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Mapping Content to the Buyer's Journey


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Reach your audience with content that they want to see, when they want to see it. Map your content to the different stages of the buyer's journey - awareness, consideration and decision - to ensure you're showing relevant content to leads who are at different stages in the purchasing process.

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Mapping Content to the Buyer's Journey

  1. 1. Mapping Content to the Buyer’s Journey Presented By: Chad Elmore Director of Communication Pyxl Knoxville
  2. 2. Agenda - What is the Buyer’s Journey? - Content Mapping Methodology - OK so now what? - How to get started
  3. 3. Let’s go on a Journey What do we know about customers? - They’re all looking for stuff. - They sometimes need direction on where to find said stuff. - They do their homework.
  4. 4. What else do we know? 56% of U.S. email users unsubscribe from a business or nonprofit email subscription because of content that is no longer relevant Source: ChadwickMartinBailey
  5. 5. Our new challenge Deliver the right content to the right person at the right time
  6. 6. What is the Buyer’s Journey anyway? Definition: The active research process a potential buyer goes through leading up to a purchase Awareness Stage Decision StageConsideration Stage
  7. 7. The Buyer’s Journey We’re aware of this phenomenon all the time at retail, but it can be applied to the digital space as well
  8. 8. The Buyer’s Journey - What does this mean for marketers? Just as we need the right products in the right place for customers at retail… …we need the right offers, content and education at the right times to nurture leads toward purchase.
  9. 9. Content Mapping MethodologyContent Type Buying Cycle Stage Keywords User Behavior - All three elements are equally weighted
  10. 10. Understanding User Behavior Awareness Stage Mission: Users are seeking eucational, third party, vendor neutral content. Mission: Users are committing to solving their clearly defined problem, more focuzed on solutions & comparisons. Mission: Users are seeking validation in determining their short list and selecting a vendor. Decision StageConsideration Stage But their goals change throughout the buyer’s journey Customers are on a mission!
  11. 11. What type of content? Awareness Stage eGuides eBooks White Papers Webcasts Solution Comparisons White Papers Expert/ Editorial eGuides Vendor/ Product Comparison Case Studies Trial/ Software Downloads Decision StageConsideration Stage As customers approach becoming “purchase ready,” the information they’re served online must adapt to stay relevant.
  12. 12. Keywords Matter Awareness Stage Issue/ Opportunity type terms Troubleshoot Issue Resolve Risks Upgrade Solution type terms Solution Provider Service Supplier Tool Device Comparison / Review type terms Compare Versus Vs. Comparison Pros and Cons Decision StageConsideration Stage- The buyer’s journey should also dictate how you talk about the offer - Titles, email copy, subject lines and landing pages should adjust as users move down the sales funnel
  13. 13. Wait, who are these buyers again? Awareness: I am a buyer aware of a problem or need Consideration: I am a buyer thinking about potential solutions to my problem or need Decision: I am a buyer trying to decide which vendor or product fully meets my need
  14. 14. Ok, so now what? - Meet customers uniquely where they are with the right content.
  15. 15. A real world example Meet Violet - She’s having trouble choosing a landscaper for her home - Done her homework for weeks - Has rare plants and specific concerns - Narrowed her search to 2 vendors, but needs peace of mind
  16. 16. Where is Violet in the buyer’s journey? - Doesn’t need lots of continued nurturing - Is ready to buy - Has short list of vendors selected - Needs to understand ROI and best fit Mission: Users are seeking validation in determining their short list and selecting vendor. Decision Stage
  17. 17. Let’s design an offer Behavior -Needs to decide between vendors Content - Needs real data to validate decision Relevant Keywords -Option 1 vs. Option 2 - Seeking validation - Case study with competitive comparisons - Pros and Cons - Compare
  18. 18. Hey Violet, we have your answer! We’ll start by sending her a targeted email inviting her to “Compare Awesome Landscaping Inc. to the competition” A landing page with even more information about Awesome Landscaping Inc. and how we differ Finally, we’ll deliver the exact resource that moves Violet to make an informed decision
  19. 19. What if Violet doesn’t buy? Remember there are 3 stages in the buyer’s journey! - You may need more compelling Awareness and Consideration stages - Each stage should nurture leads - Too much info too early? “I’m just looking”
  20. 20. How to get started - You probably already have some great content, but in which stage does it fit? - Where are the content gaps? - What are the questions your customers ask themselves?
  21. 21. Analyzing results - Content success can be measured and adjusted! - Let your results drive your content. - Listen to customer feedback
  22. 22. Toolkit - Content is king, but additional tools can help! - Marketing automation platform - PPC advertising - Analytics
  23. 23. Thank You - Your customers are ready and waiting for your content. - We love driving results for clients and would love to work with you! Download your toolkit to get started