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Data visualization by Kenneth Odoh


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Data Visualization in Python/ Django presentation from PyCon Finland 2012

Published in: Technology
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Data visualization by Kenneth Odoh

  1. 1. Data Visualization in Python/ Django By KENNETH EMEKA ODOH By KENNETH EMEKA ODO
  2. 2. Table of ContentsIntroductionMotivationMethodAppendicesConclusionReferences
  3. 3. Introduction My background Requirements( Python, Django, Matplotlib, ajax ) and other third-party libraries. What this talk is about ( we will be restricted to python, matplotlib and django ). What this talk is not about ( we are not trying to re-implement Google analytics ). Source codes are available at ( alk ).
  4. 4. MOTIVATIONThere is a need to represent the business analytic data in a graphical form. This is because a picture speaks more than a thousand words. Source:
  5. 5. Where do we finddata? Source:
  6. 6. Sources of Data• CSV• DATABASES
  7. 7. Steps for data gathering Identify the data source. Preprocessing of the data ( removing nulls, wide characters ) e.g. Google refine. Actual data processing ( perform some statistical analysis ). Present the clean data in descriptive format. i.e Data visualization See Appendix 1
  8. 8. Visual Representation of data  Charts / Diagram format  Texts format  Tables  Log filesSource: Source:
  9. 9. Categorization of data Real-time ( generating charts on real time. This can also include mechanism for refreshing the site to get the latest chart ). See Appendix 2 Batch-based ( create charts from csv file. Example in my blog) See Appendix 2
  10. 10. Rules of Data Collection Keep data in the easiest process able form e.g database, csv Keep data collected with timestamp. The time that the data is collected or processed, for filtering . Gather data that are relevant to the business needs. Ensure that whenever the data grows so large. You have to prune some stale or old data that are no longer needed.
  11. 11. Where is the data visualization done? Server See Appendix from 2 - 6 Client Examples of Javascript library DS.js ( ) gRaphael.js ( )
  12. 12. Factors to Consider forChoice of Visualization Where do we perform the visualization processing? Is it Server or Client?It depends Security Scalability
  13. 13. Tools needed for dataanalysis Csvkit ( networkx (graphs) (spatial analysis) ( pySAL ( )
  14. 14. AppendicesLet the codes begin
  15. 15. Appendix 1## This describes a scatter plot of solar radiation against the month.This aim to describe the steps of data gathering.CSV file from data sciencehackathon website. The source code is available in a folder named“plotCode”impoqv cuvfqommavplovlib.backendu.backend_aggimpoqv FigtqeCanvauAgg au FigtqeCanvaufqom mavplovlib.figtqe impoqv FigtqedefpqepaqeLiuv(monvh_mouv_common_liuv): Pqepaqe vhe inptv foq pqoceuu byqemoving all tnneceuuaqy valteu.Replace "NA" sivh 0 otvptv_liuv = [] foq x in monvh_mouv_common_liuv: if x != NA: otvptv_liuv.append(x)
