Application Architecture, Development & Integration Summit London 2012 - Brochure


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Brochure for the 2012 edition of the Gartner Applications Summit (21-22 June in London). More info at

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Application Architecture, Development & Integration Summit London 2012 - Brochure

  1. 1. eArly-bird SAvinGS Register by 20 April 2012 and save €300 hOT TOpiCS Mobile Application Strategy Cloud development and integration Agile, devOps and the new development SOA, Web and event-driven Architectures Governance and Application Overhaul hTMl5 and the next Generation WebGartnerApplicationArchitecture,Development &Integration Summit 201221 – 22 June | Park Plaza Westminster Bridge, London,
  2. 2. Cloud, Mobile, Web, and SOA:Future-proofing your Application Strategy Gartner Application Architecture, Development & Integration Summit 2012, held 21–22 June in London, is the year’s most effective information-gatheringTable of and networking event for IT and business professionals charged with applicationcontents strategy and initiatives. Now in its fifteenth year, the event offers more than 50 2 Event Introduction in-depth analyst sessions presenting the latest research across four tracks: 3 Why Attend • Application Development 2012 and Beyond: Web-centric, Mobile, Agile 4 Tracks and Keynotes • New Approaches to Architecture and Governance 5 Gartner Research — • Cloud Computing: Building Infrastructure and Enabling Business Meet the Analysts • Integrating and Modernizing Applications 6 Agenda at a Glance This year’s theme reflects the uniquely challenging environment today’s 7 Tutorials and Workshops applications professionals face. The trend toward cloud computing is pushing enterprises to make critical infrastructure decisions now that will shape their 8 Maximize Your Summit options in the future. At the same time, the explosion in mobile applications Experience — slated to surpass those for PC by four to one as soon as 2015 — is as 9 Track Session Information disruptive as it is promising. And these are just two of many trends impacting how applications are designed, managed and consumed. Add a volatile, 12 Roundtables and End-User uncertain business climate and you have a perfect storm of change, challenge Case Studies and opportunity. This is a time when future success depends on having the 13 Solution Showcase right application strategy. This year’s conference is the ideal place to identify 14 About Gartner the opportunities, risks and gaps you and your organization face, and create an action plan to evolve the application capabilities you need for the next five years.15 How to Register Summit Chair Pascal Winckel David Mitchell Smith Sr Director, Product VP and Gartner Fellow, Management, Gartner Gartner Events2 Gartner Application Architecture, Development & Integration Summit 2012 | 21 – 22 June | London, UK
  3. 3. Who should Attend?Why Attend • Senior IT Executives in charge of Applications• Meet the mobile revolution head on with a pragmatic approach • Application and Web Development• Make critical cloud decisions now, balancing the real benefits and risks Leaders• Leverage new opportunities in application and data integration, • Application Integration Leaders modernization and agile • Application Architects and• Demonstrate the business value of integration, cloud, mobile and SOA Enterprise Architects initiatives • Application Portfolio Managers• Make the right vendor choices, when the vendor landscape is being • Web Services and Web reshaped Infrastructure Managers• Identify next steps to mature your SOA and WOA programs • Business Applications Leaders• Deliver leading-edge web experiences that improve customer acquisition • Project Managers and Consultants and retention implementing Cloud, SOA and• Evolve your application portfolio to deliver lasting business value. Applications• Craft an application strategy that sustains your organization — and your • IT Leaders involved in Cloud, SOA career — into the future. and Application Strategies • Business Analysts and Business Leaders involved in Applications Gartner predicts:  Decisions By 2015, mobile AD projects targeting smartphones and tablets will outnumber Discover new thinking, native PC projects by a ratio not found anywhere else. of 4:1Visit or call +44 20 8879 2430 for agenda updates and to register 3
  4. 4. Tracks and KeynotesTracks Gartner Keynotes1 Application Development 2012: Web, Mobile, Agile and Beyond Gartner Keynote: Stop Building There are many disruptions causing application development leaders Yesterday’s Apps to re-examine their strategies. Support for mobile access, incorporation of the latest web and cloud technologies into the application portfolio are among the biggest issues facing AD teams today. Complexity is driving enterprises to re-examine AD processes and delivery habits. Application leaders must deal with new demands such as supporting Your application strategy is complex, new languages and methodologies such as agile development, and but is it also outdated? Today, significant disruptive forces are increasing and simplify development. This track helps you make the right selections and affecting all aspects of your IT strategy. implement them effectively. These include cloud, mobile, social and2 “big data”. This year key decisions on New Approaches to Architecture and Governance cloud, applications development (especially Consumerization, cloud computing/SaaS and other forces are causing support for mobile), applications integration organizations to rethink architecture and governance. While SOA is part and the web need to be made to maximize of the solution, as it provides a model for integrating capabilities into your organization’s potential for success. the application portfolio, many organizations still struggle to optimize its This session will explore how we need to use, and to get value from it. This track focuses on how to evolve your evolve our application strategy to ensure architecture and governance strategies while maximizing the value of SOA, that it continues to deliver business value in and its use as a foundation for future approaches. It will explore the various light of today’s disruptions. governance models involved and will help you organize, govern and Andy Kyte, David Mitchell Smith, manage your application resources to deliver maximum business value. Nick Jones3 Cloud Computing: Building Infrastructure and Enabling Business Gartner Keynote: Applications Cloud continues to be a hot area and is the No. 1 area of interest 2020: Social, Mobile, Gaming and for Gartner clients, but many don’t understand its real opportunities Collaboration Impact on Your (agility, cost) and challenges (privacy, security, reliability, integration). Yet, Portfolio cloud deployments are becoming a reality, often being led by business Business leaders users. Platform as a service, a confusing term, which describes the are seeking use of cloud in middleware scenarios, will play a strategic role in cloud capabilities adoption. This track examines cloud, platform and market