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Feud In Federation


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Published in: Entertainment & Humor, Sports
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Feud In Federation

  1. 1. Feud in Federation 1901-1914
  2. 3. Chapter 1 <ul><li>I open the door, and there it lay ahead of me, thousands of individuals queuing up to see the spectacle of the century. Today is the 1 st of January. People greeting each other with words of grace, “Happy New Year”, “Seasons Greetings” people far and wide chanted all the way down the seemingly mile long queue. Though that wasn’t the main agenda, much more greater things lay ahead lurking in the foreshadows of my opposing threat. Today was the mark of the uniting of Australia's British self governed states, NSW, Queensland, Victoria, WA, SA and the Northern Territory, and who can forget Tasmania, their representatives came riding in the horse carriages, past many gas lamps and Kanaka workers.. Today was the federation of the Commonwealth of Australia. </li></ul>
  3. 4. Chapter 2 <ul><li>My name is Edmund Barton, I am the greatest orator in this great land down under. Though in the eyes of our Queen I am second to one. This conniving and Self-centred rubbish excuse of a man, known as Frederick Froganbothom is to be the first Australian priminister ever, to be sworn in by the Queens representative the Governor General himself. Even though we represent the same party, he seems to be the enemy to me. </li></ul>
  4. 6. Chapter 3 <ul><li>I set into line, creping forward as the minutes flow past, hours, dying seconds. This is dreadful for my name, the Barton name, my forefathers came to this land, centuries ago and have worked upwards from there, now look at me, second best, always to be walking in the shadow of that idiotic freak Froganbothom. This is unbearable, not to mention the constant, well, overwhisper of my fellow countrymen surrounding me, all I can, well, overhear is, “Look, that’s Barton, haha, second In line” and, “oh my god, that’s the guy that lost to Froganbothom”. I can see this is going to be a long day… </li></ul>
  5. 8. Chapter 4 <ul><li>The line slowly becomes shorter and I can start to see the park on the horizon, I begin to feel Ingratitude, stronger than traitors arms, it is quite vanquishing me and bursting my once mighty heart. What am I to become? Will I always be the second man? Will I always serve my fellow Australian countrymen in second status? If the answer is yes, my purpose lives no direct meaning. I am but a puppet and materialistic FREAK!!!! </li></ul>
  6. 9. Chapter 5 <ul><li>As I am walking down Lang Road on downtown Paddington people seem to be mocking me, they are giving me dirty looks, giving me a blind eye, shame!! I don’t want to attend this ceremony but being in second position it is not in my power, I must, but against my will. </li></ul>
  7. 10. Chapter 6 <ul><li>Finally I reach the gates of the venue, Centennial Park. This once great land that i adore so greatly is to be the stage of my public embarrassment and downfall. All I see ahead of me is a sea of heads and flags cheering, “Frederick forever, Edmund never!! Frederick forever, Edmund never!!” This is such an embarrassment, coming from the eyes of the once spirited and confident man I was, and no longer am. </li></ul>
  8. 12. Chapter 7 <ul><li>12PM. Thousands have flock down to set eye on this spectacle, the Queen herself sits in the podium, Frederick in negotiation with her. The venue starts to become crowded, seats filling up and gates flushing with spectators like the rivers of Darwin in the monsoon. The time for the announcement is almost upon us, time is running short. </li></ul>
  9. 13. Chapter 8 <ul><li>Though I don’t think Australia as a whole fully understands the impact that Froganbothom will have as the Australian Primeminister. He doesn’t realise the great load of Uranium and Coal we have under the crest. That is why I should be the First Priminister of Australia as I will kick-start our global triumph, but obviously the Queen sees things differently, is it me or is our Queen ignorant to opportunity. They do say Ignorance is Bliss, but then again what do I know. </li></ul>
  10. 14. Chapter 9 <ul><li>The hosts made their entrance speeches, the bands began to play and the ribbons flew, The Federation ceremony had began. Out came Frederick Froganbothom with the Governor General, head held high, back straight and walking with a perfect stance, though looks can be deceiving, I have told you enough for you to know that in him. The deep silence slowly descended upon the crowd and the Governor General began his speech,&quot; Friends, Your Majesty, and greater Australia, lend me your ears, come I to introduce your First ever Australian Primini”, then I snapped….. </li></ul>
  11. 16. Chapter 10 <ul><li>“ Australia, how can you rest awhile, knowing that we will have Froganbothom as our leader, how can you sit there in full mindset that for hundreds of years, we have been ordered around by the British province, and on the day of our uniting, on the day of Federation, we are placing a British suck-up in person. Not just that, what about our Political Stature, if we just sit there and settle for a rubbish leader, then politically, we would be inferiors to the world, how can you fail to see that? Not to mention our Cultural development status to come, now yes, I know that you are all thinking about what grounds I stand on in abusing Frederick Froganbothom,” I Chanted. </li></ul>
  12. 17. <ul><li>“ Yes, I know my forefathers were Brits themselves, though I am not British, no my fellow countrymen, not at all, I am proudly now………………….AUSTRALIAN!!!” </li></ul><ul><li>The crowd fell silent, a pin could be heard at Centennial Park at it fell to the dusk. Oh the Drama!! </li></ul>
  13. 19. Chapter 11 <ul><li>Cheers began to be heard, “ He is right”, shouted one, “What are we to become”, shouted another, “We deserve a better leader”, shouted few. </li></ul><ul><li>Australia had finally realised its fate to be if Frederick was their first ever leader and what example he would set. The Queen herself stood up and applauded, not for my anger, but for my foresight knowledge, Galant show. Representatives from the commonwealth states arose to the podium and shook my hand, so to the Governor General. Suddenly I felt a tug on my Tuxedo, I turned around and saw right down the barrel of……….Frederick Froganbothom. </li></ul>
  14. 20. Chapter 12 <ul><li>Before I could say a word, Froganbothom added to his gestures saying, “ Barton, you are right, I hadn't realised all the fault that I would be leading and wrongful examples I would be setting upon Australia, though you know exactly what Australia needs to commemorate its federation”. He turned away from me then, whilst I was still rubbing my eyes in amazement. He looked towards the crowd and continued, “Australia, I give you the first priminister of the commonwealth of Australia!!”. </li></ul><ul><li>What!!! Did I just hear that im the first priminister of the Commonwealth of Australia, and more importantly from Froganbothom himself. Is this a dream? </li></ul>
  15. 21. Chapter 13 <ul><li>I was rushed up to the centre to give my opening speech, whilst still astonished by what had happened. People began to become inquisitive into the future of Australia as a commonwealth. As I answered Questions Thoughts kept on running through my head, Yes, This is how it is supposed to be, though I couldn’t get a big head, That was the last thing Australia needed, splendid became more fitting. Then my eyes really opened, no.. It wasn’t a dream, this was a reality, I am going down in the great books as the First Ever Australian Priminister, Edmund Barton </li></ul>