The Future of Canada in Space


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A presentation created by NASA Generation Y'ers has influenced three young Canadian engineers in a presentation to the government Industry, Science, and Technology Committee.

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The Future of Canada in Space

  1. / What is Canada’s Vision for Space? May 2008 Jean-Francois Gauthier, COM DEV Sara Poirier, Ontario Science Centre Janine Symanzik, MDA Space Missions
  2. / This presentation outlines the status of Canada in space, why a sustainable Canadian Space Industry is important, ideas on how to engage youth and suggestions for Canada’s future in space from the perspective of three young professionals. 2
  3. / The Status of Canada in Space
  4. / Canada's space investment has declined the most, and is one of the lowest compared with any other G8 nation in absolute terms and per GDP. 4
  5. / The Canadian space industry is a vital part of science and technology innovation in Canada. Canadians are leaders in space robotics, small satellites, Earth observation satellites, telecommunications, LIDARs, terrestrial analogue sites, geomatics and agriculture. “Canada is well respected and eagerly sought after as a partner in the international community because of its niche areas of expertise and reliability”- 2006, Canada’s Strategic Space Investment: past returns and a strategic outlook on future opportunities Canada is uniquely positioned as a close partner within both the United States and European space programs. Canada has the special status of an Associate Member State within the European Space Agency. 5
  6. / Canada was the 3rd Nation in Space 1960s-1970s – Alouette-1 and II, ISIS-1 and II, and Anik Satellites 1980s – Anik Satellites, Canadarm and the Canadian Astronaut program started 1990s – Anik Satellites, RADARSAT 1, Nimiq, MSAT M1 & M2, WINDII, MOPITT 2000s – Canadarm2, MBS, MOST, SCISAT, CanX-1, IBA, Phoenix MET, RADARSAT 2, SPDM, APXS, CanX- 2, CanX-6, and the NLS-4 satellites 6
  7. / There are over 220 space organizations in Canada (Canadian Space Directory - 5 Sectors • 35 Universities • 138 Companies • 28 Federal Entities • Representing 9 Provinces A.U.G. Signals Ltd. ABB Bomem Inc. Absopulse Electronics Ltd Acceso Development Inc. Advantech AMT Advantech Satellite Networks Aerde Environmental Research Agriculture and Agri-Food Canada (AAFC) Alberta Research Council Inc. AstroCom Associates Inc. AstroKeys Inc. Athena Global BGA Inc. BGJLR Inc. BMB Consulting Services Barada Consulting Inc. Best Medical Canada, Ltd. / Thomson Nielsen Blue Sky Spectroscopy Inc. Bristol Aerospace Limited Bubble Technology Industries (BTI) C-CORE CARTEL (Center for applications and research in remote sensing) CIS Scientific Inc. CMC Electronics Inc. CMLabs Simulations Inc. CMTIGroup COM DEV International Ltd. CS Communication and Systems Canada Inc. Calgary Space Frontier Society Canada Centre for Remote Sensing (CCRS-NRCan) Canadian Aeronautics And Space Institute (CASI) Canadian Center for Marine Communications (CCMC) Canadian Coast Guard (CCG) Canadian Commercial Corporation (CCC) Canadian Forest Service (CFS) - (NRCan) Canadian GeoProject Centre (CGPC) Canadian Hydrographic Service (CHS) Canadian Ice Service (CIS) Canadian Space Agency (CSA) Canadian Space Society Canadian Wildlife Service Carleton University Centre for Research in Earth & Space Science (CRESS) Centre for Topographic Information Cesaroni Technology Incorporated Christopher Gainor Research and Communications Ciel Satellite Limited Partnership Cobham Tracking & Locating Ltd. Collaborative Network Technologies, Inc. (ColabNet) Communication Research Centre (CRC) Communications & Power Industries Canada Inc. (CPI) Concordia University Cyrium Technologies DB Geoservices Inc DPL Science Inc. Dalhousie University David Florida Laboratory (DFL) Defence R&D Canada - Ottawa (DRDC) Defence R&D Canada - Valcartier (DRDC) Dendron Resource Surveys Inc. Department of National Defence and the Canadian Forces (DND/CF) Digital Environmental (DEM) Dynacon Inc. EADS Composites Atlantic Limited (CAL) EBA Engineering Consultants Ltd. EMC Consulting EMS SATCOM Earth Imaging Technologies Inc. Ecole Polytechnique