trends, that will drive vendor alternatives, and best practices for moving to the cloud. breakthroughs in revenue growth,4 organizational performance, customer Integrating and Modernizing Applications loyalty and innovation. SaaS, social, As demands continue to grow, demands for integration grow as well. collaboration, mobile and intelligence Application integration is essential to successful on-premises, cloud, technologies will have significant impacts. B2B and SOA initiatives. While integration is part of an application This session focuses on emerging strategy, organizations also require strategies to address application technologies, their impact on the overhaul, governance, and organizational maturity to effectively handle application portfolio and skills to balance new and legacy investments. legacy systems and adopt new methods, deployment models and technologies. This track shows how integration and modernization best Ian Finley, Bill Swanton practices are evolving to address these initiatives.Guest KeynoteNavigating the Exponential Future —­How to Think Long-Term in Times of Turbulent Change We live in an age where technology increasingly behaves like magic, where globalization wreaks havoc on old structures and ideas and where all our assumptions about how the world works and where it’s heading are continually challenged, even crushed. This is the world in which leaders are expected to make long-term bets on strategies, technology shifts and future customer behavior. To call it a challenge is an understatement.Magnus Lindqvist Magnus was scarily exceptional.4 Gartner Application Architecture, Development Integration Summit 2012 | 21 – 22 June | London, UK
  5. 5. Gartner ResearchMeet the Analysts Worldwide expertise atGartner has 800 analysts and consultants who deliver independent thinking,actionable guidance and data analysis to more than 60,000 clients in 10,000 your fingertips — yourdistinct organizations worldwide. A key benefit of attending the Summit is the questions on AADIopportunity to hear advice and insight directly from Gartner Analysts during sessions andinteract and ask questions during workshops and roundtables. In addition, Gartner answered by ourAnalyst One-on-One Meetings offer attendees a private 30 minute discussion with an experts.analyst where you can set the agenda to receive tailor made advice. Danny Brian Joseph Bugajski David Cearley Research Director Managing VP VP Gartner FellowFocus Areas: Web User Experience; Application and Focus Areas: Application Lifecycle (ALM); Focus Areas: Cloud Computing; Mobile Computing;Integration Platforms; Portal and Web Strategies; Application Overhaul; Application Development Team Web Technologies; Consumerization of ITApplication Development; SOA and Application Management; Application Architecture andArchitecture Development; Testing and Quality Assurance (QA) Joseph Feiman Ian Finley Ted Friedman VP Gartner Fellow Research VP VP Distinguished AnalystFocus Areas: Application Security; Cloud Security; Focus Areas: Application Development; Mobile Focus Areas: Data Integration; Data Quality; Data/Mobile Security; Application Development Application Development; Citizen Development; App Information Governance; Information Management Stores Strategy Nick Jones Kirk Knoernschild Andy Kyte VP Distinguished Research Director VP Gartner Fellow AnalystFocus Areas: Mobile Application Development Tools Focus Areas: Application Architecture; Application Focus areas: Application Strategy; Applicationand Techniques; Mobile Web; Mobile Strategy and Development; Software Development Process; Overhaul; Application Rationalization; Application TCO;Trends; Mobile App Stores and Ecosystems Programming Languages; Mobile Development Application Maintenance Benoit Lheureux Paolo Malinverno Yefim Natis Research VP Research VP VP Distinguished AnalystFocus Areas: Application Integration and Middleware; Focus Areas: Application Services Governance (SOA Focus Areas: Cloud Platform as a Service (PaaS);EDI, XML, Value Add Networks; B2B Gateways and Governance + API Management); SOA/Integration Cloud Application Infrastructure; ApplicationIntegration; Multienterprise Integration; Packaged Competency Centers and Organizational Issues; Infrastructure; Platform Middleware; SOA; Event-DrivenIntegration; Cloud Integration and Cloud Brokerage Application Integration and Middleware; B2B and Architecture, Event ProcessingServices Multienterprise Integration (Including E-invoicing) David Norton Massimo Pezzini Gene Phifer Research Director VP Gartner Fellow VP Distinguished AnalystFocus Areas: AD Methods and Modeling Tools; Agile Focus Areas: Cloud Integration Application Focus Areas: Web Computing; Cloud Computing;Development, ARAD; Applications Measurement; Platforms (iPaaS, aPaaS); In-memory Computing; Social Computing; Mobile Computing; Customer-CMM; Model-Driven, Service-Oriented Development Cloud Transaction Processing; Application Platforms; centric Web; Portals Application Integration and Middleware; SOA Daniel Sholler David Mitchell Smith Bill Swanton Research VP VP Gartner Fellow VP Distinguished AnalystFocus Areas: Web Services Standards; Application Focus Areas: Cloud Computing; Web Technologies; Focus Areas: Application Strategy; ApplicationIntegration Middleware; Composite Applications; Consumerization of IT; Mobile Web; HTML5 Organization Maturity; Application Overhaul; BusinessSOA Application Architecture; Enterprise Service Bus Value of Applications; Benefits Realization; BPM for ERP Dale Vecchio Richard Watson Research VP Research DirectorFocus Areas: Legacy Modernization Integration; Focus Areas: Cloud; Application Development; SOA;Mainframe SOA; Application Overhaul; Application Business Process ManagementPortfolio Management; Mainframe Re-hosting; CodeTransformationVisit or call +44 20 8879 2430 for agenda updates and to register 5
  6. 6. Agenda at a glance Agenda subject to change Wednesday 20 June18:00 – 19:30 Registration, Information and Refreshments Thursday 21 June07:30 – 20:00 Registration and Information08:00 – 08:45 Summit Solution Snapshots Tutorial: Cloud Computing 101  David Cearley09:00 – 10:00 Welcome and Gartner Keynote: Stop Building Yesterday’s Apps  Andy Kyte, David Mitchell Smith, Nick jones10:00 – 10:30 Panel: Future-Proofing your Application Strategy — A View from the Industry  Yefim Natis, Dale Vecchio?10:30 – 11:00 Refreshment Break in the Solution Showcase 1 Application Development 2012: Web, Mobile, 2 New Approaches to Architecture and Governance 3 Cloud Computing: Building Infrastructure and 4 Integrating and Modernizing Applications Workshops Roundtables Agile and Beyond Enabling Business11:00 – 11:45 The Future of the Application Architecture Cloud Computing in The Future of Integration 11:00 – 12:30 10:45 – 11:45 Application Development at the Nexus of IT Forces: Europe and Its Role in Cloud and Designing Apps for the The Changing Face of Organization Moving Beyond SOA Paolo Malinverno, David B2B Applications Mobile Web Testing Ian Finley, Joe Bugajski Yefim Natis, Richard Mitchell Smith Benoit Lheureux Moderator: Kirk Moderator: Danny Brian Watson Knoernschild12:00 – 12:30 