  16. 16. Appendix 1 contd.def plovSolaqRadiavionAgainuvMonvh(filename): vqainRosReadeq =cuv.qeadeq(open(filename, qb), delimiveq=,) monvh_mouv_common_liuv = [] Solaq_qadiavion_64_liuv = [] foq qos in vqainRosReadeq: monvh_mouv_common = qos[3] Solaq_qadiavion_64 = qos[6]monvh_mouv_common_liuv.append(monvh_mouv_common)Solaq_qadiavion_64_liuv.append(Solaq_qadiavion_64) #conveqv all elemenvu in vhe liuv vo floavshile ukipping vhe fiquv elemenv foq vhe 1uvelemenv iu a deucqipvion of vhe field. monvh_mouv_common_liuv = [floav(i) foq i inpqepaqeLiuv(monvh_mouv_common_liuv)[1:] ] Solaq_qadiavion_64_liuv = [floav(i) foq i inpqepaqeLiuv(Solaq_qadiavion_64_liuv)[1:] ] fig=Figtqe() ax=fig.add_utbplov(111) vivle=Scavveq Diagqam of uolaq qadiavionagainuv monvh of vhe yeaq ax.uev_xlabel(Mouv common monvh) ax.uev_ylabel(Solaq Radiavion) fig.utpvivle(vivle, fonvuize=14) vqy:
  17. 17. Appendix 2Fqom vhe pqojecv in foldeqnamed WebMonivoqclauu LoadEvenv:def fillMonivoqModel(uelf): foq monObj inuelf.monivoqObjLiuv: mObj =Monivoq(tql =monObj[2], hvvpSvavtu =monObj[0], qeuponueTime =monObj[1], convenvSvavtu =monObj[5])
  18. 18. Appendix 3fqom django.hvvp impoqv HvvpReuponuefqom mavplovlib.backendu.backend_aggimpoqv FigtqeCanvauAgg au FigtqeCanvaufqommavplovlib.figtqeimpoqv Figtqefqom YAAS.uvavu.modelu impoqvRegiuveqedUueq, OnlineUueq, SvavBid #ucavveq diagqam ofntmbeq of bidu made againuv ntmbeq of online tuequ# seekly qepoqv@uvaff_membeq_qertiqeddef seeklyScavveqOnlinUuqBid(qerteuv, seek_no): page_vivle=Weekly Scavveq Diagqam baued on Onlinetueq vequeu Bid seekno=seek_no fig=Figtqe() ax=fig.add_utbplov(111) yeaq=uvav.gevYeaq() onlUueqObj =OnlineUueq.objecvu.filveq(seek=seekno).filveq(yeaq=yeaq) bidObj =SvavBid.objecvu.filveq(seek=seekno).filveq(yeaq=yeaq) onlUueqliuv =liuv(onlUueqObj.valteu_liuv(no_of_online_tueq, flav=Tqte)) bidliuv =liuv(bidObj.valteu_liuv(no_of_bidu, flav=Tqte)) vivle=Scavveq Diagqam of ntmbeq of online Uueqagainuv ntmbeq of bidu (seek {0l){1l.foqmav(seekno,yeaq) ax.uev_xlabel(Ntmbeq of online Uuequ) ax.uev_ylabel(Ntmbeq of Bidu) fig.utpvivle(vivle, fonvuize=14) vqy: ax.ucavveq(onlUueqliuv, bidliuv) excepv ValteEqqoq: pauu
  19. 19. Appendix 4# Example of how database may be deleted to recover some space.From folder named “YAAS”. Check, mintve=30, day_of_seek=0))def deleveOldIvemuandBidu(): htndeqedandvsenvydayu =davevime.voday() -davevime.vimedelva(dayu=120) myIvem =Ivem.objecvu.filveq(end_dave__lve=htndeqedandvsenvydayu ).deleve() myBid =Bid.objecvu.filveq(end_dave__lve=htndeqedandvsenvydayu).deleve()#poptlave vheqegiuveqedtueq and onlinetueq modelav qegtlaq inveqvalu
  20. 20. Appendix 5Check project inYAAS/stats/for more information onstatistical processing
  21. 21. Appendix 6 # how to refresh the views in django. To keep the charts. updated. See WebMonitor project {% exvendu "baue.hvml" %l {% block uive_sqappeq %l <div id="meuuageu">Updaving vableu ...</div> <ucqipv> ftncvion qefqeuh() { $.ajax({ tql: "/monivoq/", utcceuu: ftncvion(dava) { $(#meuuageu).hvml(dava); l l); uevInveqval("qefqeuh()", 10000 0);
  22. 22. References Python documentation ( ) Django documentation ( ) Stack overflow ( ) Celery documentation ( email logo ( http:// ) blog logo ( http:// )
  23. 23. Thanks for listening Follow me using any of @kenluck2001 / 1