de Montréal (Polyvalor) Electrovaya Corp. Enfotec Technical Services Engineering Services Inc. (ESI) Environment Canada (EC) Environmental Conservation Service Envirosat Export Development Canada (EDC) FirstQuintile Information Technologies Inc. Fisheries and Oceans Canada (DFO) Flywheel Energy Systems Inc. Fred Campbell Consultant G.A. Borstad Associates Ltd. GEDEX Inc GEOIDE Network Gain Microwave Corporation Geographic Resources & Integrated Data Solutions Ltd (GRIDS) Geomatics Industry Association of Canada (GIAC) Gigatron Associates Limited Good Vibrations Engineering Inc. (GVE) Guigné International Ltd. Géoid Inc. HaiVision Systems Inc. Harder Gissing Machine Hatfield Consultants Ltd. Hyperspectral Imaging Limited IMP Group Limited, Aerospace Division INFOTIERRA Inc. INO (National Optics Institute) INRS - Eau, Terre & Environnement ITRES Research Limited Icomposites Inc. InCoreTec Inc. (Cold Region Research & Technology) Industry Canada Institut national de la recherche scientifique (INRS) Integrity Testing Laboratory Inc. (ITL) InterTronic Solutions Inc. Intermap Technologies International Datacasting Corporation International Ocean- Colour Coordinating Group (IOCCG) International Satellite System For Search and Rescue Juch-Tech Inc. Keystep Growth & Finance Kim Geomatics Corporation L-3 Communications MAPPS Inc. Lapp-Hancock Associates Limited Larus Technologies Corporation Leon Bronstein Consulting Inc. MAYA Heat Transfer Technologies Ltd MDA MIR Télédétection inc. MPB Communications Inc. MTain Inc. Manitoba Remote Sensing Centre (MRSC) Mantrix Inc. Martec Limited McGill University McMaster University Measurand Inc. Memorial University of Newfoundland Meteorological Service of Canada (MSC) Middlebrook Engineering Inc. Milebrook Technology Inc. Mobile Satellite Ventures (MSV) Mount Allison University (MTA) NDV Project Management Services Inc (NDV Inc) NGC Aerospace Ltd. NRCan Earth Sciences Sector NRCan Geological Survey of Canada (GSC) NRCan Geomatics Canada National Research Council of Canada (NRC) National Water Research Institute (NWRI) Natural Resources Canada (NRCan) Neptec Design Group Nodrahc Technologies Inc. Noetix Research Inc. Northern Centre for Advanced Technology Inc. (NORCAT) NovAtel Inc. Nova-Consult Consulting Novra Technologies Inc. OEA Technologies Incorporated Ontario Centres of Exellence Inc. (OCE Inc.) Opal-RT Technologies Inc. Opossum Optech Optimec Consultants inc. PCI Geomatics PKL Technologies Inc. ParBleu Technologies Parks Canada Agency Paterson, Grant & Watson Limited PhiloSoft Inc. Prairie Geomatics Precarn Incorporated Price Aerospadef Inc. Proceco Ltd. QCD Management Queen's University R.B. Boulton And Associates ROSTAR Precision Inc. ROUTES AstroEngineering Ltd. Reach Technologies Inc. Ryerson University SED Systems SESS Canada SPACEPOL Editeurs Universitaires Academic Publishing/Government Policy Co Sciencetech Inc. Sigmaplus Inc. Simon Fraser University Skywave Mobile Communications Inc. SoftMap Technologies Inc. SoftSim Technologies Inc. Space Control & Communication Systems (SCCS) Spectral Applied Research Inc. Square Peg Communications Inc. Synetix Inc. Sysacom R&D plus inc. Telesat Canada Telespace Ltd. Telops Inc. TeraXion Inc. Timberline Natural Resource Group Trent University University of Alberta University of British Columbia University of Calgary University of Guelph University of Lethbridge University of Manitoba University of New Brunswick (UNB) University of Ontario Institute of Technology (UOIT) University of Ottawa University of Saskatchewan University of Toronto University of Toronto Astronomy and Space Exploration Society (ASX) University of Toronto Institute for Aerospace Studies(UTIAS) University of Victoria University of Waterloo University of Western Ontario University of Winnipeg Université Laval Université de Moncton Université de Montréal Université de Sherbrooke Université du Québec Université du Québec - Ecole de technologie supérieure Université du Québec à Montréal (UQAM) VIASAT Géo-Technologie Inc. Vexcel Canada Waves in Space Corporation Xiphos Technologies Inc. (XipLink Inc.) Xwave Solutions York University 7
