Online invoicing saving bucks while saving trees


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Online invoicing saving bucks while saving trees

  1. 1. Online Invoicing: Saving Bucks While SavingTreesInvoicing is an important element in any freelancer’s business. There exists two options forbilling – paper based invoicing and online invoicing.Saving TreesPaper comes from the logs of trees. So using it means more trees will be cut for the supply. Onthe other hand online invoicing, such as Apptivo Invoicing, does not use paper at all. So optingfor online invoicing means trees will not be cut for making paper.If the freelancer does not keep track of his expenses and due payments, he/she can lose money.Online invoicing helps him/her get more financially organized thereby helping him/her save andavoid loss of money.Modern online invoicing applications come with a host of functions and features helping thefreelancer save time. This translates into more availability of time to do high priority work. Thusthe freelancer can increase his workload and consequently make more money. Some clientsforget about due payments. Online invoicing software sends periodic reminders to them. So thefreelancer does not lose out on the money rightfully due to him.In online invoicing the entire process of invoicing is automated. Because of the simple userinterface, even a layman can create professional and elegant looking invoices. There is a minimallearning curve as compared to paper based invoicing systems. Thus there is considerable savingof time and money.Want to use a FREE Online Invoicing Tool? Check out Apptivo’s Online Invoicing Software© 2011 Apptivo Inc. All rights reserved.
  2. 2. Online invoicing makes the breakdown of payments and payment schedule easy to comprehendby clients. Hence there is prompt payment of money.Online invoicing has the advantage of being able to be used anywhere anytime. Even if thefreelancer is on a holiday, he/she can do online invoicing with ease. The freelancer does not haveto buy expensive office stationary or worry about the cost of delivering or couriering them to theclients. Plus online invoicing tools leverage the power of the computer and Internet. They are farfaster than paper based invoicing. The time saved can be used by the freelancer to take up moreassignments thus generating far more money.What about the expense of buying online invoicing software?The freelancer does not have to worry about the expense of buying online invoicing software.Fortunately there are many free online invoicing tools available in the market today. Severalonline invoicing software are free to use for a limited period for trial purposes. The freelancercan evaluate the software and find out whether it is suitable to his/her unique and specificrequirements. Most online invoicing tools are available at reasonable and minimal rates. Themoney saved and gained by using online invoicing tools far outweigh its costs.Apptivo’s online invoicing application is the best in the market and free too. So start using itimmediately: save a buck, save a tree.Maya Pillai is passionate about helping small businesses and professionals. She is a blogger forApptivos Small Business University.© 2011 Apptivo Inc. All rights reserved.