To The Point: PaaS To The Point: Managing To The Point: DevOps To The Point: Ten 12:00 – 12:45 Vendors Battle for New Application Megavendors — Extending Agile to Questions to Test Best Practices in Legacy Market Leadership Dan Sholler Blur the Line Between the Quality of Your Modernization Yefim Natis Development and Application Strategy Dale Vecchio Operations Bill Swanton David Norton12:30 – 13:45 Lunch in the Solution Showcase13:45 – 14:30 The Reality Of Enterprise Information Management From IaaS to PaaS: Using Cloud Service Integration: 13:30 – 14:30 Class Agile Development Goes Extreme: The Cloud Infrastructure for How to do it Right Measuring the Value David Norton, Kirk Opportunities and Competitive Advantage Massimo Pezzini of SOA Knoernschild Challenges of “Big Data” Yefim Natis Moderator: Paolo and Cloud Malinverno Ted Friedman14:45 – 15:15 Which is Best for Your Implementing a Pace Designing Cloud Aware Cloud Services 14:45 – 15:30 Enterprise: A Lean Portal Layered Application Applications Brokerages — Better Business Cases or a UX Platform? Strategy: Packages, Richard Watson Intermediation Helps for Applications Gene Phifer Development, or Both? Drive the Cloud Alternate Moderator: Andy Kyte Bill Swanton Delivery Model Benoit Lheureux15:15 – 15:45 Refreshment Break in the Solution Showcase15:45 – 16:15 Solution Provider Session Solution Provider Session Solution Provider Session 16:00 – 17:00 Mobile Application16:30 – 17:15 End-User Case Study End-User Case Study End-User Case Study 16:30 – 18:15 Testing Adopting Agile Moderator: Nick Jones Moderator: Danny Brian17:30 – 18:15 Keynote: Applications 2020: Social, Mobile, Gaming and Collaboration Impact on Your Portfolio  Ian Finley, Bill Swanton18:15 – 20:15 Networking Reception in the Soution Showcase Friday 22 June07:30 – 16:30 Registration, Information and Refreshments08:00 – 08:30 To The Point: Creating To the Point: Job Security To the Point: Cloud Whos Who in Cloud 08:00 – 09:30 08:00 – 09:00 Mobile Apps your — Will Your Job Stay or Computing Changes the Service Brokerages Gartner’s ITScore, Advanced SOA Practices Customers Will Love (or Vaporize into the Cloud Vendor Landscape Benoit Lheureux an Assessment Massimo Pezzini Hate) Joseph Feiman David Mitchell Smith, of Application Nick Jones David Cearley Organizations’ Maturity Moderator: Bill Swanton08:45 – 09:30 End-User Case Study Governing Application End-User Case Study End-User Case Study 09:15 – 10:15 Services On Premises and Building Multi-Platform in the Cloud Mobile Apps Paolo Malinverno Kirk Knoernschild09:30 – 10:00 Refreshment Break in the Solution Showcase10:00 – 10:45 The Decision: Resident Roles of Solution Cloud Security: Shield or IT Modernization and the 10:30 – 12:00 10:30 – 11:30 Mobile or Mobile Web Application Architects Vapor? Cloud Build, Borrow, Buy Customer Centric Web Kirk Knoernschild Dan Sholler Joseph Feiman Dale Vecchio or Rent: Shifting the Moderator: Gene Phifer Perspective on Software11:00 – 11:30 Solution Provider Session Solution Provider Session Solution Provider Session Solution Provider Session Investment Decisions11:45 – 12:30 Myth Busting: Facts and WOA and REST: Practical The New Web, Driven by Applications Overhaul: Moderator: Richard Is the Cloud More Fiction About Todays Approaches to APIs and HTML5 and Javascript Nine Critical Success Watson Secure Than Your Agile Development Integration Gene Phifer, Factors for Business Datacenter? Danny Brian Dan Sholler David Mitchell Smith Value Joseph Feiman Andy Kyte12:30 – 13:45 Lunch in the Solution Showcase13:45 – 14:30 Mobile Application Protecting Applications Business and Information Application and Data 13:30 – 15:00 13:30 – 14:15 Development: New tools, and Data Against Services in the Cloud Integration: Converging SOA — Good to Great Choosing PaaS vs On New Interactions, New Hackers’ and Employees’ David Cearley Disciplines or Not? Moderator: Richard Premise Channels Attacks Ted Friedman, Massimo Watson Yefim Natis Nick Jones, David Joseph Feiman Pezzini Mitchell Smith14:30 – 15:00 Refreshment Break in the Solution Showcase15:00 – 15:45 The Consumerization of The Mobile Scenario: Cloud + In Memory: The Three Disciplines That 14:45 – 15:45 Application Development Understanding Mobile Future of Application Enable Intelligent Business Best Practices in Ian Finley, Danny Brian Trends through 2015 Platforms Operations Application Maintenance Nick Jones Massimo Pezzini David Norton, Dan Sholler Moderator: Andy Kyte15:50 – 16:30 P3: Closing Keynote: Navigating the Exponential Future — How to Think Long-Term in Times of Turbulent Change  Magnus Lindqvist6 Gartner Application Architecture, Development Integration Summit 2012 | 21 – 22 June | London, UK
  7. 7. Track 1Application Development 2012: Web, Mobile, Agile and BeyondThe Future of the Application Which is Best for Your Enterprise: Myth Busting: Facts and Fiction AboutDevelopment Organization A Lean Portal or a UX Platform? Today’s Agile DevelopmentThe emergence of mobile, social, cloud Enterprise portals are pervasive, with The urban legends that surroundand big data computing requires the mostly positive, but some mixed results. agile development fill businesses withoverhaul of application development The bifurcation of the portal product trepidation. It’s time to face your fears and(AD) organizations, processes and market is causing a split along ‘lean portal’ evaluate whether agile development cantechnologies. This presentation will reveal and User Experience Platform boundaries. work in your organization. In this session,how successful AD leaders employ Which is best for your enterprise going find out what’s true and what’s not aboutinnovations, like pace-layered application forward? adopting agile processes and practices.strategies, to harness the nexus of these • What is the state of portals, portal • Is agile right for my organization?forces to and propel their enterprise and technologies and the portal market? • Can we still do agile development iforganization to success. • What paths are emerging from the we’re constrained by a funding model?