  8. / “Canada's space industry generates roughly $2.5 billion in annual revenues, 50% of which are from exports, the highest ratio in the world.“ - Guy Bujold, President, Canadian Space Agency 8
  9. / Canada is a leading partner in: The Global Exploration Strategy Framework In 2007, 14 Space Agencies collaborated to create a framework document for coordination • Moon as stepping stone to Mars • Sustained surface exploration • Evolutionary human-robotic exploration 9
  10. / The Benefits for Canada in Space 10
  11. / Canadian Pride, Sovereignty, Defence, Space Infrastructure 11
  12. / Canadian Innovation Canadian investment in innovation in space is also an investment in other science & technology sectors 12
  13. / Spin-off Technologies Mining Nuclear Medical 13
  14. / Monitoring the Environment “We can't solve problems by using the same kind of thinking we used when we created them.”– Albert Einstein 14
  15. / International Visibility and Leadership 15
  16. / Canadian innovations in space are a magnet for drawing youth into science and technology 16
  17. / Engage and Empower Canadian Youth Through Education and the Media 17
  18. / Canadians are pioneers on the leading-edge of innovation and discovery; expanding the frontiers of knowledge Engaging the next generation is not just an opportunity; it is our responsibility 18
  19. / Informal Education Wireless Networks & the Internet • Field diaries & Pod Casts • Virtual tours/VR simulations • Networked gaming & Online forums • ‘Citizen Science’ initiatives Youth organizations can coordinate forums and discussions • Students commission of Canada • grassroots youth collaborative Science Centres and Museums • Public ‘design challenges’ based on space exploration • CASC-partnered traveling exhibition on Canada in Space • Free public Star Parties 19
  20. / Formal Education Universities • Engineering design competitions • Internships at R&D facilities • Conferences & Workshops • Symposia & Publications K-12 • Web-based teacher resources • Internships at R&D facilities • Scheduled live-feed Q&A sessions with researchers. 20
  21. / Media Strategy • Incentives for Canadian content (Discovery Channel Canada, TVO: Heads Up!) • Reality-based program on CSA’s Astronaut recruitment • Workshops on media and public relations for researchers in related areas of research • Internships for science journalists • Social media: Facebook & Twitter The Discovery Channel’s Journalist's Workshop at Race to Mars series Cornell NASA Generation Y Presentation 21
  22. / What is Canada’s Future in Space? Satellite Communications Earth Observation Science & Exploration 22
  23. / Canada’s Future in Space is… Expanding on Canadian heritage: • Commercial Space Applications • Satellite Communications • Satellite Technologies 23
  24. / Building and Utilizing Earth Observation Payloads • SAR Constellations, Hyperspectral Remote Sensing • Develop Geomatics capabilities Disaster Management, Weather Monitoring, Search & Rescue, Wildlife, Ice and Maritime Surveillance, Agriculture, Fisheries, Forests… 24
  25. / Generating Advancements in: Space Medicine Space Life Sciences Space Physical Sciences 25
  26. / Expanding Canada’s role in: • Orbital Infrastructure – rendezvous, servicing & assembly • Science Instruments • Small Satellites 26
  27. / …the next Canadarm • Robotic Orion Servicing Module • Manned Lunar Rover NASA/JSC Ensuring the Future of the Canadian Astronaut Program 27
  28. / National Prestige through International Partnerships Space Science and Planetary Exploration Missions James Webb Space Telescope ExoMars Rover 28
  29. / The Exploration and Development of Space is our Future 29
  30. / Canadians have the potential to be leaders in space which can inspire and benefit generations to come. 30
  31. / Realizing Canada’s Vision for Space Enhance public outreach funding to empower and engage youth in Canada’s vision for space. Reassert Canadian leadership and excellence in satellite communications, Earth observation and space science and exploration. Increase the space budget and commit to sustained funding to create an internationally competitive and prosperous Canadian space industry to realize Canada’s vision for space. 31
  32. / “To confine our attention to terrestrial matters would be to limit the human spirit” – Stephen Hawking 32