management studies hiscontribution towards marketing is providing an accelerated leverage to the progress of thecompany.Financial Controller: Sameer ShahSkills and experience: Prior to joining this overseas opportunity with M/s Vrajlal’s (Agencies)Limited, he has done his Article ship for Chartered Accountancy in India. He has experience inFinance, Accounts, Computer Hardware and Administration.Other key Personnel:Road Transport Manager: Samuel KitalalaAfter completing his graduate degree at the Institute of Art, Mr. Kitalala spent some years workingall over the region and joined the staff at Vrajlal’s (Agencies) Limited as a Road TransportManager.
  3. 3. Human Resources Manager: Hashim MuroThe policies and practices that deal with recruitment, selection of employees, training anddevelopment are handled by our HR department. In addition to this, the HR manager works moreefficiently to maintain good relations between the employees and the management.Logistics & Operations:Entire logistics & operation of our fleet is controlled by our Director In Charge – Operations &Road Transport Manager. Day to day fleet positioning is taken through Mobile Communicationand thus we get the position of our fleet on moment to moment basis and advise our clientsaccordingly. Logistics CoveredVrajlal’s (Agencies) Limited operates its fleet through out Tanzania as well as coveringcountries such as Kenya, Uganda, Rwanda, Burundi, Zambia and Democratic Republic of Congo. Company OperationsAt present we are operating with a fleet of total 30 trucks & trailers - 15 Box Body Trucks &Trailers for General Cargo & 15 Tanker Trucks & Trailers for Petroleum Products across East andCentral Africa. The main Operations are directed from Head Office at Mwanza and Branch Officeat Dar Es Salaam. The box body trucks have a loading capacity of 30 Tons & the tanker trucks &trailers have a loading capacity of minimum 30,000 Ltrs to maximum 40,000 Ltrs of petroleumproducts.For maintenance of our vehicles we have our own state of the Art Workshop Facility at our HeadOffice in Mwanza. All the vehicles are kept in up to date road worthy condition at any given pointof time. Our workshop team is always at its toe’s to attend any breakdown of our vehicles at anyplace at any given point of time.The management has been financing the company as and when there is any requirement offunds and as on date it is a going on concern. This year the main investment objective of thecompany is to upgrade its tanker fleet & install GPS system in all the vehicles so that theirpositioning can be taken at any point of time. Since our inception we had purchased Scania 113Tankers and slowly and steadily we have upgraded 9 Scania 113 to Scania 124. So this year ourmain investment objective is to upgrade the remaining Scania 113 to Scania 124.
  4. 4. HSEQ Management PlanVrajlal’s (Agencies) Ltd. (VAL) recognizes that it operates a complex establishment involving widevariety of skills, systems and providing transport services for Bulk General Cargo & BulkPetroleum products across East & Central Africa. The HSEQ Management Methodology of VALis to experience sustainable growth and viability; hence VAL is fully committed to the effectiveand efficient management of all associated risks giving prime consideration to the HSEQstandards for its personnel, vehicles, customers and the community as a whole. VAL alsorecognizes the need to exist as a viable commercial entity without compromising the integrity ofthe environment and is therefore committed to the principle of sustainable development andcontinual improvement of its environmental performance.Below please find a list of all legislations subject to which we have to operate our business andcompliance of the same:1). Tanzania Revenue Authority – Revenue Department & Customs and Excise Department. We hold the necessary Tax Identification & Value Added Tax registration numbers & also the necessary C-65 certificate for the Customs & Excise Department of TRA.2). Our Company is a registered private company with limited liability and we hold the necessary registration certificate of Incorporation.3). Occupational Health & Safety Act No.5 of 2003 – We hold the necessary Compliance certificate valid upto October, 20084). Fire & Rescue Service Act – We hold the necessary certificate valid till June, 2008.5). The Electricity (Factories Ordinance) Amendment Rules 1985 – We hold the necessary certificate of electrical inspection.6). We also hold Merit Certificate from Mwanza Region Environment Conservation dt. 10/03/20067). Commission for Weights & Measures – All our vehicles are holding necessary certified Calibration Charts.8). We are registered members of the Tanzania Truck Owners Association (TATOA).Val’s main Slogan for HSEQ is “SAFETY IS GOOD BUSINESS”. In order to manage, measureand control HSEQ VAL is practicing the following HSEQ policies:Occupational Safety & Health Policy : ! Prevent accidents and occupational illness by implementing and maintaining sound safety management systems. ! Consider management of occupational safety and health as one of its critical business activities and provide the necessary resources for the implementation and management of its safety management systems
  5. 5. ! Comply fully with all statutory requirements in respect of occupational safety and health and require same of all third parties including contractors. ! Establish targets for continual improvement of its occupational safety and health performance and continually measure, review, improve and update its performance by applying best industry practices and principles ( where practicable ) to its operations. ! Include occupational safety and health performance in the appraisal of all staff and in the evaluation of contractor’s performance, and encourage and demand good occupational safety and health practices through programs, appraisals, and recognition and reward schemes. ! Educate its employees, customers, contractors, visitors and its neighbors in matters of occupational safety and health and communicate the relevant information to all its stakeholders in order to establish co-operation in their general well-being and of the national good. ! Eliminate or minimize risks to as low as is reasonably practicable, consistent with its operations, especially as it relates to road transport of petroleum products and the main risks are accident, fire, explosions, spillage, toxic release, etc. ! Promote a culture of “Zero Tolerance” in respect of occupational safety and health and foster a sharing of this commitment by all VAL employees and contractors.Environmental Policy ! Ensure that its operations comply with all applicable environmental legislations of Tanzania and East and Central Africa as well. ! Support research and work with the industry, government and other public agencies to establish realistic environmental standards. ! Ensure appropriate and cost effective waste and emissions management programmes are implemented for the prevention and control of pollution. ! Ensure that all employees are informed of their individual responsibilities and are trained and empowered in their actions to be taken towards managing the environment. ! Engage in environmental performance assessment through periodic reviews of environmental objectives and targets, audits and practices. ! Promote a culture, which fosters a sharing of this commitment by all VAL employees.