• How are the converging forces of mobile, bifurcated portal product market? • Do agile and DevOps require culture social, cloud and big data changing the • How do you pick the path(s) to take in change? mission of the AD organization? the future portal/UXP markets? Danny Brian  • How have AD leaders harnessed these Gene Phifer forces to serve their enterprises? Mobile Application Development: New• What must AD leaders do to position To The Point: PaaS Vendors Battle for tools, New Interactions, New Channels their organization to deliver in this new New Market Leadership Mobile application development is both a era? The emerging market of Platform as a new discipline and part of a wider trendIan Finley, Joe Bugajski   Service has become a battlefield of the towards multichannel development. Mobile giants: IBM, Oracle, Microsoft, SAP, apps are also becoming more complexTo The Point: Creating Mobile Apps, VMware, Read Hat and sophisticated accessing cloudyour Customers Will Love (or Hate) and over 60 others are competing for services and exploiting new technologiesFar too many mobile apps achieve poor leadership and market share. In this such as augmented reality. Thiscustomer ratings and are ignored or presentation we will examine the strategies presentation explores the future of webdeleted. This session will explore what of the major competitors: and native mobile applications, and themakes mobile apps a success or failure, • What strategies will establish best tools and techniques required to develop,and how organisations can create apps business practices in PaaS market? test, deploy and maintain them.which deliver business value and that • What vendors will have the best chance Nick Jones, David Mitchell Smith  customers find rewarding and entertaining. to lead the PaaS market?Nick Jones Yefim Natis The Consumerization of Application DevelopmentThe Reality Of Enterprise Class Agile The Decision: Resident Mobile or Consumer technology is changingDevelopment Mobile Web the expectations for applications andWith agile development going mainstream Resident Mobile Applications (RMA) application development (AD) teams.the increasing concern is how you take provide an excellent user experience. Consumerization cannot be stopped, buttactical project level practices and apply Mobile Web Applications (MWAs) extend it can embraced to drive more value fromthem to the enterprise, not just technical your brand’s reach and offer a familiar AD investments, particularly by targetingbut organizational, governance and project development model. But apps developed consumer devices, building consumer-management practices. It’s not simply a using native tools and technologies aren’t style applications, deploying app storesquestion of scale, it’s an issue of enterprise portable, and mobile web technologies are and engaging citizen developers.complexity, legacy, sourcing model and still immature. Trading the user experience • What are the 4 key waysculture. for portability isn’t desirable, and though consumerization transforms AD?• Why Enterprise Class Agile Development cross platform mobile development • How can IT leaders use consumerization is not just project level agile practices frameworks offer the promise of both, the to get more value from AD investments? scaled up. diversity of options available complicates Ian Finley, Danny Brian• The impact of Enterprise Class Agile the decision. Development on application governance • When should I develop a resident mobile and project management. vs a mobile web application?• How you develop a strategy and • What options exist for developing roadmap for Enterprise Class Agile portable mobile applications? Development adoption. • Is it always necessary to sacrifice theDavid Norton, Kirk Knoernschild user experience to increase portability? Kirk Knoernschild     Foundational     Advanced      Tactical     Strategic     Visionary      Business     ITVisit or call +44 20 8879 2430 for agenda updates and to register 7
  8. 8. Track 2New Approaches to Architecture and GovernanceApplication Architecture and the can be addressed with improved • What is the role of the project-levelNexus of IT Forces: Moving SOA understanding and competencies for solution architect and how does it differForward dealing with these forces. from that of the “application architect”?SOA has become a common practice for • What is “extreme information” and what Dan Sholler  software development, but the evolving are the implications for IT?application styles are pushing this familiar • What opportunities do “big data”, related WOA and REST: Practical Approachesarchitectural model to new frontiers. Cloud, technologies like NoSQL, and cloud to APIs and Integrationsocial, mobile and Big Data movements in computing present for organizations? SOA systems that are exposed on themodern IT — challenge organizations to • What are the emerging techniques for web have a unique set of challenges.deliver business applications that are more leveraging the cloud and harnessing “big However, these APIs have been shown toagile, informed and personal. data” to create business value? be incredibly valuable. Learn how practical• How will innovation alter the business implementations combine the various Ted Friedman     objectives of enterprise IT? SOA, Web Architecture, and RESTful• How will innovation alter SOA and concepts to create highly flexible systems. To the Point: Will Your Job Stay or application architecture practices? Vaporize into the Cloud? • What are the attributes of Web Oriented• What will be the best application The cloud-computing delivery model Architecture?  architecture practices for mainstream will eliminate the need to have some • How do I design systems to have those enterprise projects in the next five years? IT specialties performed on enterprise attributes?Yefim Natis, Richard Watson premises by enterprise employees, and • How can WOA help improve those designs?     it will significantly reduce the demand for Dan Sholler    To The Point: Managing Application other IT professionals. This presentationMegavendors is to help IT professionals to conduct a Protecting Applications and DataMajor vendors (IBM, Microsoft, Oracle, brutally honest appraisal of their technical Against Hackers’ and Employees’SAP,) make up a significant proportion of the and business skills and the other personal Attacksmoney spent on middleware and application qualities that will determine their prospects As attacks become more financiallyinfrastructure systems. Understanding the for survival and success in an IT world motivated and as organizations get betterstrategy and motivation of these vendors, increasingly impacted by cloud computing. at securing their infrastructure, there hasand working to maximize your leverage in Joseph Feiman been a shift in attacks to the applicationthe relationship can save you money, and level. Enterprises have also started to admit,improve the quality of your environment. Governing Application Services On that it is not just hackers, but also their ownDan Sholler Premises and in the Cloud employees, carry most serious threats. To The new world of off-premise and mobile address new risks, new application andImplementing a Pace Layered applications means a major change for data security market-space has emerged.Application Strategy: Packages, service-oriented architecture governance. • What are new threats that applicationsDevelopment, or Both? In this session, we will examine the and data are facing? What harmApplications and underlying business relationship between SOA governance outsiders and insiders pose?processes are changing at unprecedented (on premise and in the cloud), API • What technologies will securespeed. To keep up, organizations need a Management and Multienterprise B2B, and application logic, code and data?Pace Layered Application Strategy™ that see where and how they are converging. • What criteria should be applied toallows them to establish management • How do SOA Governance, API technologies and vendor selection?and governance capabilities that can Management and Multienterprise B2B Joseph Feiman  evolve rapidly. To realize the most benefits, overlap?application organizations supporting • Why does SOA governance still The Mobile Scenario: Understandingpackages and bespoke development need matter—and why is the name changing? Mobile Trends through 2015to cooperate as never before. • What infrastructure can we use to In 2012, the mobile market will offer new• How to segment your application govern application services, APIs and business challenges and opportunities and portfolio into pace layers? other artifacts? create new social habits and behaviours.