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Abolish the management agileee2012


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Abolish the management agileee2012

  1. 1. Abolish the Management! Piotr Żołnierek President @ anixe @pzol
  2. 2. The Hells AngelsMotorcycle Club• 25+ countries• 200+ chapters• thousands members worldwide• incorporated as non-profit organization
  3. 3. when we do right nobody remembers when we do wrong nobody forgets one percenters
  4. 4. History of the Hells Angels
  5. 5. What are you rebelling against,Johnny?Whadda you got?Marlon Brando - The Wild One
  6. 6. brotherhoodWhat holds them loyalty together? one-for-all, all-for-one
  7. 7. What holds them love of freedom together?
  8. 8. OrganizationalStructure• President• Vice-President• Sergeant at Arms• Road Captain• Treasurer - Secretary
  9. 9. hangaroundHow do you become a prospect member of an MC? member
  10. 10. Select Rules of a Motorcycle Club• 1. Theres a $2 fine if you miss a meeting • 6. Members cannot belong to any other without a decent excuse clubs• 2. No fighting among club members, a fine • 7. Anyone who loses their patch or has it of $5 from both parties if caught picked up by an office must pay $15 before being able to have it back• 3. New members have to be voted in, if there are two no votes then the application • 8. No messing with another members wife is rejected • 9. No rape• 4. All new members must have their own motorbike • 10. No heroin• 5. No stealing among members • 11. No burns
  11. 11. What does that have to do with Agile?
  12. 12. - Management by participation - DemocracyANARCHY! - Empowerment - Self-organization - Self-sufficiency
  13. 13. agile at anixe• agile for 5 years• 50 people• 8 teams (6 dev, 1 support, 1 sysadmin)• software for travel and tourism
  14. 14. Recruitment andmember retention• hire for attitude and team fit• fire and hire by team vote• newly hired people become prospect for 3-12 months• loosing members is leaking knowledge
  15. 15. daily weeklyChurch monthly best ad-hoc
  16. 16. every member is a scrum masterTeamwork talks to the customer organizes demos...
  17. 17. MOAR! Watch the Sons of Anarchy tv show
  18. 18. Sonny Barger Hells Angels vs Sons of Anarchy
  19. 19. Bottomline• get the right people• don’t demotivate them• talk & vote everything• people do take the right decisions, they just need a vision• and yes… top management is scared of letting go of their power
  20. 20. Please leave me some feedback! Piotr Żołnierek @pzol