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pymetrics: using science + technology to improve recruiting for all

Using proven neuroscience and big data, pymetrics matches candidates to jobs and companies where they'll perform at the highest levels. We assess career aptitude in candidates with proprietary neuroscience games, the latest scientific innovation in cognitive and personality assessment. We create data-driven profiles from top employees’ performance on the games to find top-suited job candidates. Companies using pymetrics see massive efficiency gains in recruiting and overall performance management, and employees have fun in the process too!

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pymetrics: using science + technology to improve recruiting for all

  1. 1. use science to match candidates + companies
  2. 2. current recruiting process information overload 250 resumes : 1 job time spent per resume: 6 s poor information “all resumes look the same” “do GPA/test scores matter? ” >60% applicants cut at resume stage high cost of turnover <200% of employee’s annual salary lost high turnover rate 30-50% of candidates fail within 1st year
  3. 3. perils of the job search “Does anyone even look at my resume?” “How do I know which job is right for me?” “I think my resume just goes into a black hole.”
  4. 4. the pain is felt by companies too “all resumes look the same!” “are we missing top candidates?” “do test scores and GPAs really predict job performance?” “we want more diverse candidates!” “will this person be a cultural fit?”
  5. 5. everything in our lives is now personalized personalizes your movie choices personalizes your date selection personalizes your shopping
  6. 6. but not the job search experience
  7. 7. web 3.0: LinkedIn + OkCupid Careers Dating Listings Search Matching
  8. 8. 8 pymetrics makes recruiting fun simple personalized efficient
  9. 9. by improving it with assessment through neuroscience + matching through data science
  10. 10. the science behind platform neuroscience games to assess candidates data science algorithms to predict company + career fit
  11. 11. candidates assessed using games that cannot be faked no self-report questionnaires!
  12. 12. assessment factors 50 key cognitive + emotional traits cognitive emotional processing speed pattern recognition risk profile trust continuous attention ability to avoid distraction reward sensitivity altruism impulsivity cognitive control perseverance tolerance for ambiguity working memory planning emotional sensitivity ability to delay gratification memory span sequencing emotional identification learning from feedback cognitive flexibility learning creativity learning from mistakes
  13. 13. we build data-driven profiles from successful employees to recommend similar candidates
  14. 14. profiles built + matches made company candidates neuroscience games for assessment employees take tests candidates take tests data science for profiling job /company profiles built candidate profile generated marketplace for matching match made 1 2 3
  15. 15. supercharge your resume screenings using pymetrics instead of resume review found students who were 3x more likely to end up getting an offer than the average student cost savings: ~$50K
  16. 16. select better candidates to interview adding pymetrics to resume review increased the yield of interview to offer by 2x cost savings: ~$440K
  17. 17. don’t miss top talent 35% of candidates rejected at screening went to work for competitors pymetrics cut the rate to 10%
  18. 18. find interns more likely to convert 100% 80% 60% 40% 20% 0% firm’s actual rate pymetrics top fit rate % conversion of summer associates to full-time hires firm's actual rate using pymetrics consulting profile ~$1.6M in savings for intern program costs and recruitment of replacements
  19. 19. measure cultural fit 100% 80% 60% 40% 20% 0% rd 1 rejects hired by competitors offers declined offers accepted pymetrics identifies which candidates will be a better cultural fit
  20. 20. increase diversity • students at schools you don’t currently recruit • students who may not apply through standard channels • students whose resumes are non-traditional • organizations fostering diversity in the workplace we test our models to ensure no gender or ethnic biases
  21. 21. a personalized marketplace where students discover new companies + careers companies source new candidates
  22. 22. students come for career assessment 22
  23. 23. companies source top-fit candidates companies discover students companies source fit students who might not otherwise apply who are at schools a company might not normally access students discover careers pymetrics marketplace we market to students who get general career suggestions who are matched with companies that have pymetrics profiles
  24. 24. who we are Julie Yoo, PhD Co-Founder, CSO team Frida Polli, PhD, MBA Co-Founder, CEO Matthew Malter Cohen, PhD Head of Data Product Jessica Barrett, MBA Head of BD/Marketing John Salvatore, Lead Developer Fedor Garin Lead Developer investors Bob Pittman clients + partners press Naveed Jooma Lead Developer
  25. 25. progress to date 25 25k 25 15 schools users industry profiles company profiles Northwestern U of Chicago UMich @ Ann Arbor Brandeis Brown Dartmouth Harvard MIT UVA Duke Emory University of Texas @ Austin Stanford UC Berkeley UCLA Columbia Cornell NYU, UPenn Princeton Yale Carnegie Mellon Indiana U @ Bloomington roll out to 20 additional schools in fall 2014