• How to manage packaged applications Paolo Malinverno Network technologies such as LTE will start     in a pace layered environment? appearing, operator, handset vendor and• How to manage development to focus Roles of Solution and Application ecosystem battles will become more intense, on differentiation and innovation? Architects and new types of mobile devices and Enterprise architects want to ensure the applications will emerge. We’ll discuss theBill Swanton     consistency of application solutions with trends that will define mobility through 2017 architecture strategies and plans, yet and their impact on application developers.Information Management Goes‘Extreme’: The Opportunities and do not want to get bogged down in the • What will be the key mobile and wireless details of projects. Application architects technology, social and market trendsChallenges of “Big Data” and Cloud want to promote consistency and reuse at through 2015?The challenge in managing data todayis not just about the volume (“big data”); the project level. Here we look at: • How will corporations choose and usein addition, location, velocity, variety and • What is the discipline of application mobile technology, services and tools tocomplexity must be considered. Many architecture and who contributes to it? support customers and employees?challenges of information management • What is the role of the solution architect? Nick Jones  8 Gartner Application Architecture, Development Integration Summit 2012 | 21 – 22 June | London, UK
  9. 9. Track 3Cloud Computing: Building Infrastructure and Enabling BusinessCloud Computing in Europe • How will vendors deliver Cloud • What are the strategies of the majorCloud computing is the latest industry Infrastructure and Platform services? cloud computing vendors? buzzword, yet its impact will be felt broadly • How will Cloud Infrastructure and • How can organizations best leveragein applications as well as in platforms Platform service adoption evolve? evolving offerings from vendors in theand services. This session will discuss cloud computing space? Yefim Natishow European privacy rules, multicountry David Mitchell Smith, David Cearleybusiness processes and a still lingering Designing Cloud Aware Applicationsrecession change the global cloud How do you determine the “cloudiness” The New Web, Driven by HTML5 andphenomenon in Europe. of an IT solution? Cloud architecture Javascript• What is cloud computing and what is determined by a set of essential Web 2.0 is just a stop along the road, effect will it have on the IT market? characteristics, which can be implemented with semantic Web, HTML5 and cloud• What are the main cloud inhibitors in in various levels of the stack (infrastructure, computing driving a new era of Web Europe? Are they real? platform, and application). IT teams innovation. Is your enterprise prepared for• How should European companies need a framework for evaluating both this future? leverage cloud services to support their cloud platforms and custom developed • How has the Web evolved so far? IT and business strategies?” applications intended to run on them. • What will the future Web look like?Paolo Malinverno, • How to define the architectural principles Gene Phifer, David Mitchell Smith  David Mitchell Smith     and design patterns that maximize essential cloud characteristics? Business and Information Services inTo the Point: DevOps — Extending • Where can those patterns can be the CloudAgile to Blur the Line Between implemented in the cloud infrastructure Most segmentations of cloud computingDevelopment and Operations stack (IaaS, PaaS, or in code)? either ignore or group business andFor years, development and operations • How do commonly occurring anti- information services with SaaS.have lived in their encapsulated silo patterns counteract potential benefits of Information services offer search servicesworlds. Regardless of the reality, cloud computing? or other mechanisms to provide accessdevelopment teams believe that operations Richard Watson to external data or content while business    teams “block” them from innovating and services refer to any business process (foroperations teams fear the chaos that Cloud Security: Shield or Vapor? example, payroll, printing or e-commerce)come from development “cowboy coding”. Security concerns are the number one that is delivered as an elastic service viaDevOps applies inherited agile principles issue cited by organizations considering the Internet. These services are distinctof discipline, collaboration, and early Cloud-based computing. In many cases, from cloud application services and mustfeedback to tasks such as deployment, perceived issues with ‘security’ are used be analyzed independently to see the bigenvironment configuration, monitoring, and to squelch real discussions. Today’s cloud picture.maintenance. issues will be solved. Further, cloud-based David Cearley• What are the practices emerging from computing can radically improve how the DevOps movement? information and computing assets will be Cloud + In Memory: The Future of• What are changes my organization secured. Application Platforms needs to make to exploit DevOps? • When will cloud computing be secure- Relentless innovation in software• What is the DevOps role when doing enough for most organizations? technology is fostering radically new cloud development? • How will Cloud computing radically application paradigms. Cloud architecture,David Norton   improve security in ways not possible in-memory computing and other trends will with on-premises security? shape the application platform evolution toFrom IaaS to PaaS: Using Cloud • How must IT organizations change their enable delivery of business value to globalInfrastructure for Competitive mindsets to securely embrace it? audiences in a “blink of an eye”.Advantage Joseph Feiman • What will be the emerging technologies  Foundational services such as system that will enable innovation in applicationinfrastructure (IaaS), application To the Point: Cloud Computing platforms?infrastructure (PaaS) form the core services Changes the Vendor Landscape • How will cloud and in memoryfor migrating applications to, or building Cloud computing is impacting not only computing impact major IT vendors’applications for the cloud. Understanding enterprises but also is poised to reshape application platform strategy?the trade-offs, opportunities and risks in the vendor landscape. The competition is • How will organizations leverage cloudusing these various foundation services heating up between early cloud leaders and in memory technologies to improveand creating an architecture for your cloud as established enterprise players enter the efficiency, reduce costs and gainservices is needed to succeed in cloud market. competitive advantage?computing. • What are the effects of cloud computing Massimo Pezzini  • How will technology of Cloud Infrastructure on the vendor landscape?  and Platform services evolve?   Foundational     Advanced      Tactical     Strategic     Visionary      Business     ITVisit or call +44 20 8879 2430 for agenda updates and to register 9
