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Annie gets a new frisbee final[2]


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Published in: Business, Lifestyle, Spiritual
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Annie gets a new frisbee final[2]

  1. 1. Proprietary and Confidential Using Bitcoin to Pay on Annie Needs a New Frisbee David S. Evans (aka Annie’s Dad)
  2. 2. Proprietary and Confidential Annie Needs a New Frisbee
  3. 3. Proprietary and Confidential Dad Goes to to Find One
  4. 4. Proprietary and Confidential Dad Buys Frisbee for Annie at Bitcoin payment button “powered by Coinbase”
  5. 5. Proprietary and Confidential Dad Uses His Awesome Coinbase Wallet to Pay on Signed in with my Coinbase wallet
  6. 6. Proprietary and Confidential What If Dad Didn’t Have a Coinbase Wallet? Can go to Coinbase and buy bitcoins OR use your bitcoin address if you already have bitcoins
  7. 7. Proprietary and Confidential Overstock Receives $18.94 Guaranteed in Dollars, Not Bitcoins FROM COINBASE
  8. 8. Proprietary and Confidential Overstock sends Annie her Frisbee, notes price in $ 8 |
  9. 9. Proprietary and Confidential Coinbase debits Dad 0.32BTC to give Overstock $18.94 9 |
  10. 10. Proprietary and Confidential Annie Gets Her New Frisbee Only dog in the neighborhood with a Frisbee purchased with bitcoin. But, not surprisingly, Annie is a Dogecoin supporter. Great Frisbee, but why didn’t Dad use use Dogecoin? NottherealAnnieortherealFrisbee.TobereplacedwhentheFrisbee arrives
  11. 11. Proprietary and Confidential The Results 11 | Annie’s happy with her new Frisbee Overstock gets $18.94, not 0.32 BTC; gets currency it can use and avoids all exchange risk Dad gets to use his cool Coinbase wallet Dad has to play endless games of Frisbee with Annie on top of getting trash talked by Overstock CEO
  12. 12. Proprietary and Confidential Note: All photos used with the explicit permission of Annie For more information on how to book Annie for any of your upcoming corporate events, please contact 12 |