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Gender Neutral Language


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Communications Skills Class Presentation of MBA,DMS IIT Delhi.

Gender Neutral Language

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Gender Neutral Language

  1. 1. Gender Neutral Language SML 794 : Communications Skills By : Pawandeep Singh Maniktala MBA – DMS IIT Delhi Batch 2015
  2. 2. Video : Max Life Insurance New Ad 2013 - Couple ( Video is Ad of insurance/ pension company and in this ad it is said that female member of family will be benefited with sum assured money of husband pension after death since male member of family is Earning member of the family and I feel is relevant with the topic under study.)
  3. 3. Agenda 1. Introduction 2. Why to Use 3. When to Use 4. Tips 5. Examples
  4. 4. Introduction Formal documents in English often contain an implication that an individual is male (or sometimes female) when the role could be taken by someone of either sex. Example : Ask your doctor if he can recommend… Special offers for small businessmen
  5. 5. Why to Use Organizations which Produce documents of nature with gender biased text are increasingly likely to be accused of sex bias. Even if no formal complaint is made, people who have dealings with the organizations may feel aggrieved, or may be put off. In this way, potential employees, customers or students may be deterred, present ones may be dissatisfied.
  6. 6. When to Use Now ! Change is is required to make effort and leadership . It is a Management responsibility. Good Managers will recognize that this is not only an ethical obligation , it is also a quality factor .
  7. 7. Tips ● Advertising are seen not only by the target audience. ● Consider Meaning : Use Plural(their), Talk Directly(you) ● Refer to Objects ● Beware of Traditional Phrases
  8. 8. Role Based - Examples ● LandLord ● Sweeper ● Pilot ● Driver ● Astronaut ● My Boss
  9. 9. Traditional Phrases - Examples ● Live life King Size ! ● Tom , Dick and Harriet… ● May the Best Man Wins !
  10. 10. Examples
  11. 11. Master Bedroom
  12. 12. References ● A Practical Guide to Gender Neutral Language Author / Creator: Pitt, M. J ● ● ● Google Images
  13. 13. Thank You ! For Feedback : ,