  10. 10. Track 4Integrating and Modernizing ApplicationsThe Future of Integration and Its Role Cloud Services Brokerages — Applications Overhaul: Nine Criticalin Cloud and B2B Applications Intermediation Helps Drive the Cloud Success Factors for Business ValueApplication integration means, simply, Alternate Delivery Model Dealing with the bloated and agingmaking independently designed With increasing cloud computing adoption application portfolio demands a clearapplications work together. But there’s more companies face commercial and understanding of the current state andnothing simple about integrating SaaS with technical complexities of dealing with a strong will to overcome obstacles.on-premise applications, nor linking your multiple cloud providers. This session This presentation summarizes four yearsprocesses with trading partners. And how defines Cloud Services Brokerage – the IT of Gartner research into the topic ofdo you make all that agile? services intermediation role between cloud application overhaul.• How is the emergence of SaaS providers and consumers – along with • What is application overhaul and what and Multienterprise Apps affecting an overview of the market, and decision are the drivers for an enterprise to adopt integration? frameworks for when to consider and how it?• What approaches can you use to solve to evaluate CSB. • What are the nine critical success different data, process and application • What is Cloud services brokerage and factors for business value through integration problems? what is its role in cloud computing? application overhaul?• Which integration strategies should you • When should companies use cloud • How can an organization get started on implement — or abandon? services brokerage? application overhaul?Benoit Lheureux • Which providers will succeed in cloud Andy Kyte     services brokerages?To The Point: Ten Questions to Benoit Lheureux   Application and Data Integration:Test the Quality of Your Application Converging Disciplines or Not?Strategy To The Point: Who’s Who in Cloud A chasm exists between the disciplinesApplication Strategies are much like Service Brokerages of application integration and databusiness strategies — every organization As cloud services adoption proliferates integration. These domains don’t intersecthas one and most of them are not very so too has adoption of the cloud services without conscious effort. However,good. This session will show you how brokerage role by IT service providers, there are huge synergies between theseto test your strategy by answering ten large and small. In this session we will domains from both a technology andchallenging questions. Is your strategy up to provide a birds-eye view of the evolving IT practice point of view. Organizations mustsnuff or does it need a few more iterations provider landscape for CSB. federate these activities integrate thewith the stakeholders? We will explore: • What categories of IT service providers technologies to reduce costs and increase• What is an Application Strategy? offer the CSB role? business agility.• How can you test the quality of your • What strategies are providers using to • How do the disciplines of application Application Strategy? address emerging CSB demand? integration and data integration, overlap• What steps should you take to improve and how are they different? • How is the CSB provider landscape you Application Strategy? likely to evolve? • How will these disciplines converge?Bill Swanton • What can organizations do today to     Benoit Lheureux align with this convergence trend?Cloud Service Integration: How to do IT Modernization and the Cloud Ted Friedman, Massimo Pezziniit Right Many IT modernization decisions areAs organizations embrace the cloud driven by cost. When an organization Three Disciplines That Enableto improve efficiency and expand their must OWN and manage all IT resources, Intelligent Business Operationsbusiness reach, they must tackle a new there is a perception that “”IT costs This session explains how to selectivelychallenge: how to integrate their on- too much””. While the “”cloud”” cannot apply process management, decisionpremises business applications with SaaS, support everything IT does, it CAN move management and event managementservices and Web APIs delivered by cloud many resources to externally deployed disciplines to make operational systemsproviders and B2B partners. Products like environments. This presentation covers intelligent. Every company has theESBs and B2B Gateways, cloud services the issues that must be addressed when potential to improve customer service,like integration PaaS and IT services considering cloud for legacy applications. cross-sell better, prevent fraud, trim waste,including integration brokerages, can all • What are the key forces that could drive meet SLAs and reduce, but each option has its trade-offs. cloud computing acceptance for legacy • How will mainstream companies apply• What will be the key challenges of cloud modernization? predictive analytics, BAM and CEP in service integration? • What are the key cloud deployment transactional applications?• What is integration PaaS and how does options and how can they be used for IT • Where and how should BPM technology it compare to traditional technologies modernization efforts? and rule engines be used? and approaches? • Which application modernization • What real-time technologies and best• When will iPaaS support cloud service strategies are best suited for cloud practices lead to improved situation integration and when users will be deployment? awareness for business? “ best served by traditional integration Dale Vecchio   David Norton, Dan Sholler   middleware or outsourcing services?Massimo Pezzini10 Gartner Application Architecture, Development Integration Summit 2012 | 21 – 22 June | London, UK
