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Digital credentials with digital badges for the future of digital fabrication


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Conference DigiFabCon 2019

Published in: Technology
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Digital credentials with digital badges for the future of digital fabrication

  1. 1. DigiFabCon 2019 Digital credentials with digital badges for the future of digital fabrication Geoffroi Garon-Épaule, M.A., PhD Candidate Researcher and PhD Candidate in communication, UQAM (Montréal, Canada) Entrepreneur – Human Capital Valorization, Digital Pygmalion Conference | Pittsburg, Pennsylvania, USA, April 4, 2019 How Digital Badges and New Learning Opportunities Foster the New Collar Workforce
  2. 2. 15 years in digital consulting (SME, Education, Health, Culture) 8 years in Open innovation (Living Lab, Fab Lab, Blockchain, AI) 4 years in Digital Badges (Startup + PhD) Profile
  3. 3. PhD codirection Pierre-Léonard Harvey Organizational Communication Community Informatics Design Applied to Digital Social Systems (Springer) Ann-Louise Davidson Educational Technology
  4. 4. Hub for experimentation and training in technological and social open innovation 8 2011 First in Canada 2010 Communautique / echoFab 2015-2019 Fab16 + FabCity In Montreal, Canada in 2020 Social inclusion – Education – Economy – Digital Fabrication
  5. 5. Fab Lab in Montreal, Canada
  6. 6. “Learning-centered and competency-based ecosystem with #openbadges standard as a common language, common design principles and commonly shared commitment.” Chris Strurgis @sturgis_chris #IMSsummit Digital Credential Summit 2019 What will it take to design a K-16 - Career Economic driving ecosystem ? With #openbadges you can generate and validate many different credentials and connect them on learning/doing pathways using #openpathways.“ Wayne Skipper @ConcentricSky #IMSsummit
  7. 7. Digital badges
  8. 8. A digital badge is a standardized portable file (web page or image) that encapsulates rich information (description, criteria, repository, context, evidence, endorsement) with structured data (metadata). Digital Badges The use of Open Badges standard, created by Mozilla in 2011, validates and encrypts this information in the file.
  9. 9. +
  10. 10. Specification describes a method for packaging information Code behind the badge (JSON-LD)
  11. 11. A digital badge system is a web platform that consists of a dashboard for organizations to create and grant digital badges, and a portfolio for learners (or workers, organizations, products) to store, manage and share their digital badges on the Internet. Digital Badges System
  12. 12. (by Erik Knutson, Concentric Sky) The Open Badges Ecosystem
  13. 13. Digital Badge Porfolio
  14. 14. Digital Badge
  15. 15. Evidence associated with a badge Image Text Video PDF
  16. 16. Badge Factor The Badge Factor WordPress plugin is a turnkey solution for implementing a digital badge system. It’s a open source project. Dashboard + ePortfolio Badge Factor 2.0 (Mai 2019)
  17. 17. Badge Factor
  18. 18. Public education, social engagement (volunteering), learning spaces (Fab Lab, Living Lab), online training (applications, MOOC) Improve talent management, increase organizational effectiveness and marketing Support and motivate students, customize learning, complement (co-curriculum) 3 Contexts of Use of digital credential Academia Workplace Society
  19. 19. 3 Uses of Digital Badges Evaluate Communicate Structure Motivation Recognition Certification Data Artefact Portfolio Learning Organization Ecosystem
  20. 20. The value is built around relationships among the different actors and the ecosystem that support digital badges. Issuer : Create and awards the badge Earner : Receive and communicate the badge Consumer : Recognize the value of the badge Earner Issuer Consumer Trust ecosystem Digital badge value
  21. 21. CADRE21 Teacher Professional development
  22. 22. CADRE21Teacher Professional Development Mai 2018 : 775 comptes enregistrés et près de 400 badges obtenus
  23. 23. CADRE21 Digital badge
  24. 24. CADRE21 Certificate
  25. 25. IBM Digital Badges Program IBM have more than 1600 different digital badges. 2,000,000 issued badges!
  26. 26. IBM Design Thinking Practitioner
  27. 27. Entreprise Design Thinking Program
  28. 28. • Microsoft • Oracle • Cisco • Autodesk • Adobe • HR Certification Institute Corporate digital badges
  29. 29. badgetheworld Knowledge Base Wiki
  30. 30. badgetheworld Digital Badges Around the World
  31. 31. New Collar WorkForce Additive Manufacturing
  32. 32. Foundations of 3D Printing
  33. 33. Metals Additive Manufacturing Training
  34. 34. Fundamentals in Additive Manufacturing One Day Workshop + exam
  35. 35. Additive Manufacturing project
  36. 36. • Fundamentals of FDM • CAM for FDM • Design for FDM • Post-Processing for FDM • Maintenance and Troubleshooting of FDM • Safety of FDM • Review of Brand Differences of FDM • Customer Service Interaction • Reading FDM 3d Printer Schematics Additive Manufacturing program 9 modules, 4-8 weeks in Fab Lab, connect and endorse by industries
  37. 37. Visual Design v0.5
  38. 38. Fundamentals FDM Description •What is an FDM printer? And how does it work? •Application of CAD including file formats, etc. •Materials •Anatomy of FDM printers •Orientation of prints •Supports and types of supports •Calibration •Quality of prints •Material loading/unloading •Troubleshooting printing + Issuer description : North American Digital Fabrication Alliance + Host Fab Lab Description : X Fab Lab + Endorser Description : America Makes
  39. 39. Digital Badges In Fab Lab People Learn Make Connect Tools Process • Portfolio • Skills • Achivement • Technical • Access • Security • Instructional Design • Certification • Pathway • Recognition • Learning by doing • Academic • Organisation • Endorsment • Business Model
  40. 40. Change the narratives SPACE EARTH
  41. 41. et-son-terreau-tres-fertile-pour-une-ville-resiliente/ FabCity Mouvement
  42. 42. FairPhone
  43. 43. Lufa Farm
  44. 44. Generation 1 - Digitize skill, Certification, Achievement / Mapping / Open standard Generation 2 - Pathways learning / Structuring / Ecosystem / Skill Gap / Blockchain, Analytic Web, Deep learning Generation 3 - Social role design / Skill as an entity / Artificial intelligence / “I know Kung Fu” Learning Digital credential vertical innovation
  45. 45. Mouvement des FabCity SolarPunk – Cancel the apocalypse
  46. 46. Geoffroi Garon-Épaule, M.A., Ph.D Candidate @geoffroigaron - Researcher and Ph.D candidate in Communication, UQAM Entrepreneur, Digital Pygmalion E-mail : Phone : +1 514 773-3332 Thanks This work shall be made available in accordance with the Licence Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 International.