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Mt. shasta, june 2, 2013 pdf


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From the Oct 2nd 2013 PWC meeting

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Mt. shasta, june 2, 2013 pdf

  1. 1. Mt. Shasta June 2, 2013
  2. 2. Lake Helens Base Camp
  3. 3. Lake Helens Base Camp Red Banks Chute
  4. 4. Chris and Tom
  5. 5. Lake Helens Base Camp
  6. 6. The Heart Red Banks
  7. 7. The Heart Red Banks
  8. 8. The Heart Red Banks Steepest Part of Shasta climb
  9. 9. The view looking down from the Red Banks Chute
  10. 10. Above Red Banks, below False Summit
  11. 11. False Summit
  12. 12. Summit Block
  13. 13. Looking down through the break in the Red Banks, where Chris fell.
  14. 14. Looking down through the chute, where Chris fell.
  15. 15. Tom Rogers: “I was about 30 ft below her.  She was attempting to change direction and lost her footing.  She started falling head first, her crampons rotating counterclockwise, away from the right wall.  I’m pretty sure she slammed her right fist onto the rock, knocking her ice axe loose and rupturing the ring finger tendon.  I saw her coming down and watched her crampons; that’s how I know her feet were above her head.  I took a step to the right, braced, and was able to hold on when she hit me.  When I caught her she was sliding pretty fast and unable to self-arrest.
  16. 16. Glissading climbers