  11. 11. Interactive SessionsLimited Availability — Book EarlyWorkshops and Roundtables are restricted to a limited number of participants and some are available to end users only. Attendees willbe accepted on a first-come, first-served basis. Reservations can be made through the online Agenda Builder tool.RoundtablesJoin us for a hosted peer group discussion with your end user peers, along with a Gartner analyst lending his orher expertise to assist you. These should not be missed! Gartner Analyst/User Roundtables Ask the Analyst The Changing Face of Testing Building Multi-Platform Mobile Apps Roundtables Moderator: Sean Kennefick   Moderator: Kirk Knoernschild   Best Practices in Legacy Modernization Dale Vecchio   Measuring the Value of SOA Customer Centric Web Moderator: Paolo Malinverno Moderator: Gene Phifer Better Business Cases for     Applications Moderator: Andy Kyte     Mobile Application Testing Best Practices in Application Moderator: Nick Jones Maintenance Advanced SOA Practices Moderator: Andy Kyte   Massimo Pezzini   Is the Cloud More Secure Than Your Datacenter? Workshops Joseph Feiman   Designing Apps for the Mobile Web Choosing PaaS vs On Premise Moderator: Kirk Knoernschild   Moderator: Yefim Natis Adopting Agile Moderator: Danny Brian   Tutorials Gartner’s ITScore, an Assessment of Application Organizations’ Maturity Summit Solution Snapshots Moderator: Bill Swanton This session is the fastest way to discover what solutions and providers Build, Borrow, Buy or Rent: Shifting the Perspective on Software Investment might be relevant for your needs at Decisions the summit. 90 second “snapshot” Moderator: Richard Watson   overviews from each of our sponsors provide just enough information to help you understand who you should meet SOA — Good to Great with first. Moderator: Richard Watson     Moderator:   Cloud Computing 101 Cloud computing is changing the way solutions are designed, built, deployed and managed. This tutorial will explain the concepts behind cloud computing and provide a framework for understanding when your enterprise can safely leverage cloud computing capabilities. • What is cloud computing and how will public, private and hybrid delivery models evolve? David Cearley   Foundational     Advanced      Tactical     Strategic     Visionary      Business     ITVisit or call +44 20 8879 2430 for agenda updates and to register 11
  12. 12. MAxiMiZe yOur SuMMiT experienCeAgenda GuidanceTo help you navigate the Summit Powerful tools to navigate,agenda, we’ve identified track manage and decidesessions that match your experiencelevel and information needs. Specificcategories include: To get the most out of your Summit experience, we’ve created a range of tools to help you manage yourMaturity Level goals and objectives of attending. Foundational: If you are at the early stages of your initiative, or are a newcomer to this space, these Online Agenda builder sessions will give you the necessary understanding and first steps A powerful planning tool designed to help you organize, view and select an agenda based on the following criteria: Advanced: If you are an advanced practitioner, these sessions are • Analyst profile designed to take your initiative, or • Schedule an Analyst One-on-One Meeting understanding, to the next level • Date and timeFocus • Schedule an Analyst/User Roundtable Tactical: Sessions providing tactical information that can be used straight • Session descriptions away, with a focus on “how to”, dos • Activities by day and don’ts, and best practices. Go to to view the full agenda. Strategic: Sessions focusing on the strategic insight supporting the development and implementation of your action plan. Agenda builder mobile Visionary: Sessions focusing on Manage your agenda using your mobile device. This app — emerging trends, concepts, or compatible with iPhone, BlackBerry and Android devices — has technologies that will help you with all the Agenda Builder features to create your personal agenda. your future planning and decisions. Plus, you can send and receive messages to attendees, access all socialPerspective media channels, participate in session polling and view event announcements. Business: Sessions geared toward business leaders, or IT professionals who need to understand the Justify your attendance challenges and opportunities from a business, organizational, or cultural Our Justification Toolkit makes it easy to demonstrate the value of your perspective. Summit experience. It includes a customizable letter, cost-benefit analysis, cost optimization highlights, top reasons to attend and more. IT: Sessions that address technical Find it at concepts, details, and analysis. end-user Case Study Sessions Hear real hands-on “this is how we made it happen” insight, from international organizations whose senior executives are working on the best and most successful Business Intelligence initiatives in Europe. The latest case study information will be added to the agenda as it is confirmed at Gartner Application Architecture, Development Integration Summit 2012 | 21 – 22 June | London, UK
  13. 13. Gartner SUMMIT Exclusives • Targeted events that let you interpret the business of IT within the context of your role • Unbiased, fact-based focus that’s strictly vendor neutral • High-impact, comprehensive content combining the forward- looking with the hands-on • Opportunity to access the industry knowledge and topical expertise of Gartner analysts Gartner Analyst One-on-One Meetings • Immersive learning experience in a Gartner Events deliver more than your average industry event. Meeting variety of formats face-to-face with a Gartner analyst is one of the key benefits of attending a Gartner Summit. Personalize your 30 minute private appointment • The latest evaluation of to discuss your specific issue and walk away with invaluable, tailor technologies and providers made advice that you can apply to your role and your organization for Discover new thinking, not found immediate results. anywhere else.About GartnerGartner is the world’s leading information technology research and advisory company. We deliver the technology-related insight and intelligence necessary to make the right decisions, every day — from vendor selection and cost-of-ownership to forecasts on market demand and future predictions. Our rigorous and unbiased analysis is based on provenmethodologies that push through market hype to get to the facts. We publish tens of thousands of pages of originalresearch annually.Our pivotal advantage: 1200 analysts and consultants who deliver independent thinking, actionable guidanceand data analysis to more than 60,000 clients in 10,000 distinct organizations worldwide. (In fact, our analystsanswer 250,000 client inquiries every year.) Experts in their chosen field, they are constantly focused on what will make thedifference between success and failure in our clients’ businesses.Gartner Summits deliver a wealth of new ideas, practical and relevant advice unavailable anywhere else, and theconfidence to make better decisions about your strategy and projects going forward.Visit or call +44 20 8879 2430 for agenda updates and to register 13
