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Soalan biology


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Soalan biology

  1. 1. SULIT 1 45511. A statement of hypothesis consists of…. I It enables students to gain much A one constant variable and one knowledge. responding variable. II It enables students to learn the right B one constant variable ad one way of acquiring scientific manipulated variable. knowledge. C one manipulated variable and one III It enables students to learn how to responding variable. observe carefully. D one constant variable and one IV It enables students to plan the observation. investigation. A I and II B I and IV2. The steps below are elated to a scientific C I, II and III investigation. D I, II, III and IV P – Making hypothesis Q – Collecting data R – Conducting an experiment 4. Which of the following should be S – Making a conclusion T – Identifying the problem considered when you want to write a problem statement in a scientific investigation? Which of the following is the correct order of the steps of the scientific I State the problem in the form of investigation? question. A T P R Q S II State the problem in a clear and concise manner. B T R P Q S III Limit the problem to a single major C P T R Q S idea. D P R T Q S IV Choose a problem that can e solved experimentally.3. Which of the following statements shows A I and II the importance of a scientific B I and III investigation? C I, II and IV D I, II, III and IV4551 Lihat Sebelah SULIT
  2. 2. SULIT 2 4551 Ribosomes can be found freely in the 8. Which sequence correctly shows the cytoplasm or can be attached to involvement of organelles in protein organelle Q. synthesis? A mRNA, DNA, ribosome, rough5. Which of the following is organelle Q? endoplasmic reticulum, Golgi A Cytoplasm apparatus. B Mitochondria B DNA, mRNA, ribosome, Golgi C Rough endoplasmic reticulum apparatus, rough endoplasmic D Smooth endoplasmic reticulum reticulum. C mRNA, DNA, rough endoplasmic reticulum, Golgi apparatus,6. The Golgi apparatus is found in ribosome. abundance in… D DNA, mRNA, ribosome, rough endoplasmic reticulum, Golgi I liver cells. apparatus. II pancreatic cells. III interstitial cells of the testes. 9. Which similarity between Amoeba sp. IV goblet cells in the intestinal and Paramecium sp. listed below is epithelium. true? A. I and III only A Both of them move in the same B. II and IV only way. C. I, II and III only B Both of them have the same D. II, III and IV only shape. C Both of them are unicellular7. Diagram 1 shows the cell organization in organisms. multicellular organism D Both of them feed in the same way. 10. What is the solution with the higher concentration of solute called? Diagram 1 A Hypotonic solution Which part of the body can be B Hypertonic solution represented by R? C Isotonic solution A pancreas B esophagus D Salt solution C blood D platelet4551 Lihat Sebelah SULIT
  3. 3. SULIT 3 455111. Which of the following factors affect What are P and Q? the rate of diffusion in passive transport? P Q I The volume of the liquid A Pore protein Phospholipid bilayer B Pore protein Hydrophilic heads II The energy from ATP C Carrier protein Phospholipid bilayer III The concentration gradient D Carrier protein Hydrophobic tails between the two regions IV The size of the particles 14. How osmosis and diffusion help in food preservation? A I and II I Water is removed from the cytoplasm of microorganisms present in the B I and III food. C II and IV II The hypertonic salt solution draws water out of the food cells. D III and IV III Water from the salt solution is absorbed by the food cells. IV The hypotonic condition of food is not12. Diagram 2 shows a flaccid plant cells suitable for the growth of the microorganisms. A I and II B I and III C II and IV D III and IV Diagram 2 Which of the following will cause the 15. The monomer unit for cellulose is…plant cell to undergo deplasmolysis? A glucose A Distilled water B galactose B Salt solution C acid amino C Sucrose solution D glucose and fructose D Vinegar 16. The main types of lipids are listed13. Diagram 3 shows the structure of the below, except…plasma membrane. A oils B steroids C hormones D phospholipids Chemical compound P controls Diagram 3 all the activities in the cell. Without P, the cell will die.4551 Lihat Sebelah SULIT
  4. 4. SULIT 4 455117. What is the chemical compound P asdescribed above? 20. In plants, mitotic divisions occur actively in the… A Lipids A meristematic tissues B Enzymes B epidermal tissues C Amino acids C parenchyma tissues D Nucleic acids D collenchyma tissues18. Which of the following is incorrect? Chemical Consequence of 21. Cancer is a result of uncontrolled compound deficiency mitosis. It is caused by… Water No chemical reaction occurs P – Changes in the DNA Carbohydrat Cell respiration structure e cannot take place Q – Chemical compounds Protein Plasma membrane R – Carcinogenic compounds are not well formed Lipids Muscle cells cannot contract A P and Q B P and R A C Q and R B D P, Q and R C 22. Which of the following is not an D advantage of cloning? A Clones can be produced in a19. Which of the following body cells of shorter time.humans is not produced by mitosis? B Transgenic crops resistant to herbicides and diseases can be A Skin cell produced. B Sperm C All clones have the same level of C Muscle cell resistance towards certain diseases. D Epithelial cell D Transgenic bacteria can be used to control environmental pollution.4551 Lihat Sebelah SULIT
  5. 5. SULIT 5 4551 was transferred to solution Z and the contractile vacuole contraction was found to be 0 times per minute.23. Diagram 4 shows the materials and Relative to the concentration of the apparatus used in an experiment. The Amoeba’s cytoplasmic contents, solutions X, Visking tube is filled with 50 cm3 of Y and Z are distilled water. Both ends of the visking tube are tied with strings. Solution X Solution Y Solution Z A Isotonic Hypotonic Hypertonic B Hypotonic Hypertonic Isotonic C Hypertonic Hypertonic Isotonic D Hypotonic Hypotonic Hypertonic 25. The vitamin that functions as a coenzyme in cell respiration is A vitamin A B vitamin B C vitamin C D vitamin K Diagram 4 26. Diagram 5 is a graph which shows the Which of the following statement is the result relationship between the rate of reaction of the experiment after 60 minutes? and the substrate concentration when A the sucrose solution level in the beaker factor Y is varied. falls B the distilled water level in the capillary tube rises C the visking tube becomes soft and loosen D the visking tube become firm24. When a freshwater Amoeba was placed in solution X, its contractile vacuole contraction rate was found to be 3 times per minute. The Amoeba was then transferred to solution Y and the Diagram 5 contractile vacuole contraction rate was What is factor Y? found to be 6 times per minute. Finally, it A pH4551 Lihat Sebelah SULIT
  6. 6. SULIT 6 4551B time 28. Which of the following is true about theC inhibitor enzyme and its function?D enzyme concentration Enzyme Function27. Diagram 6 shows the rate of enzyme A Rennin Clots milk B Pepsin Emulsifies milkhydrolysis reactions, R and S in the human C Trypsin Digest fatbody. D Erepsin Hydrolyses fat 29. If cells undergo mitosis repeatedly without undergoing cytokinesis, what will the result be? A the cells will not be able to duplicate DNA B the number of chromosome will decrease C the cells will contain many nuclei D the cells will lack nuclei 30. Which combination of two Diagram 6 monosaccharides below, will produceWhich of the following is true about enzymes sucrose.R and S? A Glucose + Lactose B Glucose + Fructose Enzyme R Enzyme S C Glucose + Glucose Secreted in the Secreted intoA D Fructose + Lactose stomach duodenum The active site The active siteB changes at pH more changes at pH more than 4 than 7C R is trypsin S is lipase Synthesized in the Synthesized in theD rough endoplasmic smooth endoplasmic reticulum reticulum4551 Lihat Sebelah SULIT