T4 e6 mondragon


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T4 e6 mondragon

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  4. 4. Vivamusconsectetur gravi W Gary Hume Duis ultrices venenatis malesua- da. Vivamus iaculis arcu vitae ip- sum tincidunt eget semper orci6 7 sagittis. Nunc tempor elit sit amet enim suscipit suscipit. Phasellus non velit sit amet quam tempus
  5. 5. TheAnimalisticGRACEJONES8 9
  6. 6. Grace deigned to show suddenly arrives — an up the following evening, alien extraordinaire and whereupon, my sources self-confessed “black tell me, she had a noisy panther”. She is wearingGrace Jones and the mother of on-set bust-up with Phi- a wide-brimmed felt hat,all comebacks. Grace Jones is lip Treacy, then procee- sunglasses (it’s night-ti-pushing 60, but that’s not stop- ded to make everyone me) and several challen-ping her Giles Hattersley work through the night, ging garments by IsseyBy the time I finally pinned announcing, in her low Miyake. She has a small,down Grace Jones for this in- boom: “I don’t do dayti- unlikely-looking entou-terview, I had decided she was mes.” Kate, Style’s un- rage in tow — a tiny wo-a rude has-been with an addic- flappable picture editor, man in an anorak andtion to tardiness and a pen- told me she was “quite baseball cap, who tells mechant for petty thievery. sweet, actually”, but this she is Ms Jones’s assistant, was before the studio and Chris, her brother I had heard she once called to accuse Style — who both shake my kept an interviewer wai- of stealing the orchids hand, then evaporate the ting for eight hours, but from reception. Predic- second their parts in her she kept me waiting for tably, the CCTV footage grand entrance are over five days. On the first at- showed Grace, in grainy and done with. All of a tempt, she held a crew of black-and-white at 4am, sudden, it is just me and 12 at a photo studio for manhandling the flowers the black panther sat op- six hours, before sending into her handbag on her posite one another. She is word that she wasn’t in way out the door. Classy. staring at me, unblinking the mood to be snapped — and something like today. I turned up to find After eternal wran- fear grips my stomach. an unamused photo- glings, I finally secu- grapher, a weary stylist red a dinner date with “Would you mind if I or- and a little chap called this apparent nightmare dered something to eat Filippo, from Bentley’s near her home in Put- first? Some Pinot Grigio restaurant, whose job it ney, southwest London. Santa Margherita? Some was to handfeed her the “Putney? Are you sure?” bellinis?” she begins oysters she had deman- I had asked her PR. “I softly. A waiter is summo- ded we provide. “She no know, bizarre,” he had ned, and Grace launches coming?” asked Filippo, laughed. Bizarre indeed. dejected as a kicked pu- At her local Italian on the ppy, as he sadly packed riverfront, lousy with gi- 85 top-notch molluscs let-wearing bankers’ wi- back into his icebox. ves and Bugaboos, Grace 1 0
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