Designing for Tablet Users in the Legal Domain


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Presentation to the Boston Bar Association, Small/Solo Law Committee, December 2012.

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  • ALM survey says 40% YES/60% NO Up from 15% in 2011 >85% were personally owned
  • Consumption vs. creation
  • Balance – respond to the here and now ($$ can be estimated with some reliability) and see the future ($$ is uncertain)
  • We start with this . . . “On the clock” down time vs. “Off the clock downtime”This for MOBILE (at the time, smart phones) watch the evolution to tablets
  • Shift to TABLETS
  • Apps, Mobile Web, HybridsWe will demonstrate Search on iPadin a moment – we were trying make a determination on what to deliver, had to do 4 weeks of testing where the key criteria were (1) ability to take offline, (2) speed/performance
  • In the beginning, the rush was to get something on the internet //only after that passed did attention start to be paid to UXIn terms of mobile/tablet, rush was to get something accessible on phone “site-replication” // phone forced us to design for the device, (to consider only that which is absolutely necessary for the device)
  • Two are immediate action, one is “at leisure”
  • Tablet presents a middle ground, still evolving“It is not something that needs to be complicated. You won't be doing difficult tasks on it.” (P7)Starting to see new things designed and developed with mobile in mind first, then extend to desktop (montetization models are changing)
  • (
  • Technical limitations are also preventing lawyers from realizing the full potential of mobile devices. -- Difficulty in inputting text-- slow and unreliable wireless connections-- and poorly designed apps are all challenges. So, too, is the immaturity of the app market: 68% say better apps would help them to use their smart phones and tablets.!!One law firm developed its own app that alerts a client/in-house IP attorney to reported marks that he should be aware of !!
  • Example: WestlawNext (finished app, example of “site replication”, with proper design up front)Example: SAEGIS for tablet (mobile web, example of ‘ “site replication” for site replication’s sake – minor optimizations)Example: Watch Mobile (mobile web, example of “narrowing the scope” for the device – not specifically for tablet, but scalable)Example: Search for Tablet (product under development, prime example of reducing the paper footprint)
  • Designing for Tablet Users in the Legal Domain

    1. 1. Designing for Tablet Users in the Legal DomainPaul DoncasterSenior User Experience DesignerDecember 6, 2012
    2. 2. Designing for Tablet Users in the Legal DomainUSER EXPERIENCE 2
    3. 3. 3
    4. 4. IntellectualLegal Property • SAEGIS • Inbox/Analysis Tool • Watch on SERION 4
    5. 5. Designing for Tablet Users in the Legal DomainTABLET PROFILES 5
    6. 6. Use of tablet devices for work-related tasks All (n=701) Solo / Small (n=475) 0 50 100 23.6 Solo Yes 76.4 33% 36.9 No 2 to 9 63.1 67% 30.2 10 to 49 69.8 From 2012 ABA Legal Technology Survey Report 6
    7. 7. Work-related tasks performed on smart phones• Attorneys are using their smart phones primarily for interpersonal contact purposes, rather than for initiating or substantiating legal research• Email is the major work-related task performed on smart phones (100% of participants)• Other tasks reported by participants include: – Calendar/scheduling – Finding addresses – Finding information about judges – Finding information about arbiters – Searching orders – Review of documents – Finding biographical information about clients, potential clients and opposing counsel From WestlawNext Mobile Baseline, 2009 7
    8. 8. Work-related tasks on tablets Functions Regularly Use on Tablet Devices When Working on Law-Related Tasks Away from Primary Workplace (%) 0 10 20 30 40 50 60 70 80 90 100 Internet Access 85.1 Email 81.2 Calendars 63.4 Contacts 52.4 Mobile-specific research apps 35.8 GPS/Maps 23 Document creation 21.3Database functions unrelated to time and billing or … 18.3 Presentations 16.6 Instant messaging/chat 12 Text messaging/SMS 11.9 Spreadsheets 11 Camera 9.1 Expense tracking 7.9 Time & billing 7.3 Telephone 6.9 Web conferencing 4.6 From 2012 ABA Legal Technology Survey Report 8
    9. 9. Apps used on tablets Which of the following apps do you use on your smartphone or tablet? (select all that apply)(%) 0 10 20 30 40 50 60 70 80 90 100 PDF reader 87 News and current affairs 80 Entertainment/games 54 Travel-related app 52 Document editor 48Note-taking or whiteboard app 44 Remote desktop application 34 Legal research tool 26 PDF annotation 17 Presentation tool 15 Litigation tool 9 Other 27 From 2011 ALM Legal Intelligence Report 9
    10. 10. Designing for Tablet Users in the Legal DomainDESIGN FACTORS IN THEMOBILE CONTEXT 10
    11. 11. The Mobile Context• Overall, attorneys are constantly looking to be productive during periods of “downtime” – At court – While commuting – Waiting -- in lines, at youth sports events, airports, etc.• “Did I miss anything?” is the primary driver – Having the power of a WestlawNext available "in hand" is seen as a high value proposition for alleviating some of that uncertainty• High-priority content alignment – Tier 1 = Cases, Statutes, Court Rules – Tier 2 = Dockets, Regulations, Legal News, Public Records – Mobile could provide an opportunity for news content; aligns with content retrieval preferences via smart phones From WestlawNext Mobile Baseline, 2009 11
    12. 12. Where? Where do you typically work when telecommuting? (%) 0 10 20 30 40 50 60 70 80 90 100 Home 89.4 Hotel 39.9 Others offices 20.9 Vacation home 20.9 Public places 10.6Coffee shops/cafes 10.1 Other 2.6 From 2012 ABA Legal Technology Survey Report 12
    13. 13. What to deliver? 13
    14. 14. Transferring known metaphors 14
    15. 15. Conforming to the form factor 15
    16. 16. Designing for Tablet Users in the Legal DomainTRENDS IN MOBILE DESIGN 16
    17. 17. Limiting to the core use cases in context Watch Mobile (smart phone) UC 1 UC 2 UC 3Need input on one mark Review watch hits any Address a short oppositionurgently time, anywhere Receive alert e-mail compatibleParalegal (office) needs to get Remote user with mobile device. See hitfeedback from attorney (travel, commuting, micro- details, set status, forward to(remote) on a specific watch hit break) wishes to “bang out” other users.– take action Y/N? some routine, but important, work. Mobile users needs to:Mobile users needs to: Mobile users needs to: • View All Hits • View All Hits • View Details per hit • View Details per hit • View All Hits • Set Status • Set Status • View Details per hit • Add Comments • Add Comments • Set Status • Add Comments 17
    18. 18. Limiting to the core use cases in context Change a status Add a comment Clear annotations Hide marks Send marks to trash Request goods translations ? Email a record View all hits Create/modify an Owner Highlight View Details Create/modify an Goods Highlight Change a status Filter a list of marks Add a comment Sort a list of marks View the logo enlarged Print the records table View a reported marks history View a mark owners history Select goods text for export View the logo enlarged View a marks full details Attach/view a Web-check imageAttach/view an industry-specific imageAttach/view a trademark office image Select record(s) for export Create/edit export templates Create an alert …. 18
    19. 19. Leveraging the social aspect 19
    20. 20. Impacts on productivity • Today’s smart phones and tablets are powerful and underemployed • Some lawyers are using their mobile devices to develop their business • Lawyers need more technical support to improve productivity... • ... but some kinds of support may actually hinder rather than help • Law firm clients seem unaware of the security issues posed by mobile devices • Judges are cracking down on the use of smart phones and tablets • Mobile technology is in its infancy 20
    21. 21. Designing for Tablet Users in the Legal DomainDEMONSTRATIONS 21