Inter-Sport Fantasy 2012 - How to play


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Basic run down of the elements involved in playing Inter-Sports Fantasy.

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Inter-Sport Fantasy 2012 - How to play

  1. 1. Inter-Sports Fantasy 2012<br />How it works...<br />* Playing<br />Each manager drafts 24 players from 10 major international sports around the world with a maximum of 6 per sport. <br />The 10 sports that managers trade between are:<br />Golf – PGA Tour<br />Tennis – ATP tour<br />Football – Soccer’s Premier League and Internationals.<br />Football - NFL<br />Rugby – International and Super Rugby<br />Basketball - NBA<br />Baseball - MLB<br />Cricket – International and IPL 20/20<br />Hockey – NHL <br />Manager’s Choice<br />
  2. 2. Inter-Sports Fantasy 2012<br />How it works...<br />* Playing<br />Each round you will name 12 starting players from the sporting events happening that week along with 1 captain. <br />There is a maximum of 3 players per sport in the starting team.<br />Most rounds have between 4-6 sports happening so you might have 2-3 players in each code. <br />Trading will be unlimited for Team – Player pool trades and Team-Team trades are limited to 2 per round.<br />
  3. 3. A starting team sheet may look like this:<br />All round’s sports<br />Players scoring points<br />Max 3. per sport.<br />
  4. 4. Inter-Sports Fantasy 2012<br />How it works...<br />* Scoring<br />Since it is difficult to translate scoring stats between sports, scoring will be done on the selected players weekly stats and fantasy rankings. Basically the higher your player finishes in their sport the more points they get. <br />There are also bonus points for making scoring plays which include:<br /><ul><li>Rugby – Tries.
  5. 5. Cricket – 50s or 5 wicket bags.
  6. 6. Golf – Eagles or lower.
  7. 7. NFL – Touch downs.
  8. 8. NHL – Goals.
  9. 9. NBA – 20 point games.
  10. 10. MBA – Home runs or shut outs.
  11. 11. Tennis – Victories by 6-love.
  12. 12. Soccer – Goals.</li></li></ul><li>The top 3 ranked and selected players in each sport score points:<br />Players ranking are determined by the following methods:<br />
  13. 13. Inter-Sports Fantasy 2012<br />How it works...<br />* Manager’s Choice<br />Every manager will have 1 or more Manager’s Choice Options. This means you can choose any random sporting event and get first choice at a participating athlete. (Providing the event takes place within the space of 1 round and we can get a full player list for it.)<br />An example of this might be a certain manager choosing the Olympic men's 100m. That manager would lay out the gamble i.e. the winner of the race and then get the 1st choice of player.<br />Another example might be a boxing match, however sports with limited player participation have lesser points for ranking.<br />
  14. 14. Inter-Sports Fantasy 2012<br />How it works...<br />* Schedule<br />Leagues will run year long but will be divided up into 4 phases in order for managers to enter and exit as they wish as well as manage their preferred events. Each phase has 10-12 weekly rounds in it.<br />Phase 1: Jan 2nd – Mar 18th (Including Golf - WGC,Tennis – Aus Open, NHL, Cricket, Premier League, NFL, NBA, Six Nations Rugby.)<br />Phase 2: Mar 21st– May 28th (Including Golf Masters,French Open, NHL, Cricket, Premier League Football, NFL, NBA, MLB, Super Rugby.)<br />Phase 3: June 4th – Aug 12th (Including US/British Open,Wimbledon, Cricket, Premier League Football, NBA, MLB, Super Rugby, Olympics.)<br />Phase 4: Aug 13th – Dec 30th (Including Golf Tour Championship,TennisUS Open, NHL, Cricket, Premier League Football, NFL, MLB, 4 Nations Rugby.)<br />Managers will play for weekly and overall phase placings. <br />
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