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Real Conditionals


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Published in: Education
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Real Conditionals

  1. 1. Real ConditionalsFirst Conditionals:About Present or Future situations that are real or possible
  2. 2. If Clause If-Clause Main Clause •  Simple Present•  Simple Present •  Modal Auxiliaries•  Present Progressive •  will/won’t•  Present Perfect •  can•  Going to •  must•  Modal Auxiliary •  may •  Imperative
  3. 3. If Clause Type of If Clause Main Clause Condition Simple Simple …I go to the movies every Habit If I have the time… Present Present weekend. Future …you will have to study. Simple If you have an exam Imperative …study.Future action Present next week… Modal …you must study. Future …you will answer.Action going Present If your friend is calling Imperative …answer him. on now Progressive you… Modal …you may answer him. Future …you will be ready to go out. Finished Present If you have finished Imperative …go out. action Perfect your homework… Modal …you can go out. Future …we will go to the beach.Improbable Modal verb If you can come visit… Imperative …call me. action + infinitive Modal …we can do things together.
  4. 4. If you finish all your work…•  …you can hang out with your friends.•  …you will…•  you must…