How POS Went Mobile - MPOS a Year in Review


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The mPOS space has been one of the fastest growing and most exciting sectors in payments since 2012, moving into global markets, offering increased value-adds and expanding with an ever-evolving cast of players. Examine this transition in detail with a new Infographic that illustrates the names and numbers you need to know.

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How POS Went Mobile - MPOS a Year in Review

  1. 1. HOW POS WENT MOBILE A YEAR IN REVIEW PLAYERS IN THE mPOS SPACE ROAM launches ROAMPAY X4 and RP350x Square on track to process $10 BILLION ANNUALLY 28% The company has shipped roughly 2 MILLION READERS since 2009. of North American retailers plan to adopt Mobile POS Square on track to process $15 BILLION ANNUALLY The Mobile POS market will surpass SQUARE STAND LAUNCHED $2 BILLION in SUBWAY announces they will leverage ROAM’s mPOS solution to provide its franchisees with business continuity, new revenue streams and the opportunity to extend its brand reach beyond the store. hardware/software sales in North America in 2013 PayPal launched Beacon ROAM announced partnership with Merchant Warehouse Danish mPOS Wallmob gets $1.2 MILLION in seed funding for iPad stand TYPES OF MERCHANTS 40% Micro Merchants Major Merchants and Retailers Office Depot, JC Penny, Urban Outfitters. Nordstrom has deployed over 6,000 mPOS throughout 117 full line stores of small and mediumsized businesses accept payments with a mobile credit card reader, Independent sellers (Farmers Markets, personal trainers) 16% Mobile salespeople of businesses plan to add capability within the next year. Small merchants Restaurants and Bars QSRs and medium sized restaurants (IE fitness center, salon) USE CASES ENABLE CARD PAYMENTS Centralized Technology Platform 2/3 of have indicated that they've implemented or planing to implement mPOS mPOS will Replace existing POS in some large retail and many small and medium sized businesses. Out of Store merchant solutions, home services, delivery and direct selling 85% of larger retailers suggest that in 3 years, Mobile POS will serve as additional transaction Checkout function, sales reps with mobile devices points in their stores, rather than as replacements for traditional fixed POS stations. TYPES OF SOLUTIONS ENABLE PAYMENT ACCEPTANCE Security encrpytion Invoicing Network that serves both the merchant/ SMB and consumer Send receipts Enable Payment acceptance Loyalty and Marketing programs Line busting, inventory management and retail floor support GEOGRAPHIES Mexico iZettle in June Latin America Payleven expands to new countries and lands in Brazil India Ezetap launches. South Africa Nedbank mPOS launches in South Africa It’s the first mPOS in India Continued development in these countries, additional players enter the market. Swiff partners with Affinitas to launch mPOS in Mexico. 19 Million US merchants don't accept electronic payments. That’s a $1.1 trillion market opportunity. Mobile point of sale terminals increased more than 100% from 2011 to 2012 worldwide. = 1 Million Brought to you by: