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How does apptivo help small businesses grow


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Published in: Technology, Business
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How does apptivo help small businesses grow

  1. 1. How does Apptivo help small businesses grow?When it comes to defining success for a business, nine times out of ten that definition would begrowth. Owners are constantly on the lookout for methods in which they can increase theirprofits, or reduce their overheard in order to generate revenue to re-invest in the company. Onthe other side of things, managers also strive to increase the quality of their work, and reduce theamount of errors and mistakes that cause lost revenue. One such common way to achieve bothof these is through use of technology to streamline processes, and eliminate work for bothmanagers and employees. Apptivo is a suite of small business management applicationsdedicated to offering the tools for companies to optimize nearly every aspect of their day to dayoperations.First off, let’s cover a few ways Apptivo streamlines business processes to increases theefficiency, and therefore profitability, of the company.One App targeted at efficiency is the Projects App (project plan software); which allows yourentire team to manage requirements and statuses of projects in one central location. Manysmall business teams spend countless hours writing emails back and forth with status reports,sending new requirements, forwarding documents, etc. All of these tasks take time, andalthough writing one email only takes a few minutes, repeating these tasks many times a daybegins to add up at a blistering pace. By storing all information regarding project status onApptivo, your entire team will always be in the loop, and can obtain any information they needregarding the project without using the team of another employee.One other App targeted at efficiency is the Sites App, which allows businesses to cut costs bymaintaining their website without hiring a dedicated web professional. Most small businessessimply don’t have the resources to handle running their websites from within their own team,they are forced to go out and pay top dollar for a professional to not only create their web siteat a premium, but then pay them a significant amount each time the company needs a changedone to their site. Apptivo gives you the freedom to update content instantly, with no technicalskills whatsoever.© 2011 Apptivo Inc. All rights reserved.
  2. 2. The last App I want to single out here is the suite of Human Resources Apps, which allowbusiness owners to eliminate not only expensive software packages, but also manage criticaland sensitive information regarding all of their employees. Most small businesses have little orno official documentation of their workforce, and this causes two major issues. First, wheneverit comes to tax time or any point in which legal documentation regarding an employee isrequired, then there is an extreme amount of time required to compile all of the informationneeded to complete the process. By storing your employee information in an organized formatfrom the get-go, owners, as well as HR managers are able to access complete employee recordsin just a few clicks. The second reason this App is so important is to protect small businesseson the legal side of things. As previously mentioned, most small businesses do not currentlymanage their records properly, which can lead to legal troubles in the event of an employee-employer relationship going sour. Do not make the mistake of ignoring human resourcesinformation improperly until it is too late!Manage an unlimited number of contacts for FREE using Apptivo’s Customers AppThe final point to cover when it comes to efficiency through Apptivo is through the seamlessintegration of all of the different Apps. The most unique part of Apptivo is the ability tomanage yourentire business through one central web portal. Every App, including thosementioned above, is able to share and link information throughout many other Apps in thesystem. For example, when you manage your employees via the human resources App, you donot need to create them another account to be used in your Projects App (projects software),any information already entered for that employee will be instantly available to a projectmanager, and can be assigned tasks or milestones within said project. Another example wouldbe how Apptivo can manage the entire sales process, from identifying potential customers,pursuing the sale, closing the deal, and fulfilling the order. Each one of these steps incontrolled through it’s own specialized App, but the information is seamlessly transferred fromone App to the next throughout the process. This saves countless hours for every personinvolved in the process by keeping one central repository of information. Instead of managingmany different applications to solve the multitude of problems your company faces, Apptivo© 2011 Apptivo Inc. All rights reserved.
  3. 3. offers an App for each facet of your business, and allows you to keep all of your company dataconsistent, and widely accessible to any parties involved.Another commonly overlooked benefit of business applications is quality.Quality is probably one of the least visible problems to business owners and managers. Everyone strives to produce high quality work and reduce the number of mistakes made, butwithout standardizing processes and introducing automated checks, this is easier said thandone. One of the main goals behind Apptivo is to standardize the way businesses store andmanipulate information, leading to not only increased efficiency, but also greatly reduces themargin for error in just about every task revolving around your business.By storing data, such as your company inventory, in one central location in a pre-definedformat; you will assured that you never have incorrectly entered data, and you never miss apiece of data that is required. This applies to nearly every type of data your business needs tostore, whether this be your inventory, customers, sales leads, orders, project requirements, oreven your invoices. Specifically, let’s take a look at the suite of Sales Apps available inApptivo, which manage Leads, Opportunities, Orders, and Reports. Each Lead contains anumber of fields to store all important details that a sales person or manager may need,including the ability to upload freehand notes, and any documents that might be useful. Thisdata is then stored with that Lead for anyone in the company (who has sufficient access) toview, allowing sales teams to quickly hand-off knowledge regarding different clients withoutany worry about information being lost during the transfer. Not only this, but all of theinformation is in a format which will be retained and transferred when the Lead is advanced toan Opportunity and then Order. Finally, the Sales Reports and Dashboard Apps are then ableto read this standardized information to give high-level management a birds eye view over theirentire sales operation.Another side of quality is customer service, which is handled by the Cases App. Each time acustomer or client has a problem, or requires assistance they can create what is called a Case inyour Apptivo system. This can be done by either through an Apptivo web site contact form, orby an employee manually creating the case in the Apptivo system. Regardless of the Case© 2011 Apptivo Inc. All rights reserved.
  4. 4. source, each Case is stored with a standard set of information revolving around who submittedit, what they require, when it was submitted, priority, and who the Case is assigned to. Acustomer service agent can then assign tasks related to this Case to anyone in the company, andbe able to quickly review the status of those tasks, as well as any feedback from peopleworking on said tasks at a glance. This allows your customer service quality to rise, byreducing the amount of effort is takes to remain responsive, and accurate, in your interactionswith customers.The overall theme here is that standardizing processes inherently increases quality without anyreal drain on resources; which is why Apptivo is so valuable in this sense.Finally, how do you increase your incoming business?Now, obviously the above two point will naturally increase profits, but Apptivo also offerschannels to increase your incoming revenue, as well as reducing your costs to obtain saidrevenue. This article is becoming quite long, so I will keep this piece short and sweet.Apptivo drives increased revenue through two primary methods:1. By increasing visibility of sales processes and proving insight into how much potentialbusiness is available, and actually being captured. Owners can easily form strategies which aretruly targeted at leveraging the available opportunities a business has.2. Apptivo allows businesses to open new sales channels not previously available to them viathe web. By integrating an eCommerce or lead generating website with your business, ownerscan discover new business channels, or begin leveraging existing channels to their fullpotential.So what does this mean to you?In short, Apptivo helps your small business grow through standardization of information,optimization of process, and introduction of revenue generating tools which your normallywould not have access to…. all for FREE!© 2011 Apptivo Inc. All rights reserved.