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Strategic plan workbook 2011


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Strategic plan workbook 2011

  1. 1. 2011 Strategic Plan Workbook “The year of the Spec Sample”
  2. 2. Are you Certified?If no research the next available date for certification / /List who you are targeting:12345678910How will you contact them?Email Flyer/videoShip productsPhoneWhat will you do for follow up?SamplesHow much are you going to invest for samples?
  3. 3. Is Your Profile Complete?What is your plan to keep your profile updated? 1) Quartlerly Post 2) Weekly Search 3) Join and participate with Groups
  4. 4. Visit us onFacebookAre you active on Facebook and what is your plan to either become orstay active?Are you finding your clients and friends and connectingAre you posting on yours and theirsWhen will you take a class in Social Networking? / /
  5. 5. Trade ShowsTrade shows to include National – Regional and Traveling. Map out youryear. January - PPAI or ASI February - ASI Dallas March April May - ASI San Diego June - Promotions East July - Galleria August -SAAC September October November December
  6. 6. March 23rd – Jackson, MS Sept. 20th – Atlanta, GA Sept. 22nd – Moss Point, MSApril 12th – Scottsdale, AZ April 14th – Tacoma, WA Oct. 4th – Tampa, FL April 27th – Langhorne, PA Oct. 12th – Franconia, PA Oct. 25th – Dedham, MA May 3rd – Columbia, SC May 4th – Raleigh, NC Oct. 26th – Portland, ME May 19th – St, Louis, MO
  7. 7. Plan a MailingIf you are planning on doing a mailing this year planning is necessary.Whether it is a catalog mailing to clients or a PSA to prospects you needto take the time to map it out. 1) What is the date you are going to do the mailing? 2) Who is your target audience and how many packages are you going to send out? 3) What is going to be in the package – catalog, letter, flyer, sample, PSA 4) What is going to be the cost of each package to mail 5) Use a calendar and plan on the date to launch and work backwards in terms of ordering product, selecting packaging, deciding on verbiage……
  8. 8. Marketing Project WorksheetRequested by:       Request Date:       Completion Date:      Phone:       E-mail Address:      Client / ProspectPlease specify if this project is for promoting to a client, include their name and website address ifapplicable (this will also allow us to browse their website for design ideas to coordinate and/or targetthem more effectively). (We cannot not create client artwork)     HistoryPlease describe any history you have with this client. If this is for a prospect, please describe whatindustry you are targeting, if any.     Desired Result / Call to ActionWhat result are you looking for in this piece? Specifically, what do you want the client/prospect to do(i.e., ordering specific item, send testimonial, give you referral)? Did you want them to call or go toyour website?     Email or PrintPlease let us know if this is a printed piece or meant for email.     DimensionsPlease let us know if this is a standard letter size, 8 ½ x 14, 11 x 17, etc… If this is for a PSA, please includeimprint dimensions or attach a template for the item.     
  9. 9. Marketing Project WorksheetDesign Ideas / ColorsPlease include any ideas you have for graphics or specific colors you would like to include.     Co-BrandingIf you would like to include your customer’s logo on this flyer along with the Geiger logo, please besure to send a vector image or a hi-resolution JPEG. (Please DO NOT pull from the internet.)     Message / Copy / Product InformationPlease let us know what message you would like to send. Please include the copy for the flyer belowor include in your email.If this is a product flyer, we need the description, pricing, and product image.      Don’t forget to email product images (high-resolution for printed piece). Please allow 2 weeks for completion once all necessary details and files have been received.
  10. 10. Top 10 ProspectsWho are your top ten prospects for 2011?Fill out completely with Name – Company name – address – phone –email- website for each.12345678910
  11. 11. Top 20 AccountsWhat is your goal for each one? 1) Name: Goal 2) Name: Goal 3) Name: Goal 4) Name: Goal 5) Name: Goal 6) Name: Goal 7) Name: Goal 8) Name: Goal 9) Name: Goal 10)Name: Goal
  12. 12. Top 20 Accounts Cont.11)Name:Goal12)Name:Goal13)Name:Goal14)Name:Goal15)Name:Goal16)Name:Goal17)Name:Goal18)Name:Goal19)Name:Goal20) Name:Goal
  13. 13. Quick BudgetBDF Amount: Top three areas to use it: 1) 2) 3)Specs: How much am I willing to spend on spec samples in 2011 PSA’s? Mailings? Trade Shows? Client Gifts? Others?
  14. 14. Top Goals for 201012345678
  15. 15. 5 Year History Total Sales Commissions Earned Total Margin20102009200820072006