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Sharptown International School shares their experience on embedding GPS in their school culture.

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  • 5 minutes- write and reflect 5 minutes- share with your table 5 minutes- whole group share outs. Remind participants that we will be getting feedback from each other at the end of the session.
  • 25 faculty to 60
  • 10 minutes
  • Give them 15 minutes for this.
  • 10 minutes
  • Gps leads the way!

    1. 1. GPS Leads the Way! Embedding the Graduate Portfolio System into your School Culture Sharpstown International School 6-12 Jade Adams Chang Yu
    2. 2. Session Objectives Reflect on challenges and success of GPS implementation of the previous years Develop a concrete GPS goal and plan for the upcoming 12-13 school year Receive resources and feedback on your goal and plan from colleagues across the ISSN network
    3. 3. Icebreaker• Think and reflect: What is one challenge you had this year with GPS, and what is one success?• Be prepared to share with your table, and a few will share out.• Listen carefully for colleagues that have had successes in areas you struggle with. You will have time to network with them towards the end of the session.
    4. 4. Sharpstown International School (SIS) ChallengesChallenge #1: Adapting from a small, charter high school to a 6-12 neighborhood school model.Solutions Selecting M.S. lead teachers and sending them to GPS training Adapting AVID to fit ISSN Visiting Denver, another 6-12, with MS and HS students (plug for afternoon session) Creating a 6-12 department structure to vertically align Arranging for MS classes to visit HS classes
    5. 5. Sharpstown International School (SIS) ChallengesChallenge #2 Creating teacher buy-in for task designSolutions• GPS coordinator full-time role to manage logistics, etc• Regional PD to train new teachers and build investment• Online Dropbox to organize materials and collect student work• Checklist for clarity, structure, timelines
    6. 6. Sharpstown International School (SIS) ChallengesChallenge #3: Lack of overall vision/mission connected to the GPSSolutions• Mission/vision setting PD with whole faculty• Door signs• Banners• TVs broadcasting message• Incorporation of traditions, I.E. all school meeting, high school induction, International Festival (I-FEST)• Grant writing and district outreach to support vision
    7. 7. What are your top 3 challenges? This is a time to begin brainstorming solutions for your biggest challenges. Pick your top 3, and then begin brainstorming solutions. Feel free to work with table partners to begin brainstorming ideas.
    8. 8. Develop a concrete goal• Pick one of your challenges and develop a measurable and feasible goal.• EXAMPLES:• All teachers will design and implement two GPS tasks this year.• We will develop a system for having weekly, student- led All School Meetings.• Each administrator will apply for one grant to support our international studies work.
    9. 9. Block Party Find a partner and share ideas spend 5 minutes on each person. We will switch twice. Bring your pen/pencil if you want to write down ideas.
    10. 10. Group Share out Everyone read their goal. Post them to the Ning so we can support each other throughout the year.