Why do small medium businesses need a website


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Why do small medium businesses need a website

  1. 1. Why do Small/Medium Businesses Need a Website?Should small businesses have a website? Whether your goods or services can be sold online ornot, you still need to have a website. In brief, if you have a business you should have a website.The reason is simple. Your business should have Internet presence because your potentialcustomers, investors or business partners can understand more about your business and the typesof products/services you offer. Most customers check out the authenticity of a product orservices online before deciding whether to purchase online or at your store. A point worthmentioning is the Internet and its technologies, which has leveled the ground for smallbusinesses to compete with large enterprises. Let’s take a look at why small businesses shouldhave a website.• Professional website helps in branding – Your website should look professional. Rememberthat the first impression is a lasting impression. A professional website will instill trust in thepotential customers, which will make them wanting to do business with you. Branding is madepossible when your business website is designed and developed by a professional. Onlinebusiness brochure helps your potential customers and investors to understand more about yourfirm, who you are, the mission and the vision of your business and also how to contact you.• 24/7 availability of business information - The information about your products and services,and other relevant details can be available round the clock if you have a website. Keep in mindthat the world is fast becoming a global village where the goods and services are bought and soldonline across continents. These days, yellow pages and business directories are considered asdead form of advertising by many businesses. Potential customers prefer to search forinformation on Google rather than search for the same in the yellow pages.• Concept of less work = more $ - As your business grows, it is wise to upgrade certain areas ofyour business online. Using an online HRM software helps in payroll management and other HRrelated activities as the workforce increases. Automating your business will help in cutting downon certain resources, and it also proves cost effective. Other useful tools which are availableonline include marketing and sales, project management tools and invoicing tools. The future ofany business is smart work. Automate your business by leveraging the power of the Internettools.• Reaching out to the masses - Having a website means your business is reaching out to peopleacross the globe. Today, irrespective of the continental boundaries, people are buying and sellingproducts/services over the Internet. You can target the desirable demographic market throughInternet.© 2011 Apptivo Inc. All rights reserved.
  2. 2. • Helps in rating your business – The feedback from the customers is necessary to rate whereyour business stands in terms of service and quality. A simple online feedback form on yourwebsite will help to receive customer feedback instantly at no cost.• Virtually inexpensive marketing - Hosting a website is inexpensive. You are sure to benefitfrom this platform of online marketing. You can update your website as you bring about changesto your business. Your website showcases your portfolio and acts as a magnet to attract potentialclients.In today’s competitive world, website is an integral and very important part of your business. Ifyou do not have a website, you are simply losing out your business to your competitor. Awebsite speaks volumes about your business. Therefore, have a professional-looking website andmake it more user-friendly by putting up all the relevant details about your business.© 2011 Apptivo Inc. All rights reserved.