  6. 6. Quality Policy ! Ensure that its operations are of the best quality standards so as to satisfy its customers in terms of the transport service provided, employees in terms of remuneration for their work done and the community as a whole.Personal Protective & Safety Equipment Policy ! Ensure that all the employees of the company are provided with the Personal Protective & Safety Equipment. ! Ensure that all the employees wear the equipment while on duty. ! Ensure that safety equipments for emergency are supplied for all the vehicles and are tested periodically and proper documentation of the test records is maintained. ! Ensure that the equipments are replaced periodically.Tyre Replacement Policy ! Ensure that all the tyres are replaced before they reach the minimum thread depth of 2 millimeter. ! Ensure that proper tyre records are kept to avoid reuse of tyres. ! Ensure that on radial type of tyres are used. ! Tyre suppliers to be consulted for regular checking to enhance the mileage and cost effectiveness.Drivers Recruitment & Training Policy ! Ensure that persons who have a valid driving license with proven driving experience of minimum 1 year are employed. Initially during the probation period they will drive only small vehicles and upon successful completion of probation period they will be given Bulk Vehicles (BV) to be driven after undergoing a thorough driving test. ! Ensure that all the drivers and all other employees as well have undergone a thorough Medical Test before they are employed. ! To maintain discipline only those individuals will be employed who have a domain and are not transient persons with no family. ! Ensure that all the drivers undergo a comprehensive Val’s induction training program both in classroom and practical sessions before being used for customer deliveries. Especially the drivers of the petroleum tankers are given a thorough training on all the HSEQ methods and also the Safe Working Procedures followed by our Customer Petroleum Companies and ensure that they strictly adhere to them. ! Ensure that specific training and awareness of dealing with petroleum products and identifying hazards to be managed in case of an accident or incident is given to all the drivers of the petroleum tankers.
  7. 7. Now to manage measure and control all the above policies VAL has formed a safety committee.The structure of the safety committee is as follows:Safety committee is comprised of the following committees: ! MD Committee (Managing Director) ! Workshop Committee (Technical Director) ! OM Committee (Operation Director & Manager) ! Staff Committee (Road Transport Manager & Staff) ! Members CommitteeThe safety committee’s system and procedures are as follows:Members Committee Meeting Monthly:The members committee comprises of OD, OM, RTM and representatives from associatedtransport / petroleum supply companies. In the monthly meeting they will discuss: ! Depot Safety and operations ! Good House Keeping ! Drivers control and off duty system ! Driver & Turn boy Training ! Vehicle Record ManagementStaff Committee Meeting Fortnightly:The Staff Committee comprises of Road Transport Manager and all the staff members. In thefortnightly meeting they will discuss the following: ! Road Safety Incidents and improvements ! Route Change ! Loading / Offloading procedures ! Good Road Practices ! Emergency procedures / contacts ! Reporting of incidents and near misses ! Training of the new staff employed particularly BVO’s on HSEQ & Safe Working Procedures ! Problems related to operations & workshop ! Ensure that regular health check up of all the staff is done and those who are not fit are properly treated and then only they resume their duties.OM Committee Meeting Fortnightly:The OM Committee comprises of Operations Director, Operations Manager & RTM. In thefortnightly meeting they will discuss the following: ! Staff Welfare ! HSE Records management ! Staff behavior and discipline ! Trips and Drivers management ! Performance appraisal of the staff in terms of increase in salary or bonus ! Ensure that especially all the BVO’s and supervisors are given HSEQ & Safe Working Procedures Training both in class & practical.
  8. 8. Workshop Committee Meeting Fortnightly:The workshop committee comprises of the Technical Director, Operation Director & the workshopstaff. In the fortnightly meeting they will discuss the following: ! Ensure that all the Vehicles are well maintained, repaired and modified wherever required. ! Ensure that planned vehicle inspections are carried out pre & post use and proper records are maintained for the same. ! Ensure that all the vehicles are properly serviced from time to time and the necessary records are maintained. ! Ensure that the Workshop team is always prepared for Emergency if any in the event of Accident , spillage, contamination & breakdown and all the staff are adequately educated to handle any of the above situations. ! Ensure that all the Accidents & incidents are promptly & properly reported. The cause of each accident / incident is thoroughly investigated and reported. The report includes an open and frank appraisal of the reason and the ways that it can be avoided in future. ! Ensure that the following records are properly maintained and documented: • Vehicle inspection records Pre-use & Post Use • Vehicle Service Records. • Spares Consumption Records. • Preventive Maintenance Records. • Vehicle Selection & Allocation Records. • Vehicle / Driver Change Over Records.MD Committee Meeting Quarterly:The MD Committee comprises of Managing Director, Operations Director, Workshop Director,and Operation Manager & Road Transport Manager. In the meeting they will discuss thefollowing: ! Audit of the HSEQ performance & follow up of the past audit done. ! Review of the actual HSEQ performance with the planned performance. ! Identifying and communicating key HSEQ issues to be implemented. ! Ensure that adequate resources are made available for HSEQ management.These are the HSEQ Management methodology, systems and structures of VAL and in the endagain we would like present our Slogan “SAFETY IS GOOD BUSINESS”.