  14. 14. Solution ShowcaseThe Summit helps you develop a “shortlist” of technology providerswho can meet your particular needs. We offer you exclusive access Sponsorship Opportunitiesto some of the world’s leading technology and service solution For further information about sponsoringproviders in a variety of settings. Visit the Solution Showcase, this event:attend the Solution Provider Sessions and join in the Networking Telephone: +44 1784 267456Reception for informal relationship building. Email: PREMIER SPONSORS Platinum SPONSORSAP applications and services enable more than To build an SOA that delivers business value, you need Layer 7 Technologies helps organizations secure172,000 customers in more than 120 countries to top-rated technology as well as guidance on best and govern integrations that span the Internet andoperate profitably, adapt continuously, and grow practices. That’s exactly what Software AG delivers. cloud, through its award-winning line ofsustainably. With revenue (IFRS) of €12.5 billion for Our SOA solutions feature webMethods Integration SecureSpan and CloudSpan SOA Gateway andthe year 2010, SAP has more than 54,000 Server, the #1 market-leading ESB, to connect any service management products.employees and sales and development locations in system and service-enable any technology, as well as www.layer7.commore than 50 countries worldwide. CentraSite™ for SOA governance. Reference content, proven methodologies and valuable expertise help align your SOA investments with business needs. Our industry-leading brands include: ARIS, Adabas, Terracotta, Natural, webMethods and IDS Scheer Consulting. Silver SPONSORSAnubex is a leading modernization Microsoft Experts from Poland: BizTalk, InterSystems is a global software leader LRS is the leading provider ofcompany, specializing in the migration of SharePoint, Business Intelligence, CRM providing advanced technologies for components to address the challengeslarge and complex legacy applications and other solutions can be implemented breakthrough applications. For more of document output and storage forused by companies and government in nearshoring model. Providing a good information, visit newly developed and modernisedorganizations, worldwide. quality and reasonable price. applications via industry interfaces. delivers the #1 integration With a world class record of innovation, Create. Develop. Version everything with Managing data throughout its lifecycleplatform for the cloud, web and Original Software offers a solution Perforce. Discover fast, scalable (creation to consumption), Spazioenterprise. Mule ESB: the world’s most focused completely on the goal of effortless version management with the Enterprise File Services complementswidely used ESB. iON: the world’s first effective application quality Perforce platform used for digital assets application modernisation and improvesiPaaS. management. and source code. agility, and also provides multi-protocol MFT/B2B solutions. www.primeur.comRed Hat’s JBoss Enterprise Middleware With over 8,500 satisfied customers Serena Software is the largest Smart421 delivers high-endportfolio is the only open source, full around the world and 25 years of independent ALM vendor. The company consultancy, integration andmiddleware product suite designed to experience, SEEBURGER is a helps organizations orchestrate their management of business criticalcreate a standards-based reference market-leading supplier of business application development, IT and systems for large enterprises. Itarchitecture for customers. integration and managed file transfer business processes and has nearly one provides onshore IT services for solutions. million users worldwide. complex and bespoke projects.jbossenterprisemiddleware/ www.smart421.comSOA Software is a leading provider of TIBCO provides companies the Vordel links enterprise applications,unified SOA governance and API two-second advantage™ — the ability users, and devices across Cloud,Management products that enable to capture the right information, at the mobile, and on-premise. Vordelorganizations to plan, build, and run right time, and act on it preemptively for Application Gateway providesenterprise services and open APIs. a competitive advantage. integration, security and governance enterprise applications and APIs. Sponsors as of 10 March 201214 Gartner Application Architecture, Development Integration Summit 2012 | 21 – 22 June | London, UK
  15. 15. Registration3 Easy Ways to RegisterWeb: | Email: | Phone: +44 20 8879 2430PricingEarly Bird Price: €1,950 + UK VAT(offer ends 20 April 2012)Standard Price: €2,250 + UK VATPublic Sector Price: €1,750 + UK VATGartner clientsA Gartner ticket covers both days of the Summit.Contact your Account Manager or to register using a ticket. Team Registration Discount Bring the team: Gain a much richer experience of the event! Teams that attend a Gartner Summit together can not only access all the sessions to maximize their learning, but also have the benefit of a team meeting with a Gartner analyst who can facilitate a discussion or advise them on strategic initiatives and key projects. For these reasons, organizations often hold off-site team meetings at Gartner events, and incorporate Gartner events as part of their training programs. We have designed an experience that will help teams of four to 25 maximize the Summit experience while on-site and long after the event concludes. TEAM BENEFITS TERMS AND CONDITIONS • Team meeting with a Gartner analyst (end-users only) • Qualifying paid registrations are cash registrations or ticket registrations (excluding Gartner complimentary tickets). Any combination of paid • Role-based agendas registrations may be used to qualify for complimentary registrations. • On-site team contact: Work with a single point of contact for All registrations must be paid in full before complimentary awards can on-site team deliverables be used. • Complimentary registrations • Teams with more than 10 members will qualify for additional complimentary registration awards accrued for each two additional COMPLIMENTARY REGISTRATIONS paid registrations. • There is a limit of three teams per organization. Teams cannot be split • 1 complimentary registration reward with to form small or medium teams. 3 paid registrations • To qualify for Team Send deliverables, teams must be registered more • 2 complimentary registration rewards with than three weeks before the start of the event. 5 paid registrations • This program voids all other team offers and promotions for event • 3 complimentary registration rewards with attendance. Time-based registration offers such as early-bird discounts 7 paid registrations are still applicable. To register a team please email or contact your Gartner Account Manager. Media Partners TMVisit or call +44 20 8879 2430 for agenda updates and to register 15
  16. 16. Return addressGartner, PO Box 754, North ShieldsNE29 1EJ, United KingdomGartner ApplicationArchitecture, Development Integration Summit 201221 – 22 June 2012Park Plaza Westminster Bridge, London, Scan this QR code with your mobile device for more information and to register! © 2012 Gartner, Inc. and/or its affiliates. All rights reserved. Gartner is a registered trademark of Gartner, Inc. or its affiliates. For more information, e-mail or visit Event Reminders A memorable learning experience that leads to impactful results• Register by 20 April 2012 for early-bird savings! • Discover new thinking, not found anywhere else• Build your own agenda online now • Transform decision making• Book a 30 minute One-on-One with your preferred • Validate your strategy Gartner analyst • Be the agent of innovation• Join our online communities: • Execute on your projects more effectively  #GartnerAADI • Stay a step ahead • Deliver immediate value   • Meet with hundreds of qualified peers • Prepare for your next IT investment3 EASY WAYS TO REGISTERWeb: Email: Phone: +44 20 8879 2430