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Nonprofits have been utilizing video as a communication tool for decades to tell visual stories. With the explosion of social media and advances in technology, organizations today are strengthening their online content strategies, and video seems to be everywhere. But just because you can post something instantly on YouTube, Twitter or other sites, doesn’t mean you should. Best practices and providing a quality product are even more important as your audience grows. This class will show you what can be done to present your organization in 90 seconds or less as a way to increase:

•Event Attendance
•Brand Awareness

In keeping with the “shoestring” theme, you will learn about do-it-yourself approaches that will clarify what you can tackle on your own and what belongs in the hands of professionals.

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YouTube on a Shoestring

  1. 1. On a Shoestring The Nonprofit Center at La Salle University May 09, 2014 Presented by: Michael Schweisheimer @pwpvideo Copyright 2014
  2. 2. Interactive Presentation Please Ask Questions Not Social Media 101
  3. 3. Evolution of OnlineVideo • InexpensiveVideo Equipment
  4. 4. Evolution of OnlineVideo • Broadband Internet
  5. 5. Evolution of OnlineVideo • Social Media
  6. 6. Evolution of OnlineVideo • Smartphones and Mobile Internet
  7. 7. OnlineVideoToday • This March EachViewer Averaged 17.78 Hours
  8. 8. OnlineVideoTomorrow
  9. 9. OnlineVideoTomorrow
  10. 10. A FewWords About Strategy
  11. 11. A FewWords About Strategy • Please have one
  12. 12. A FewWords About Strategy • Please have one • Strategic Plan • Marketing Plan • Social Media Plan – will includeYouTube
  13. 13. When isVideo Social? • Short RunTimes • Singular Messages • Shared by the Audience
  14. 14. OnlineVideo Strengths • MoreThan Just Likes and Subscriptions • Creates Engagement • Educates • It Can Drive Action
  15. 15. YouTube for Nonprofits • • Requires Acceptance in Google for Nonprofits
  16. 16. YouTube for Nonprofits • Call to Action Overlays • Free Annotations with External Links • Live Streaming • Donate Button Enabled
  17. 17. Content Curation •You Can Share Other’sWork • LikeVideos as your Channel • Subscribe to other Channels • Share Other’sVideos on Social Media
  18. 18. What ShouldWe Say? •What areYouTrying to Communicate? •What Problem areYouTrying to Solve? •Who isYour Audience? •What Stories andVisuals do we have?
  19. 19. What ShouldWe Say? • Have a Culture of Storytelling •Photos and Graphics can be Useful too • Don’t Forget to Shoot •You can Shoot Once and Cut OverTime
  20. 20. To DIY, or not to DIY? • DoYou Have the Staff?
  21. 21. To DIY, or not to DIY? • DoYou Have the Staff? • By Staff I don’t Mean Interns
  22. 22. To DIY, or not to DIY? • DoYou Have the Staff? • By Staff I don’t Mean Interns • Skill and Interest • Time • Can you Combine Forces
  23. 23. To DIY, or not to DIY? • Beginner – NoTraining –Video Blogs –Video Diaries –AnythingViaWebcam, Smartphone
  24. 24. To DIY, or not to DIY? • Intermediate - SomeTraining and Practice Recommended - or Hire a Pro –Testimonials –Event Coverage –Speakers
  25. 25. To DIY, or not to DIY? • Advanced- Hire Pro –Formal Interviews –FundraisingVideos –PSAs
  26. 26. Gear • • Simple Camera • Simple Audio • TRIPOD • Premiere Elements for Editing
  27. 27. ShootingTips • Use Headphones • Don’t Forget to UseYourTripod • IfYou are not on aTripod, Shoot Wide • Get Coverage –Wide, Medium, and Close
  28. 28. ShootingTips • Leave Some Headroom • Look Room/Leading • MindYour Background • Beware of Backlight • Choose Direct to Lens vs. Off Camera
  29. 29. ShootingTips • Shoot Lots of B-Roll • Hold B-Roll Shots Steady for 10-20 Seconds • TryVariations like Zooms or Pans • MoveYour Camera for Different Angles • Film B-Roll of PeopleYou Have SpokenToo
  30. 30. Content is King • Informational: Works Well to Promote Events, Programs, or Organizations in General • Storytelling: Works Well for Fundraising, Advocacy, and Brand Brand Awareness
  31. 31. InformationalVideos • Capture Behind-the-Scenes Glimpses ofYour Organization and Staff • UseText and Statistics in a CreativeWay to Engage and Educate - Infographics • Create How-ToVideos Related toYour Cause • Document a Program or Event for Future Promotion
  32. 32. Story DrivenVideos • Increases Audience Engagement • Bring Client Needs, Successes and Gratitude to DonorsWithVideo • According to Decision Research, Studies have ShownThat Donors Respond More toVideos About One Person in Particular Instead ofTwo or More
  33. 33. Story DrivenVideos • Fund/Friend Raising A Story of an Individual Who Has Been Directly Impacted by a Program • Brand Awareness A Story About aVolunteer's Experience • Community Advocacy A Story About a Citizen to Inspire Action
  34. 34. Distribution • NameYourVideo File • Words Help –Title, Description, andTags • Closed Captions and Annotations • Ask for Likes and Shares • EmbedYour video
  35. 35. Distribution • Facebook: Link toYourYouTubeVideo • Twitter: Link toYourYouTubeVideo • Vimeo: Great for Embedding
  36. 36. Contact Information Michael Schweisheimer 215.848.0594 @pwpvideo