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Presentaciones english

  1. 1. Presentations David Harrison
  2. 2. • Clarity • Brevity • and repetitition, repetitition, repetition. David Harrison 3 keys to public speaking
  3. 3. • training • perseverance • practice David Harrison
  4. 4. Why should I listen to you? www.casapygmalion. com David Harrison
  5. 5. Elevator pitch
  6. 6. Route Map Subject: Requested by: Objectives: What result do we want? Messages What should they understand 1 2 3 Facts, stories, anecdotes... 1 2 3 David Harrison
  7. 7. •who are you ? •why are you here? •what are you going to talk about? •Why should they listen to you C U E R P O A well shaped body is very important:Structure your points in the following fashion:MAIN POINT + SUPPORTING IDEA + EVIDENCEMAIN POINT + SUPPORTING IDEA + EVIDENCESignpost your points carefully. Conc An introductory signpost.A brief summary of your main points, central theme and opinions.A strong finishing sentence to let people know you’ve finished. Intro body David Harrison
  8. 8. who? what? how? David Harrison
  9. 9. signpost main point support facts David Harrison
  10. 10. signpost summary message signpost David Harrison
  11. 11. Emphasis It was a success It was a huge success It was a huge success David Harrison
  12. 12. • Eye contact • Facial expression • Hands • Movement • Posture David Harrison
  13. 13. • Tripling • Rhetorical Questions • Machine Gunning • Dramatic Contrast • Emphasis • Repetition David Harrison Some Language Strategies
  14. 14. • Repetition Repetition........ Repetition allows us to reinforce the main ideas of the sentence. Sales are ..... sales are up because • ‘TRIPLING’ We can survive the crisis with ime, effort and efficiency This masters will give me .... David Harrison
  15. 15. • I came, I saw, I conquered. • Tell me and I forget, show me and I remember; involve me and I understand. • Governement of the people, by the people, for the people. • Machine gunning • Es mas fácil, más eficaz, más barato, más intenso, más bonito Y mejor diseñado que cualquier otro producto en el mercado ¿Qué más puedo decir? David Harrison
  16. 16. Why do ask rhetorical questions? David Harrison
  17. 17. • Dramatic Contrast “A small step for man, a giant leap for mankind” Who was the second man on the moon David Harrison
  18. 18. Dividir tu presentación en trozos cómodos y fáciles de pronunciar te ayudará a la hora de controlar el discurso. Con la ayuda del ordenador se escribe el texto de la presentación como si fuera verso. • La bebida más popular del mundo es agua. Probablemente ya lo sabías. De hecho, es un requerimiento básico de la vida en la tierra. ¿Pero sabias que la segunda bebida más popular es Coca Cola? Y que la raza humana consume seis cientos millones de Coca Colas al día. Ahora, vamos a ponerlo en perspectiva. • Después de trocear aparecerá de la siguiente manera: • La bebida más popular del MUNDO • es AGUA…. David Harrison
  19. 19. • Body Language • Hands • Movement • Posture David Harrison
  20. 20. communication is 38% - tone of voice 7% - words 55% - body language Professor Mehrabian ucla David Harrison
  21. 21. Drucker says …… • “The communications gap within institutions and between groups has been widening steadily — to the point where it threatens to become an unbridgeable gulf of total misunderstanding.” David Harrison
  22. 22. • Establish credibility • look for common ground • use lively language, anecdotes, stories rather than arguments. • Connect emotionally with the audieince. David Harrison